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  1. mrdang

    Need More Info [Quest] Unable to get third piece of Dragon Banner

    Summary: Upon clearing the bandit lair for either Istiana or Azagros, the location of the other piece of the Dragon Banner is not revealed on the map. The player is unable to proceed with the main quest. How to Reproduce: Get to clan level 2 and initiate the quest to meet Istiana and Azagros...
  2. mrdang

    Need More Info Companion parties contribute troops to garrison

    Summary: My companion parties are contributing high tier troops to cities in my faction. Not a big deal if it's low tier units like recruits, but I gave them those high tier troops intentionally. This is a problem because I cannot visit a friendly town without losing some good units. Can this...
  3. mrdang

    Resolved Army Management buttons for Cancel and Done don't appear

    Summary: I'm playing Bannerlord on a screen that has a 3:2 ratio. The Army Management screen does not show the Cancel and Done buttons as a result. Work around: For now I can change the resolution to 1920x1080, make changes, click done, then revert back. This is painful though. Luckily I don't...
  4. mrdang

    Shut up and take my money

    How do I pre-order like 10+ copies of this game for everyone I know? It's going to be everyone's off-season Christmas present. I want to support the team before this comes out next March. I'm sure there's a bunch of us from the beta days in Zendar who would like to support as well.
  5. mrdang

    Bow rebalancing, patch 1.127

    From the 1.127 changelog: peeking at the item stats with morgh's editor, everything seems the same across the bows. anyone notice any change in performance?
  6. mrdang

    Armor Soak Values

    Is there a hidden value in itemkinds1.txt for the material of the armor? like leather vs. mail vs. plate. I can't seem to locate a field for it--or is it embedded in the mesh and model? and what's the damage 'reduction' or soak vs. the different materials?
  7. mrdang

    Economy Overhaul

    As it stands, your character funds the war out of his own pocket. The tournament winnings that you personally fought so gracefully to attain go straight to paying all your troops and companions who might have given you a hard time in the arena. By the reverse token, the same pool of money you...
  8. mrdang

    Rhodok Tactics

    There's been quite a few threads complaining about these guys and how they don't use or even spawn with the pikes as they should. Well that's okay, just use them for what they're worth and one of these days the devs will finally institute F-commands for using specific weapons--in other words...
  9. mrdang

    Reversing the Ladder

    I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I love it when the enemy sallies out to fight since I'm more adept to tackling them without a ladder to bottleneck my troops and me. However, due to some silly bugs, some castles have entrances wide enough that defenders feel like getting some air...
  10. mrdang

    Save Game Corrupted

    I was afraid this would happen one of these days. It's the one risk of 'realistic' save games where not everyone has a backup save. Luckily, I have a copy of about 24 gameday difference which isnt so bad--I only made it to report a different bug x_x. M&B Warband opens up fine, loading screen...
  11. mrdang

    Rebel and Player Faction Combo

    Currently, doing a Rebel quest is pretty null since fiefs don't get handed out properly (1.113). However, you may find it easier to do the rebel quest through starting your player faction first: [list type=decimal] Join a regular faction as a vassal Own a town or castle While a vassal do not...
  12. mrdang

    Your Unstoppable Army

    What do you use to conquer Caldradia? My current party size +30 from Base +35 from Leadership +20 from Charisma +99 from Renown 184 Total Casual Peacetime Party this is what I use to roam quickly from place to place for touring tournaments and rescuing more peasant women :) Small enough to...
  13. mrdang

    Arwa, where are you?

    I just finished 5/6 claimant quests and I'm trying to find Arwa for the last one. Unfortunately the Traveller has nobody on his list anymore including Arwa who I haven't ever spoken to before. I recently defeated the Rhodok faction while with my previous rebel faction--does this have anything to...
  14. mrdang


    I love taleworlds' bugtracker. They're so responsive! After suggesting adding an option to deactivate the 'cheatmenu', they implemented a 'nocheatmenu' command. This is great for those of us who lost a game because the debug messages got to us haha. Enjoy! reminder: to use either of these...
  15. mrdang

    Wealthiest town

    Anyone talked to the guild master recently in 1.113? He'll tell you what's the wealthiest town in Caldradia :O i love how he's already so informative in information about the given town's trade
  16. mrdang

    Lost a Book

    I've played M&B since the early 0.7s and had my share of deaths and stolen equipment. The one thing that I've always hated is that if you lose a second time to a given party and they happen to steal something else, it will replace over what you lost in the first skirmish. So effectively, you can...
  17. mrdang


    I'm getting the impression that the new 'bug' that makes our units walk in circles is really the start of some phalanx tactical AI in action. It's just working on our units, cavalry, and routed enemies when it shouldn't be. I'm currently fighting the Rhodoks and it actually works out for their...
  18. mrdang

    Favors finally work

    I recently defeated Lord Talbar and let him go. Unfortunately he respawned recently as a very small party and was able to tag me for the rest of the Rhodoks. Lucky for me and my 50+ relation, he let me off the hook. :) This had never happened to me before in previous m&b versions.
  19. mrdang

    lord taken prisoner

    of the few lords i was able to convince to join my rebel cause, one of them has been taken prisoner as ive learned from asking the other lords of his wherabouts. i checked all the prisons of my enemy towns, but could not find him in the cells. is it possible he's in the prison of a neutral...
  20. mrdang


    1) encountering battles amidst the forest setting causes the battle to lag like a multiplayer game on dial-up. im running: Native M&B .903 Geforce 7600GS 1280x1024 resolution AMD 3800+ 2GB DDR2-800 everything else works perfectly* except this forest scene--maybe the way the game spawns the...
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