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  1. HeinzAnimation

    Resolved Login Failed - Could not connect to server.

    Hello, i can not connect on to the MP Servers, trying it for an hour now. It worked yesterday, but not today. (Server Issues?) OS: Windows 10 GPU: GTX 1080 GPU Driver Version: 471.11 CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x RAM: 16 GB Motherboard: MPG B550 Gaming Plus Storage Device (HDD/SSD): HDD, SDD (Game Running...
  2. HeinzAnimation

    Need More Info [1.0.4] Enemy in Wall

    Hello, i found a bug that a enemy soldier is in the wall and no one can get them, i needed to retreat from Battle ( siege ) and attack again
  3. HeinzAnimation

    Parties Improvment feauture

    Why do u need to be an Kingdom to create a big Group? Its nearly inpossible to siege a Castle alone. I got 2 other Parties with 65 men, together we are 229 men strong. Why can't u say "Attack ???" or "Follow Me"? Please add that Feature.
  4. HeinzAnimation


    Here you see a human say some stuff that i and other don't want to hear. Please ban or do anything about that. Its Hiliktor if you didn't noticed yet.
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