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  1. Spear thrust on horseback

    still waiting for tis to work... :cry: nevermind, works now
  2. Strange bugs and other oddities in Gekokujo

    Ok, so I got 30 strength a Horse and a Nodachi, I followed GL Takeda around wining tons of battles for him, I plan to gain favor and then join a rival clan, gain honor by capturing his generals and letting them go, and eventually join Takeda and usurp the GL title... Anyone know the best way to...
  3. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    I love this mod, thank you phlpp for being so awesome and yes I'll buy you a beer soon, I'm not sure about the rampant use of Nodachi historically in Sengoku Jidai... but this game elevates them to a unrealistic status whereby its even used as a cavalry weapon, when historically Nodachis were...
  4. Looking for Members for a Saracen Themed Clan in cRPG Mod

    Proposed Banner: PM me and let's flail some scimitars and assassinate some crusaders.
  5. Sarranid themed cRPG clan

    If anyone is intersted in this idea find me in cRPG mod!
  6. Regiment with Best Line Battles.

    Ranked by category of skill, size and realism so  to speak. My preference is best commanders and infantry volleys? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. Official Forums?

    Are these the official forums? Where can I find the game rules and regulations? Also why is it full of trolls, and why is Nexus server the most populated, yet has the worst people and lag. Just newbie questions and observations.
  8. cRPG Caliphate, Moors RP

    Hi, if anyone is interested in making a cRPG clan with the Moors and Saracen RP in mind, please let me know via PM or in forums. It would be a lot of fun.
  9. Shogun

    This mod looks cheap, please work on what Gekokujo started and expand on it... It's a much better mod
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