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    The Northern "Calradic" Empire [NE] Recruiting-EU/NA

  2. Duke.

    Bannerlord Clan list

    Clan name: The Northern Calradic Empire
    Clan tag: [NE]
    Clan region: EU
    Clan's TW thread or TW group link: TW Group
    Contact's info (links to TW & Steam profiles): TW Contact Steam Contact
  3. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Not long to go now! :lol:
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    The Northern Calradic Empire Bannerlord [NE] [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    Contacts: Steam group - Discord - Teamspeak
  7. The Northern Calradic Empire Bannerlord [NE] [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    The Northern Calradic Empire Bannerlord [NE] [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    Who are we? We are a group of Mount and Blade veterans who have seen fit to proclaim our right to rule Calradia as the Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Beta is released. It is our intention to create a powerful faction with a friendly community in order to enjoy both the beta (for the coming 2...
  8. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Over the next few days we are going to be showcasing some of the unit we will be using ingame!

    Menavlion Infantry are trained and entrusted with a "menavlion". A deadly polearm with a sharp, long double edged blade for a head and a thick sturdy shaft that is useful for both stabbing and chopping. Usually they stand right behind legionaries and support them and step forward when cavalry comes near or enemy formation breaks. Only 2-4 are permitted per Century.

  9. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    [SOTR] Roy said:
    PapaWeymar said:
    [SOTR] Roy said:
    Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about any of that, they're laughing at you because you bumped your own thread like 5 times.

    That's ok then :smile: People are entitled to laugh at whatever they please
    It just makes your clan look unprofessional, desperate and bad. The fact that you don't have any argument to dispute it, or even any will to other than "to each his own!" shows that you have no personality or will, you don't stand for anything and won't defend your community, and why would I want to join a group led by somebody like that?

  10. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Klausolus said:
    It's not as if making a clan at this stage of the game made any sense to begin with. No idea why these 2 guys keep making sure that the thread remains at the top of the front page.

    Sure there is! Once more of our players get the beta key are going to do some small scale clan battles with some other groups and it's nice to be in a community with others that share the same interests in mount and blade.
  11. Duke.

    Northern Empire!
  12. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    PapaWeymar said:
    Won't be long before many of you will recieve the beta keys! So close!
  13. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Piconi said:
    Piconi- Laughs in sturgian

  14. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Teje1997 said:

    P.D.: Vlandia for ever.


    Roma invicta!
  15. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Orion said:
    Duke123 said:

    It was meme  :sad:
  16. Duke.

    Northern Empire!
  17. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    D.Hansen said:
    wow is that best Holdfast clan OmG

    I love your avatar  :shock:
  18. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Jeremus_Monk said:
    First Clan. Nice.  :party:

  19. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    elcapo29 said:
    Do I get a beta key if I join?  :grin:

    I would if I could xD
  20. Duke.

    Northern Empire!

    Younes123 said:
    The discord has some inappropriate images on it. Is this real?

    We used the discord as a meme platform before, but it should be clean now.
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