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  1. Akka

    I just don't get TW priorities.

    It's no secret that there is some sort of disconnect between what the community expects and what TW delivers when it comes to updates. I do believe that a good chunk of it is due to differences in vision and to technical/organizational priorities that are difficult to fully understand when...
  2. Akka

    Switch the money sink from items to troops.

    A massively obvious problem in the Bannerlord (and actually, it was already the case in M&B, just less egregious due to the lack of smithing), is the completely disconnected price of war gear compared to, well, EVERYTHING ELSE. A single weapon can have its price skyrocket in the hundred of...
  3. Akka

    The world map is claustrophobic

    One of the thing I really dislike in Bannerlord compared to Warband is the world map. It's pretty, sure, but it's absolutely horrible when it comes to immersion, variety, how it plays and how it feels. There are several points to this : 1) First, as the title says, it's claustrophobic...
  4. Akka

    A way to delay lords coming back with their armies ?

    Hello. I have a rather straightforward question : is there a way to delay the return of lords with an army after they have been defeated ? I'm not interested in making them prisonner, just being able to freeze/delay them for something like a week before they get an army back after a defeat where...
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