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    So, we are expecting 1.6.0 later today, right?

    Anyone know more about the patch's expected content?
    Broken mods
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    Conqueror's Blade Style Unit Controls for Bannerlord

    Now before anyone comes and spams they're different games without reading the thread let me clarify, I'm aware of that. But i dislike how little I control on a battle and how ai can act randomly. If the player can micro manage the basics of the units, bannerlord battles will be more...
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    Bug or just dumb AI?

    First u've insulted devs, now the community. Why are you even here?
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    Editing Death Rate

    no more working (1.5.7) that I wont play the game until ıts updated.
    same here. actually i've decided to quit until some real stuff is out
    No point in commiting a campaign atm
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    Resolved Archers shoot at cavalry only from a range of 40 metres or less.

    OBJECTION! I have the evidence right here! :wink:

    Exhibit A: The enemy archers clearly shoot at my dismounted troops but don't shoot at me(mounted)! We are at max distance for this map!

    Exhibit B: Only the ballisteer and the 1 Xbow man fire at me!

    Exhibit C: All quite and peaceful, until I dismount my horse then the sky darkens with militia arrows! As described by the OP, they continue to fire on me after I re-mount my horse.

    (from un-modded 1.5.7 beta)
    Something goofy is going on! I have reported already my experiences with ranged units often not fireing on HA and Cav when I expect them too and in other forms being goofy about it! I have seen other report this type of problem too! Something is certainly wrong with their AI.
    That's one hell of a proof
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    Bug or just dumb AI?

    dunno wat they are actualy doing but it looks like -snip- tryin to write code. i'll remind you


    In September 2012, TaleWorlds Entertainment announced that the game was in development and released a teaser trailer for it.
    2012 dowg, 8 years of development. and what we got?
    Manners mate, manners.
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    Editing Death Rate

    It's also silly that lords are participating in battles left and rigth. Perhaps instead of making them die, heavely wounding them could be a better option. That way you don't have to figth that same lord over and over again and factions won't spam new parties. Somehow bringing a cooldown to the defated side also will make it worthwhile to hunt enemy parties. Say, I'm a litte clan and i want to help my faction, i can hunt down enemy lords and actually contribute in the war.
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    Editing Death Rate

    Death is a natural part of life
    You just don't send your wife or brother to the frontlines. Also notables rarely died on the battlefield, most of the times they would just fall back. Death is a problem in bannerlord cuz you need some1 to lead the army, for how long can your clan survive?
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    Is TW the worst video game company in the world?

    I agree that tw does ignore most of our feedback but it's a bit harsh to call them worst, isn't it? So, let's chill. At least they are developing the game, slowly sure but it is something. For the MP part, let's see how it goes when the game is fully out. Most of the warband players haven't joined the bannerlord mp, they will make a difference on how lively the game is.
    For singleplayer part, rely on mods. This game won't get much better i suspect.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Can we have patrols pls
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    hello there

    hello there
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    Editing Death Rate

    Personally I want births to still be a thing, but I don't want lords (mine or otherwise) to permanently die as the result of battle.
    Let's hope for a proper mod. Seems like TW won't listen us until they get that "data" or whatnot. Devs said they won't change it but it was before anyone had spoke out about it. Wonder if they care about it now.
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    Editing Death Rate

    Would it be tough to make a slider for the death rate?
    Good idea
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    Editing Death Rate

    I don't have a problem with the rate of death (though it seems disproportionately high for player instigated battles).

    My problem is the utter randomness of it all.

    I think it would help for starters if death only occurred with head blows on named Characters. I mean surviving a javelin lodged in your torso or extremities seems somewhat plausible. But I'm sorry if there's a javelin lodged in your skull you should probably be dead.

    This would also give the player some agency in killing/capturing Characters in battle too. Say there's a Character you just loathe (maybe they raid you a lot or show up at the worst times). So you really want them dead, but executing them is dishonorable. Well in battle just make sure the final blow by you is at their noggin and they will hopefully trouble you no more.

    But alternatively let's say you're trying to be a "nice guy" and you don't want to kill a named Character. Perhaps you'd rather have prisoners or are hoping to convert them someday. Would it not be prudent to allow the player to simply wound them in battle with a non-noggin finishing blow? (Granted I realize Blunt damage does this, but that really limits weapon choices. And that should be more for capturing regular troops anyways.)

    Alternatively maybe Characters should only die when their side loses? I got to be honest it's really really really frustrating to win a hard pitched battle by the skin of your teeth, only to find out like 3-4 allied Characters perished and the enemy didn't lose a single Character of theirs. You can say that's realistic, but it's not fun. I really don't want to get into a habit or replaying battles I've won just so I can avoid RNG killing half my Companions/Parties.

    I think the most frustrating experience so far was when I had a Party of 100 or so fighting like 30 Looters. I had 1 casualty, which go figure was my highly trained Level 20 something Infantry Captain. Again you can say that's "realistic" but 95% of the playerbase is just going to reload their last save in these scenarios. Or worse rage-quit.

    Honestly maybe their should be a toggle to disable battle deaths for Friendly Characters. I mean we can already adjust friendly damage why not add that as well? Just to be frank, the death system as it currently is implemented will result in a lot of mods. But perhaps that's just inevitable given the subject and everyone wanting different things.
    Sounds really cool but i somehow doubt that TW would implement a sophisticated system like Headshot/Torsoshot etc, but i would really want to see that. What can be done is tweaking the situation in which the death occurs (who can die, who knocked them etc)
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    Editing Death Rate

    We are the testers.
    I meant the employed testers, not some random bloke who plays the game ( i meant myself as bloke mods, stop warning me)
  16. Kenzo-0-

    Editing Death Rate

    Why don't they keep it 10% for testers and let us enjoy the new content that came with the new updates? Let me use it on 1-2% and have the goodies from the new updates pls.
  17. Kenzo-0-

    Editing Death Rate

    It's really fine right now. Just disable it or download a mod if you dont like it.
    Did you even read the post??
    "couldn't find a mod that does the job". There is no mod... Just asking here if there's someone that knows what to change. "Just disable it" jesus dude... Disabling death also disables the birth. If you can't call the difference between asking for rare deaths and disabling the birth&death, time for a neurological diagnostic.
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    Editing Death Rate

    The death rate will be lowered to 2% in the future.
    Don't feel like waiting who know how many updates. A dev said they will keep it at this rate for a while to collect data... It's ridiculous as it is.
    I reckon it isn't a big deal to mod for some1 who knows what he's doing
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    Editing Death Rate

    I dislike the death rate, vehemently. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to edit my game files to reduce death rate the way i like, couldn't find a mod that does the job. Don't feel like braking the game files so if there's anyone experienced at modding the bannerlord, perhaps we can solve...
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    Npc's are dying like flies

    just fuсking disable death its lame
    But then no birth occurs, or does it?
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