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  1. Spear thrust on horseback

    still waiting for tis to work... :cry: nevermind, works now
  2. Strange bugs and other oddities in Gekokujo

    Needless to say I quit the play through, the trouble needed to fix everything would take longer than a restart, regardless of renown.
  3. Strange bugs and other oddities in Gekokujo

    Ok, so I got 30 strength a Horse and a Nodachi, I followed GL Takeda around wining tons of battles for him, I plan to gain favor and then join a rival clan, gain honor by capturing his generals and letting them go, and eventually join Takeda and usurp the GL title... Anyone know the best way to...
  4. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    Ichimonji Hidetora said:
    Jozen said:
    If you can find me a picture with someone mounted with a nodachi and the intent to use it, I'd be very grateful

    Here you go.

    Thank you Ichimonji, you were great in Ran.

    Is there any reason why I can't stab from horseback anymore? I looked for a spear that could do it but it seems to be bugged this time around.
  5. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    I'll consider bringing a nice short stabby stabby tanto, for the tight spots in castles? I presume thats where you find bum rushing the face hugging occurring?
  6. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    PPQ_Purple said:
    KhivalrousBear said:
    However if I remember, Chinese swords are better than katana/tachi? Liuyedao and those things have better damage, more length, and speed (I didn't remember, but i think it is better in speed too)
    They have roughly the same speed and damage as a katana but a longer reach. That is helpful some times but can be rather nasty when your opponent gets up in your face and you can't kill him properly.

    In my school of martial arts, if your opponent is right in your face you have done something wrong :sad:
  7. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    Thank you for your earnest replies.

    I figure I'd play a merchant who carries a chinese sword, since they weren't allowed to carry the daisho,
    as for the gentleman who said you can't dual weild, it's correct, but the daisho was a symbol of status, had nothing to do with practicality, yet Musashi was known to use his wakizashi as a throwing weapon when in need, or as a extra aid to hold someone hostage, yet musashi refrained from using it on 1 to 1 duels, unless it was necessary...

    If you can find me a picture with someone mounted with a nodachi and the intent to use it, I'd be very grateful, as far as I'm concerned they didn't see battle very often, and soon after Tokugawa consolidated power he cut down all the Nodachis in Japan down to a size of a modern Katana, some survived in shrines though.

    It's somewhat of a mythical weapon, from my understanding... the precursor to the anime sword. Seems like the Tachi is more likely to have been the cav sword.

    Another small question, I want to usurp a Clan, Takeda shhh what's the best way to go about this?

    Again, Thanks.
  8. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    Ah, another thing before I shut up. I tried playing as a Trader during my first few play-throughs and I found the Guild Quests to be either broken, or incredibly far and lame, and possibly broken as well, has anyone succesfully been a merchant in Gekokujo, and can you give me a few tips? I usually start out in Edo, and the first Guild Quest is to rescue the girl, I think, and perhaps there's another to find a bandit lair that is broken...
    Anyone else have similar experiences?
  9. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    Another thing is that historically,

    I believe Samurai would carry, Yari, Daisho, Yumi and Arrows to battle, but there aren't enough weapon slots for all of these in WB, so it's impossible to use them all and one has to focus on some gimp combination, like forgo the all important Yari or not use the companion sword, and use a Tachi... I suppose that's ok...

    Just some observatons, but it probably only bothers me cause I'm OCD.
  10. Nodachi in Gekokujo and minor qualms

    I love this mod, thank you phlpp for being so awesome and yes I'll buy you a beer soon, I'm not sure about the rampant use of Nodachi historically in Sengoku Jidai... but this game elevates them to a unrealistic status whereby its even used as a cavalry weapon, when historically Nodachis were...
  11. Sarranid themed cRPG clan

    Golradir said:
    do you get a free trendy turban when you join?

    a masterwork desert turban to be exact
  12. Looking for Members for a Saracen Themed Clan in cRPG Mod

    predat0r said:
    Wouldn't it make more sense to use the cRPG forums?

    I'm looking for new members altogether, cRPG forums don't have representation as a mod in TW forums.
  13. Sarranid themed cRPG clan

    Golradir said:
    hide and seek?

    or PM
  14. [Moghul] The Empire of the Moghul [US Native Clan]

    If you guys want to make a moghul clan in cRPG mod im there all the time PM me for more details
  15. The Mamelukes

    hey you guys should join up cRPG mod and help out a lonely saracen there
  16. [SRC] Saracens Clan

    If you guys ever play cRPG mod i'd like to make a saracen clan there, you can play in saracen garb persistently not only when sarranids come up in public servers lol.
    Just PM me here or join up cRPG
  17. Looking for Members for a Saracen Themed Clan in cRPG Mod

    Proposed Banner: PM me and let's flail some scimitars and assassinate some crusaders.
  18. Sarranid themed cRPG clan

    If anyone is intersted in this idea find me in cRPG mod!
  19. Comments: 3.0 Released

    this is the best mod on here it should be moved up to the list
  20. Regiment with Best Line Battles.

    Ranked by category of skill, size and realism so  to speak. My preference is best commanders and infantry volleys? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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