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  1. Gundabad

    Nvidia game filters for Bannerlord?

    Hi guys, Since Bannerlord is supported in the Geforce Experience, I imagined it would also support the built-in game filters and camera functions etc you get by pressing alt+F3, but for me it only says: "game not supported, bla bla". Any Nvidia users out there who are able to use the built-in...
  2. Gundabad

    Suggestion for Scouting perk

    A scouting perk that lets you know (maybe only a percentage chance or something idk) if an enemy army is heading for one of your faction's fiefs and how long it will take for the army to arrive. That way your are able to meet them in the open field beforehand or to get there in time to...
  3. Gundabad

    Smaller parties should not be visible when standing still in covered areas

    I don't know if this has been suggested before but I while give it a shot anyway. It's quite simple: make smaller parties (both player's and AI parties) not visible on the world map when standing still in covered ares (i.e forests, mountainous terrain etc.). As it is right now, a party of 10...
  4. Gundabad

    Long loading times on the PS4

    Does anybody else experience very long loading times? Every time I go from a menu mode to overview of the world map I have to wait like 20 seconds or something for it to load. For instance: I go into a village to recruit some troops, but upon exiting the village I have to wait before entering...
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