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  1. Malik Faris

    delete me

  2. Malik Faris

    SP Tutorial Module System [OSP][Code] New Building for Towns: Orphanages (Combo School & Mill)

    I wasn't sure if I should make a full tutorial about adding buildings maybe I will, but this at least shows how you can add new buildings. I can't believe I figured this out on my own. Anyways: Adding Orphanages to Towns By Malik Faris Modules you'll need: Scripts Simple Triggers Constants...
  3. Malik Faris

    Possible to make non-food items food?

    I edited the other "could be food" items to more reflect food, but it didn't work. Is it possible to make things like ale and wine edible? #other trade goods (first one is spice) ["spice","Spice", [("spice_sack",0)], itp_merchandise|itp_type_goods|itp_consumable|itp_food, 0...
  4. Malik Faris

    Guarantee a faction isn't at war with a faction at the start of the game?

    I have a bunch of new factions that are supposed to die off right away, but they have some patrols that are supposed to stick around, the problem is when a game starts, the factions will randomly declare war against them, even though they own nothing, and have no claims against them. Playing...
  5. Malik Faris

    Tournament Bet amounts?

    Anyone know where these are? I'm trying to restore the higher bet amounts, but the only code I find is commented out. (So i don't understand how the tournaments are actually working currently)
  6. Malik Faris

    All my NEW villages change icon model after a few seconds of game time

    I've added about 110+ new villages to my game, they all start as the correct map icon, but after about a second or two of game time passing, (me holding down spacebar) they all switch to the desert village icon. Now, I haven't completely finished making the proper scenes (copying and...
  7. Malik Faris

    Player Kingdom Name Reference?

    I can't seem to figure out what it is. I'm trying to have troops be named like "(kingdomname) Recruit"
  8. Malik Faris

    Make Ironflesh also grant armor?

    Searching hasn't turned up any positive answers, except that "str skills are hard coded". If it's true I can't edit the actual ironflesh skill, is maybe possible to do something in scripts? where it checks your ironflesh and increases/sets your base armor levels? I can see things like...
  9. Malik Faris

    Error about the's when running build batch, can anyone help solve?

    I get the following when I try to run my build_module.bat, but I didnt make any changes to the process files. I should mention i'm trying to transfer a 1.131 mod to 1.158
  10. Malik Faris

    Can Moderators/Administrators...?

    Can Moderators/Administrators add a post underneath a post that already has posts under it in a thread, like: to:
  11. Malik Faris

    export/import companions buildmodule error

    using rubiks base code works great for the original 16 companions, but when i tried to add on more pages, i get this error:     ("export_import_next",[],"Next page", [(jump_to_menu, "mnu_export_import_npcs_3")]), TypeError: 'list' object is not callable     ("export_import_npcs"...
  12. Malik Faris

    more pages for banner selection + hiddenpages (like for kings)

    just  a quick question because search was turning up anything that seemed to answer my question, or i didnt know the right question to ask. I know mods like 1257ad have a ton more pages of a ton more banners, and i was wondering how they did that. so like i can create a whole new dds of banners...
  13. Malik Faris

    talking to a certain troop crashes the game

    So i get this error: every time i talk to this troop in game: *shrug* any way to fix this? also, they all have the same face... even though they are on random facegen:
  14. Malik Faris

    The Language of Calradia...

    What is it called? Calradian? Swadish? Calradish? although it is possible everyone speaks through translators, and each faction has a different language, I'm curious what the Calradians speak. While it would be fantastic to get a developer comment on this, i dont have high hopes for that.
  15. Malik Faris

    how to find/figure out coordinates on the map?

    yeah just a quick question, how do i get the map coordinates for like, my players current location and such, so i can add new cities.
  16. Malik Faris

    process_operations error in buildmodule

    Hmm, i get this error when running build module.... and i dont know what to do with it:   else:     lenstatement = 0   ofile.write("%d %d "%(opcode, lenstatement))   for i in xrange(lenstatement):     operand = process_param(statement[i +...
  17. Malik Faris

    Recruiting Player Faction troops from villages in module system (how?)

    ok so i looked thru the tutorial on how you can recruit player kingdoms troops from captured villages, but they only had the way to do it with by editing the .txt files, which isnt how i want to do it. does anyone have the module system code for how to do it?
  18. Malik Faris

    Anyone get this error with buildmodule? (how to fix)

    so build module is telling me there is something wrong with this line: upgrade(troops,"farmer", "watchman") says its syntaxerror: invalid syntax.... but its not. anyone know how i can figure this out? and i did add some new troops, that belong to player supporters factions, but only in the...
  19. Malik Faris

    Command Line Commands (i need them)

    anyone know of list of other command line commands besides cheatmenu? particularly like, to add certain troops to your party or something?
  20. Malik Faris

    How to make invisible/hidden faction (like commoners)

    So after succesfully making a new faction (sorta) to serve my purposes by following the creating a faction tutorial, i was wondering how i would make a faction similar to the commoners/bandits, so they dont appear on the faction list, but i can still have lords draw reinforcements from them as...
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