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  1. Muzzle C

    The Art of Fighting in Warband - Guide

    Some time ago my friend RawnRawn had the idea to make a warband guide, which mainly focuses on the mechanics behind the game. It was finished at the end of december 2015 and was published as a steamguide right after. As everyone...
  2. Muzzle C

    The Last Inn - Warband film

    Here's the latest film i finished :party:
  3. Muzzle C

    Raging Lumberjack - Warband film

    Right now you're asking yourself wtf is dis ****? Watch and be wiser.
  4. Muzzle C

    Spectator camera improvement?

    Hello people! I enjoy recording warband multiplayer videos. However the spectator camera could be improved for the sake of filming purposes. I wish the spectator camera would have these following features: -Possibility to move camera straight up or down, as you can do in edit mode -Possibility...
  5. Muzzle C

    Few bugs

    30mins of multiplayer anf came up with these glitches: -On tdm several players gained thor's hammer when they killed an enemy player. This is not happening on purpose i think.. -Strange "door breaking" sound played looped for about 1min after map change. every player on that server heard the...
  6. Muzzle C

    Server: CC_Knifeparty

    Hey you all! I've been working on this unique server. It's now at the point where i decided to make it public, so... Let me announce you: CC_Knifeparty Native DM Server [font=trebuchet ms]Features: Players spawn with a random knife and a random outfit. No equipment can be bought. Random...
  7. Muzzle C

    Raising troop skill on server side

    Greetings, I'm making a native, server side mod. My current problem is to make agents have a specific skills, so that everyone can pick up a better bows and such. The following code works locally, but not when used on the server.. If someone could point out what i'm doing wrong, i'd appreciate...
  8. Muzzle C

    Force key press for dropping weps?

    Heya, I'm struggling to make agent drop a ranged, or thrown weapon on demand. It's fairly easy to make agent drop a single weapon by spawn_item and agent_unequip_item , but when it comes to quantity of ammo or thrown weps, it get's complicated. I need to store the quantity of thrown weps or...
  9. Muzzle C

    New TDM server Clan_Cameron

    Hey. This new 30 slot TDM server is up for a public play. Host is located in Amsterdam, server name Clan_Cameron. Server has Nirecotive mod installed, which allows spawning with random gear. (Thanks for that awesome mod Nireco and the rest of you ZHG guys) Rotation consist pretty much of...
  10. Muzzle C

    Dna welho ping piikit

    Tervehdys. Meikällä on alkanut ilmetä omituisia ping piikkejä. Pelaaminen suhteellisen mahdotonta, kun välillä ping hyppii +300ms noin 20 sekunnin välein. Yhteys myös usein katkeaa serveriin. Tämä ongelma ilmaantunut aivan hiljattain. Vuosia pelannut ilman mitään ongelmia. Vakaana IG:llä ping...
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