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  1. Co op Campaign.

    Would be fantastic however they got a lot on their plate right now so I doubt it will happen. I assume for something like this they would really need to master p2p networking for servers, something similar to how gta 5 online is structured for example.
  2. Please add weather! Lightning, heavy rain, sleet, snow, hail!

    Actually now I remember seeing snow and I found and published two screenshots I made during snow falling.

    Screenshot 1 - snow:

    Screenshot 2-snow:

    I guess I was wrong and it wouldn't be too big of a task for them considering how much they got on their plate right now.
  3. Please add weather! Lightning, heavy rain, sleet, snow, hail!

    Would be great visually but this engine doesn't seem to have good particle effects so I assume they would have to improve leaps and bounds in that department before anything like this would happen. Also particle effects shouldn't clip through units which is a bit rough when you are talking about potential 1000 units but I guess this could be limited to only a certain number of units within a few meters. Anyway would be nice but I doubt it will happen, that is a lot of work.
  4. Players should be able to change production of owned villages

    Players should be able to change production of owned villages even if it comes at a hefty cost to make it happen. Maybe with some limitations or at least incredibly high cost to make more desired production happen, perhaps even required perk for more desired productions. Some of the cities I...
  5. Change Village Production?

    I agree that this should be a feature, some of my towns have the worst village productions, not even a single product in all the villages of a city I love that I could build a workshop for. This should really be a feature.
  6. Long term party / army formations

    My suggestion is to have formations for troops saved in a save game file or in some other file on the computer so you don't have to ever assign a formation for a troop you already assigned a formation to before unless you want to assign that unit to a different formation. This could be done...
  7. Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    The issue is skirmish and captain on itself, they are not what mount and blade is about. Those are gamemodes for the sweats who want to show their skill around instead of being considered insignificant in the great siege battles.

    Ego boost is what skirmish and captain mode are, being a meaningless, useless, pathetic little soldier is what is it about
    I miss warband - napoleonic wars strategy and battle development because that "captain"/commander battle mode was absolutely fantastic, the game kinda didn't age too well unfortunately and frankly looked kinda bad at the time as well. I'm sure siege will be better but I doubt it will save the game's MP mode and its small player base, there are too many better alternatives.
  8. Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    I really want to love multiplayer since I love single player but I can't, its too damn bad, flawed and frustrating and there are better alternative.

    Here are some of my issues:

    -I play with randoms vs. a clan every third game, so random guys of various skill levels with no communication vs a clan with voice chat and hand picked higher skilled players, fun? I think not. There is still not any group matchmaking, its basically get a clan or suffer the consequences.
    -Combat of pro players basically comes down to feigning swings and in this game your character looks like he has a stroke mid swing, it does not look immersive or natural at all, it looks silly and stiff.
    -There is no strategy except for sticking together, no master plan, no notable advantageous map positions worth fighting for, nothing.
    -You can ambush people by using third person around corners so basically you see them while your character is looking into a wall 1 cm in front of him, immersive? Its just bad

    -Poor map design and size. There are only one or two maps big and open enough that make cavalry and especially archers semi useful.
    -Poor unit balance and poor ai. Archers are too easily manipulated and all on various levels of sucking apart from Khuzait and Empire thanks to their armor and melee weapons. 1 player with a cav will make your archers keep switching from melee to bow making them useless while the rest of your team die.
    -Strategy. Winning strategy is basically stay together, be aggressive with a mix of shield and two handed units, this "strategy" can only be beaten by a faction of better two handed and shield units. There is no benefit to flanking since the enemy can just push either direction together and win it that way.

    I could go on but don't see the reason, I don't see the reason if you really want to play medieval melee games to not play something else like Mordhau or perhaps Chivalry 2. Only MP unique thing this game has to offer vs. other games is captain mode and having units under your command but the maps are bad, ai stupid and no real strategy involved.

    I do love single player though so there is that.
  9. Congrats TW - you killed your own game

    There are better games out there for online play for sure. I'm just here to moan a bit over the matchmaking, m so tired of playing with randoms vs. groups/clans, I play for fun but bigger groups/clans of just 3 to 6 people have such an advantage it just isn't fun anymore, it makes me really wonder why I put myself through this since every 3rd game seems to be vs clan in skirmish, its a bit better in captain but still very frustrating none the less.
  10. Another captain player lost faith in TW

    I agree, captain mode has poor balance and let me not start on how useless archers can be and how easily manipulated. Games usually come down to which side picks a mix of shield with spears and two handed, that is a winning combo every time and location really doesn't matter, there is no real strategy apart from stick together and shields charge first, 2 handed right after if you want to win easy. Flanking unless you manage to do it with archers is not important in this game, just blob up shields and 2 handed and charge and you will win.

    Warband Napoleonic wars had much more fun and interesting gameplay and strategy so personally I don't think bannerlord multiplayer will keep a big and healthy community for long. I do love SP campaign though so there is that.
  11. Captain mode - Lightly armored archers slower than full gear shield units? Archers are on average very weak and unrealistic/immersion breaking

    Archers in MP Captain mode are the least useful unit on average and the least realistic. Khuzait and Empire archers are however very useful purely because of high armor and great weapons that make them a great fighting unit in melee and against cavalry as well and since they have high armor it...
  12. Match making should prioritize group vs group and random vs random for best overall player experience

    A lot and I mean a lot of rounds are random players on one side vs. mainly grouped players on the other more so in skirmish then captain but the problem is in both. I do believe a simple solution would be to match make grouped players by size so if there is a group of 3 players it should try to...
  13. Resolved Multiplayer don't work

    +1. The server must be down
  14. Are servers working?

    Waiting 15+ min for this one, I think we better give it a rest until they fix it
  15. Are servers working?

    Got into another match right this second. Its working but the waiting times are like 5 min for me for the past 2 games which is way above the usual. I'm playing in Europe and captain mode.
  16. Are servers working?

    Longer waiting times for sure but I'm still getting into the servers eventually. Try waiting a few min.
  17. In Progress Movement speed bug in multiplayer ( Captain mode )

    Ah yes you never got the talk I see... well when mummy and daddy love each other very much...
    You funny guy :smile:
  18. Pole arm heavy archers (Captain Mode)

    The captain mode is extremely unbalanced atm. Battania is being bullied by everyone but khuzait, empire is by far the best faction followed by sturgia and vlandia then khuzait and aserai that is as mentioned still better than battania.

    Archers will shoot at the only shield unit even though its followed by 5 unshielded 2 handed units, etc, etc. This game is at this moment not balanced for captain mode in any way whatsoever
  19. In Progress Movement speed bug in multiplayer ( Captain mode )

    I would report it but I have no idea how to reproduce.
  20. Multiplayer server crashes

    Not that often but still often enough for it to be extremely annoying up to the point I switch games for a while.
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