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  1. New balances are the BEST

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say the new balances are SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD. Thank you devs! Hallelujah. 1 handers are usable again and the age of the spam trooper is over. 2 handers feel so much fairer (read: possible) to duel against and cav have continued their path to mortality. Good good...
  2. In Praise of the new update

    Ok guys - SO - I know there's still a bunch of heavy balance issues - particularly when it comes to 2 handed spam classes/perks BUT just wanted to post something positive that I think is really good in the recent patches: DUEL MODE IS GREAT. I think it's an improvement on the duel mode from...
  3. cav cav cav cav make it STAHP.

    Cav so strong.... Plz devs...plz
  4. 2 hander opinions

    Bannerlord players hear me! So I just wanted to get some other opinions on the state of 2handers multiplayer. I come from playing a lot of Warband where I felt things were really well balanced so maybe I've been a bit spoiled but MAN. I find 2 handers outrageous in multiplayer. Big issue for me...
  5. FPS/Frame rate Drop after new patch (again!)

    just played for the first time since new update and frame rate is almost unplayable in multiplayer. A lot of people said they were experiencing the same things on Europe servers. Are you guys seeing FPS drop too? To Talewords people - are you guys aware of this already? Is a fix being worked...
  6. Europe servers super lag

    Been playing today on Europe Siege and team deathmatch servers - suddenly although my ping is only 19 or so everything is lagging like crazy to the point of being unplayable. Anyone else getting this issue?
  7. Frame rate issue since patch?

    Before last update I found Bannerlord ran like a dream and I could enjoy getting stomped by cav with a decent frame rate. Since patch I've noticed a considerable drop in this and it looks a lot less smooth. Anyone else having this issue? Will be there be a patch asap? thanks!
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