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  1. How to stop reknown from draining away

    Bumping because of an update, this became relevant again.
  2. How to stop reknown from draining away

    I nearly elimited the reknown loss and reknown reduction.  Thanks very much for pointing out this info!  Now I too can have king-sized armies!
  3. Books not being read?

    That's what I needed to know, thanks.
  4. Books not being read?

    How long does it take to read a book?  Do I need to do anything special?  I've done the camp -> Take an action -> Read a book, but the book is never going up in percentage after about a week or two of trying to read it.  I have the prerequisite intelligence, so what's the deal?
  5. Register this on multiple systems?

    Ah! Thanks for the info.
  6. Register this on multiple systems?

    Mount and Blade doesn't work on my normal gaming machine (the whole won't start issue) so I decided to play it on my other computer. Well, it runs just fine, for the most part, but I want to know if it does start working on my other computer, will the same serial number work to register it on...
  7. the game just doesnt run... have no clue why.

    I have the same problem. It simply refuses to start. I play all sorts of other games on that computer and they work just fine. It's only M&B that gives such a problem.

    I still ended up buying the game though, 'cause it works just fine on my other computer. Well, except for a couple of bugs with shooting people off of their horses.
  8. Game won't start

    I'm having the same problem. I installed this on my laptop and it won't play. I regularly use my laptop almost exclusively for gaming. It runs Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft (something I've kicked the habit of), Pirates!, ect just fine. But this game refuses to start.

    It shows up in the task manager as eating up about 4 MB of RAM and having consumed 0:00:00 CPU time.
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