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  1. Julio-Claudian

    If only taleworlds choosed another timeline.

    Great choice of 'time period'. It would be nice if it wasn't totally static and new technologies, troop types etc. could emerge over time depending on certain factors.
  2. Julio-Claudian

    Have we Reached the Point of Passive Acceptance and Disappointed Resignation with Bannerlord?

    I just advise my friends who ask me about the game to wait around two years before getting it. No point coming on here and saying the same things over and over.

    Been having a fun and stable campaign on 1.6.3 for the past couple of months with all of these mods:
  3. Julio-Claudian

    Less taxing corpses?

    I have vega56 on my PC and i5 9600K and it is hapenning so it has nothing to do with GPU since vega is AMD card. It has something to do with intel, it is not hapenning on my laptop with 3070 and Ryzen 5800H even when 1 core is bottlenecking entire game at 100% load.
    I see, that would make more sense.

    I don't know if that makes it more or less likely to ever be fixed.
  4. Julio-Claudian

    What's the point of our companions perks?

    They really need to find a way of explaining and displaying information about stuff like this in-game.
  5. Julio-Claudian

    Less taxing corpses?

    Well then it must be a code issue that both nvidia and bannerlord devs are both ignoring.
    Yeah. Don't think it's even something I can make a bug report about. I'd have to record my screen I guess.
    I posted an interview of the lead AI dev for Total War directly saying each unit also had its own calculations. So that's not true. At all.

    (please read the rest of the interview for more context on AI)

    Each unit, each individual soldier, on the field has their own AI, so that they can simulate battle more realistically. So battle AI in Total War has to account for environment, orders of leaders within the army, units, surrounding settlements, weather, and player decision counters, but it also has to on the individual soldier level. That's hundreds and hundreds of calculations being made constantly.

    Bannerlord, in no way shape or form, has more calculations going on than Total War. It might have more horribly optimized calculations, sure, but certainly it is not more demanding or complex. It has far less to worry about, and does the job far more poorly.

    Total War AI seems to make up for the demand through something called slicing, but no matter how they achieve it, it is something Taleworlds should consider looking into for some ideas on how to manage their own AI better.
    Interesting, I haven't been paying any attention to any Total War games since Attila.
  6. Julio-Claudian

    Less taxing corpses?

    I would wager they either cannot fix it as it stands due to engine limitations or it is too complicated. Either that or that is a lesser priority tho in my eyes fixing the base game performance and optimization would create a great base for modders hence extend the games longevity!
    It doesn't seem to happen to people with AMD graphics cards though, only Nvidia. I could have a cheaper AMD graphics card and not have this problem, which seems pretty ridiculous to me.
    I only really have issues when there's "too many" on field for Bannerlord, which should be an unacceptable amount for my CPU. The corpses just seem to be way too taxing. Unless you have a $450+ CPU, in which case it struggles far less, but that should not be a solution. I can play Total War on the highest setting and not have a single stutter. And there's far more going on in TW battlefields than there ever could be with Bannerlord. lol
    I think there's technically more going on during Bannerlord battles since each soldier has it's own AI and are making decisions etc.
  7. Julio-Claudian

    Less taxing corpses?

    Ha actually getting the same issue! Never had this happened to me before. At 1.6.4 with unlimited corpses its rather common. Specs
    Laptop: I7 11800h RTX 3070 16gb Ram SSD 500

    The game never utilizes more than 50-60% of either component but when corpses = unlimited CPU goes 99 and game has to be forcibly ended via task manager. Or when I try to change from unlimited to low or high or med during a battle it does the same.
    Yep it's really annoying. Doesn't seem as though anything will be done about it though.
  8. Julio-Claudian

    Friendly Soldiers Are Immovable Objects

    If two friendly soldiers are moving in opposite directions and don't have space to easily push each other out of the way, there is no force that can move them and they will push against one another with equal force until one of them happens to vibrate out of the way. This causes a lot of...
  9. Julio-Claudian

    I might get some backlash for asking... But I've waited over 6 years and want any info

    I imagine it won't be released for consoles until it's out of early access.
  10. Julio-Claudian

    Fog bleach effect's a very simple little tweak, you can do it without any problem editing your file... check it out:

    1. Go to the folder X:\Steam\steamappses\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Native\Atmospheres\Interpolated.

    2. Make a backup of the campaign_map.xml file and save it in case you need to revert (you can also verify files in steam).

    3. Open the campaign_map.xml file with notepad and with the search function, search for <interpolation_element name="Fog&amp;Scatter#fog_start_distance">.

    4. Set all values to 100 and save.
            <interpolation_element name="Fog&amp;Scatter#fog_start_distance">
                <key_frame frame="0" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="10" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="10" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="20" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="20" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="30" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="30" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="40" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="40" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="50" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="50" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="60" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="60" value="0100.000" tangent="1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="80" value="0100.000" tangent="-2.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="80" value="0100.000" tangent="2.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="100" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="100" value="0100.000" tangent="1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="110" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="110" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="120" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="120" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="130" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="130" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="140" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="140" value="0100.000" tangent="1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="160" value="0100.000" tangent="-2.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="160" value="0100.000" tangent="2.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="180" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="180" value="0100.000" tangent="1.500, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="190" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="190" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="200" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="200" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="210" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="210" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="220" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="220" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="230" value="0100.000" tangent="-1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="230" value="0100.000" tangent="1.000, 0.000"/>
                <key_frame frame="240" value="0100.000" tangent="-2.000, 0.000"/>

    5. Enjoy your map :party: .
    Wow, thanks!
  11. Julio-Claudian

    Cost of War in Calradia

    In a sense this does happen, but there is no easy metric to look at to see your status. But as a war goes on your villages will get raided more which over time does have a big impact on the economy and ability to field forces. Now does the AI give a ****? Only in the sense that it will eventually impact their strength level which significantly influences whether they want peace or not.

    So in a round about way what your asking for does happen, its just hard to see like so many things in Bannerlord.

    This is a gross mischaracterization, the people involved in the snowballing discussion wanted more than a single faction (khuzait) to win the map in less than 10 years. That was boring because the game always ended up with the same results. The fun for the player is being the person who can make a major impact in the world, to be the snowball. No one asked for the factions to be indestructible, which is definitely an issue right now.
    Yeah when it was just the Khuzaits dominating every single time it was a problem. Now that only the player faction can 'snowball', nothing really ever happens. No other kingdom really grows to rival the player's so once your faction takes over a larger portion of the map there isn't much to worry about and it's just war against everyone else endlessly, or until the whole map is taken.
  12. Julio-Claudian

    Cost of War in Calradia

    Totally agree, it would make it feel as though you are achieving something in war when destroying enemy armies. Devs and people seem to be against anything like this though because it could weaken kingdoms which might increase 'snowballing' - something which must be avoided at all costs apparently.
  13. Julio-Claudian

    Structure completed alert

    Maybe clan tab and when one is completed have one of those red exclamation marks you get on the party and character tabs when you level up/have prisoners to recruit.
  14. Julio-Claudian

    Why was the Pilum made into a spear?

    To be fair, a real-life pilum is also a spear, and it was used as one too. Yes, it was predominantly a thrown weapon, but in a pinch there was absolutely nothing stopping the legionaries from using it in melee when needed.
    That's exactly how they are used in the game too lol... unless they are actually no longer throwable.
  15. Julio-Claudian

    Less taxing corpses?

    Yeah I keep the corpses on High, sometimes Very High, and ragdolls on 5 I think. But on 1.6.3 I've twice had the 100%cpu freeze when pressing the tilde key to look at my character after the battle had already been won.
  16. Julio-Claudian

    Why were the siege battles fixed by a modder and not by TaleWorlds?

    In the past, horse archers were arguably the most capable AI among the unit types.
    And then they got nerfed because people were complaining about losing battles.
  17. Julio-Claudian

    face key code structure changed on 1.6.4?

    Damn, that's actually a bummer. So there's no way to use existing character presets?
  18. Julio-Claudian

    Mercenaries Quit Without Warning

    They are essentially just extra party leaders for poor, weak, and landless AI kingdoms.
  19. Julio-Claudian

    Fief Culture - Idea

    It has bothered me since they removed cultural restrictions on troop recruitment that you see parties running around with a weird mix troops. So far I came up with two different behaviors, one for mercenaries (minor clans) and one for the empire factions in the form of auxiliary troops.

    For mercenaries I added a campaign behavior to make them exchange faction troops for their own version, so for example the Company of the Golden Boar will exchange all their ranged for their own crossbowman and the cavalry and infantry are replaced by generic mercenaries. It is working fine so far but I intend to make full troop trees for all minor clans at some point so they look more unique.

    For the empire factions I want to implement something similar so the troops that are from different cultures get exchanged for auxiliary versions with equipment that is a mix of their own culture and empire themed equipment and troop types that fit their background, like a line for Vlandia that branches out between cavalry and crossbowman or maybe pikeman. This also has the added benefit of being a more natural way of differentiating between the empire factions that could shift as territories are taken and lost.

    And that brings me to the other factions and the problem of how the hell am I going to blend the other factions with each other? Should I go for full conversions? Leave it as is? Try mixing them in like the empire? Exchange them for localized versions of the generic mercenaries?
    This is the way I wish it was. I hardly ever see mercenary or minor faction parties with more than a few of their unique troops since they are hired by all of the kingdoms and just recruit from everywhere, it makes their backstories feel pointless. I love the auxiliaries idea, for the other cultures maybe something like a generic version of each regional troop.
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