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  1. Nimai

    The Khuzait problem, and the OP glaive

    I think that this may be known already but for me the Khuzaits are way way too op, especially in MP. Firstly I want address that the khuzaits seem a lot more frequent than other faction, after many skirmishes I meet the khuzaits at the least once every two games, sometimes even both factions are...
  2. Nimai

    Need More Info Repairing corrupted saves?

    Today I saw that there was a patch about an issue that corrupted save games, well I just shrugged, but when I logged on I was unable to launch any of my multiple saves, the game just freezes and crashes, yesterday I played the save games last time, before the patch and everything was ok. So I am...
  3. Nimai

    143 things to improve in Bannerlord (Singleplayer + Multiplayer)

    So, Bannerlord if finally here for the public. I´ve played Bannelord now after it released for 25+ hours which is not much, but I got a perspective on what the SP is like and what the MP gamemodes are too. I am making this list just in hope that Taleworlds maybe sees this and could get a rough...
  4. Nimai

    Insane revenue from workshops

    I don´t know what happened after patch 1.0.2 but suddenly my smithy makes 15k a day, my brewery 2k and jewelery 255. Maybe the cap was accidently removed? And also I don´t know why patch 1.0.1 includes the cap for the workshops as I had the cap at 200 even before.
  5. Nimai

    Vlandian armour?

    So I am nearly 300 days into the singleplayer and I play as a Vlandian vassal. But within the whole 300 days of going to most of the towns of Calradia I never found a piece of Vlandian armour, in Vlandian towns there are only Vlandian helmets and nothing else. So I wonder if this is a bug, or what?
  6. Nimai

    Resolved Cannnot log in bug

    I bought Bannerlord yesterday the second it came out and from then I couldn´t log into multiplayer. I tried it several times but still the same, so I sticked to SP (Which is absolutely great) and then tried again the next day. But it did the same and I couldn´t find any solution on the web also...
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