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  1. EvgenS

    In Progress [1.5.4] Brother is not displayed in the inventory screen

    After the rescue your family quest (Family matters or something) you get adult brother and two infants brother and sister. You may take your adult brother to the party but he is not displayed for selection in the inventory screen. When in Tavern the brother has a yellow exclamation mark (same...
  2. EvgenS

    e.1.4.2. striking while bending down does not work (bug?)

    It is not possible anymore to sit down before stike animation is finished. It was not the case before the last update (or previous to the last one). It was a nice move to decrease chance of being hit while trading hits with cavalry for example, but not any more. Was it intentionally removed?
  3. EvgenS

    e.1.0.x cavalry vs spearman

    There are quite a number of posts about cavalry vs infantry balance already and zero feedback from devs on this matter. I just remind that this issue appeared with 0.8.x beta patches At least, increase mount...
  4. EvgenS

    Unresolved Testing Your Connection to Servers (Early Access)

    To continue this beta thread @azakhi I ususally have 30-40 ping to Bannerlord EU servers but since 2 weeks ago I started to experience packet loss from 1% to 10% to Europe:
  5. EvgenS

    Resolved Bug [destroying scorpion]

    When you operate scorpion and it gets destroyed by catapult your camera view may get stucked. So you can select class and spawn but camera does not reset...
  6. EvgenS

    Team Ukraine NC 2011

    Any Ukrainian who wants to participate please apply here: For the time beign, we have 2 captains(me and Shatun) who will compete for the right to be captain and form Ukrainian team. Here you can find information about these two teams...
  7. EvgenS

    Rules discussing

    Please specify this: "•Combat Speed: Normal" Does it mean Combat Speed: Medium?
  8. EvgenS

    Problem with sound in game

    Befire it was very clear sound but starting from today (16.05.10) I hear some wheezes on background when someone hit or scream during battle. Also sound of arrow/bolt flight differs from what it was. I did not update or reinstall sound drivers or game itself. I wonder if anyone has similar...
  9. EvgenS

    Problem to connect to the server

    Dear Devs, Very similar problem described in this thread:,81280.15.html But I decided to make a new one in order to describe this problem in more detailed way. It starts with the problem to see the server list. It happens when you try to refresh...
  10. EvgenS

    [Suggestion]Nerf horseman 180 degrees thrust radius and make it depends on speed

    I mean common it is completely unrealistic when Horseman on full speed can make 90 degree!!! thrust with respect to his movement direction (either left side or right) and makes solid damage. Even if horseman manages to keep his long lance with 1 hand on such speed somehow he fails to make any...
  11. EvgenS

    (BUG) Rohdoks can not pick up javelins

    I noticed it today when I trhew and miss with javelins I am not able to pick it up. No problems with Vaegirs.
  12. EvgenS

    Falling damage settings

    Is it or will it be possible to set on server side more realistic  falling damage so there will no more spidermans that jump down without harm
  13. EvgenS

    Where is manual-block server?

    There is no manual block server any more? It would be nice to have one for US and one for EU
  14. EvgenS

    Команда бета-тестеров Варбанды

    Я вот тут подумал может нас много наберется хотя б на 1 отрядик из 5-7 человек, да будем вместе играть-тестить. А там и гляди сервер тимспик/вентрило или еще что-то у кого-то будет так вообще шикарно. А то с пендосами много не навоюеш, всетаки приятней с нашими тестить. Для начала давайте...
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