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  1. Jarungo

    Bannerlord was a grift

    5036 players on Warband right now. Why? I don't know since Bannerlord is already out, right. I don't think these guys lives in caves so they must definitely heard Bannerlord is out. Bannerlord has 14827. Let's add Warband number to Bannerlord. We would get 19863. As I am looking most played games right now, this number carry Bannerlord to rank 40. Let's say all the missing features was in EA, I would be generous and say this situation would give Bannerlord 2000 players more. Bannerlord would get to rank 36 as I see the numbers right now.

    I mean even if without my hypothetical number, just with Warband players, Bannerlord is moving from rank 55 to 40.

    So you are ignoring this question then I am assuming you did not follow the devblogs. So you don't any idea how much disappointment Bannerlord for me and you will never understand why this forum have some toxic people or some one liners bashing the game every chance they get. @Phantom425
    Why do you care so much about how many people play the game? It's not an indicative meter if a game is good or not, if you don't like Bannerlord just move on and play a different game. Get off your high heels and just be patient until the game is fully released, there's nothing to say the development won't continue after early access.​
  2. Jarungo

    Bannerlord was a grift

    I joined the forum a month ago, I bought the game on release. Before I bought Bannerlord, I had been playing WB. I have played both games for the same amount of time. I've seen the whole you'll turn around at some point argument to mean that you just have nothing else to say that will convince as your arguments are weak. Also, just throwing around how long you've been here just to make me shut up and make it seem like my voice is meaningless means nothing. I don't care if you created your account a decade ago or a weak ago, my response would have been the same to either of you, have more patience.

    I also don't believe that I ever said just sit back and just take it. My entire point here was to disprove your's, and after I did so you simply just insinuate that I want nothing to happen and the status quo to stay. In fact, if you actually read what I said, I clearly laid out what I think would work. I'm not going to insult your intelligence and assume that you're illiterate, but I will assume you cherrypicked what you wanted to respond to.


    Don't insult me again when I am trying to remain civil. I didn't call anything that you did cute or foolish

    As for the modder thing, I was referring to Bloc. You can look at his statements about the whole situation for context.

    They do, in this case. Firstly, you didn't just say "improve modding", you said that TW was not supporting this mod and that was proof of BL being a grift. I said that contradicted each other as you earlier said there was a lack of features. In order to develop further features, they would have to focus on the game.

    As for the multiplayer modding part, you are correct. TW is being very lackluster on that front, but they have made good progress on the singleplayer side of things. Hopefully, they will work to better increase the standards for multiplayer modding, but that still does not prove that BL is a grift.

    I think we just have different definitions of mess. While yes, BL is in a somewhat sloppy state currently, personally I would not call that a mess. Mass Combat has issues, as does sieges, and there are many other problems, but I do think that the basic fundamentals of this game work. Following the 1.6.0 patch, performance is greatly increased. Even though there have been a lot of bugs with the patch, it is not impeding gameplay to a massive degree, albeit sieges are still a bit iffy. When I think of messes, I think of games just chugging along while there are rampant glitches to be seen, and that is not what I see BL as being currently.

    I think that WB definitely has way more polish then BL, just by it being a finished game. The amount of hours being put into a game does not mean that it has more polish. BL hasn't even really reached the polish part of the development cycle, they are still currently working on building it. If you look at the two games, while BL has had more work put into it, it does not mean that it is more polished then WB.
    You're wasting your time with some of these people. They think because they've invested a bazillion posts complaining about a game on the forums their opinion has some sort of authority or more weight to it. It's the good ol' appeal from authority. Players like these think they are the rule of thumb because they've invested years on the forums, the moment developers ignore them they create a loud vocal echo chamber thinking shouting louder is going to get them the attention they crave.​
  3. Jarungo

    Bannerlord was a grift

    It is quite obvious that the majority consensus from warband players is that the game sucks and should be improved. If you aren’t in this group, feel free to opt out. Nobody said you must be included in the “we” (disaffected warband players) I refer to.
    I'm a Warband player. I definitely don't include myself in your made up consensus. Nobody is speaking on behalf of the entire Bannerlord playerbase. You are part of a loud vocal minority of dissatisfied players asking for a different game which is perfectly understandable but don't expect the developers to cater to your vision if they don't share it. The reality is some people jump to ludicrous assumptions the moment something doesn't please them in regards to the state of the game instead of being reasonable and waiting for it to be finished.​

    These claims are both false. While the multiplayer may be dying, the game has kept a stead number a players following the after launch drop off. Claiming that the game is dying is is just denying the state of the game in terms of player count.
    Imagine stating a game is dying when it's topping the top 50 of most played games on steam.
  4. Jarungo

    Bannerlord was a grift

    Or maybe we would just like the product we paid for/were promised? Or the money back, but preferably the game. We were promised something for 10 years and it still hasn't gotten here yet. I don't understand how you wouldn't be pissed? And again with this meme "diversify your life" "play other games" obviously we do it is not only messaging on the taleworlds forum complaining about the game not being out, we watch TV, we play other games....we in this circumstance though would like the game we paid for.
    Who is ''we''?

    You clearly aren't speaking on my behalf. I'm perfectly happy with the product I paid for and I look forward to more updates.
  5. Jarungo

    So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    The devs can and probably don't share or even like a lot of the suggestions but when TW takes the time to post and do dev blogs about features during development that add depth and then abandon them that's kind of shooting themselves in the foot, or when things like dumming down the ai because "reasons" it doesn't go over to well.
    People have their own agendas and some stuff either doesn't fit the game or would be too hard to do I'm fine with that but when someone like @Terco_Viejo has made dozens of posts that add to game play by fixing mechanics, not adding features, and those posts are just ignored by TW that's pretty stupid. TW doesn't have to change a thing but what they should be doing is explaining things to the community and their track history, as you know, is piss poor and I believe that's where a lot of the frustration comes from.
    I think they engage pretty well on a daily basis with the community. It's fairly typical during early access to remove content or make changes. That doesn't mean they won't address those issues again later on. A better fletched out roadmap would probably be nice if it was posted directly on the forums, but most people wouldn't pay attention to it since the majority of the players are on steam. The attention spent of gamers is very small unless it's a niche group of players directly engaging on the forums. The players here are the vocal minority and they tend to create an echo chamber if they feel the developers are not engaging enough with them. That doesn't mean it's indicative of a slow development progress, they could just be busy working on the actual game.​
  6. Jarungo

    So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    If the game isn't released yet then why is it on steam, and why did you have to pay full price for it?
    Do you purposely just repeat yourself as if I didn't read what you typed the first time? The game is released on steam as early access.
  7. Jarungo

    So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    Then you should full well understand that sitting and waiting patiently isn't going to work with TW, maybe getting pissed at them won't do anything either but for many they have no other options.
    You see that's the problem with some people on the forum. It was the same deal during the old days of Warband on the previous forum board. People get overly attached to the game and think they have a say in the development process of their favourite product. I understand some people are passionate about helping, but sometimes the developers just simply don't share your vision. That's something you should try to understand.​
  8. Jarungo

    So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    The game is released though.
    No it's early access, the game isn't fully released yet.

    While I understand your point you have to understand that many of us here have been on these forums for years and patience with TW has is either worn thin or just gone. We've sat and waited for years while the game is in development and 15 months in ea and a lot of features that would've added depth to the game have been scrapped because "it wasn't fun for players" or "too complex". To add to the frustration the amount of content added during ea has been underwhelming to say the least. There have been so many great suggestions with detailed explanations, videos etc presented to them and it's either ignored or they're told "doesn't fit our vision" or "too complex". Bugs that seemly have been gone are reintroduced in almost every patch. To top it off TW is they're own worst enemy a lot of the negativity could've been removed if TW would just talk to the community. But as a company they love their radio silence, sure some devs will interact with the community and by and large those discussions are usually good but as a company they'd rather just say nothing. It's a perfect storm for pissing people off so when you accuse people of being overwhelmingly negative or to have patience you really should understand where they're coming from first.
    I perfectly understand the situation. I've been here since 2014. I just choose not to post because most of forums are just a cesspool of toxicity. I understand why the developer would choose not to engage with the community unless they feel it's really necessary in their development process. The vocal minority isn't always indicative of good design decisions, so while some of you might be disappointed with their direction others may feel the opposite.​
  9. Jarungo

    e1.6.0-e1.6.5 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    Question for the art team : Are there new Vlandian helmets in development or planned for future release? the past few release have been almost solely focused on Battanian and Sturgian models. Thank you!
  10. Jarungo

    So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    LOL you obviously haven't been following the recent conversation in the forums.

    We've been waiting over a year and siege AI + armor still hasn't been fixed. The running joke is that all we've got is sheep textures and a barber and that's about it.

    It's not that the game hasn't progressed enough. It's that it hasn't progressed and there's no evidence that it will progress much further. Devs have been actively telling us that many of the features most players want are not even in their minds. Glaring issues present from EA Release haven't even been discussed by devs.
    This is the nature of early access development, maybe this is not a priority on their list for now. You sound overwhelming negative in almost every post you make, maybe you should just wait until the game is fully released before reaching an unsubstantiated conclusion.
  11. Jarungo

    Bannerlord was a grift

    Sure the figures are rough estimates, but what do you dispute? The “TW is a private company” defence is kind of a weak meme when I explain exactly their expenses and revenues. What precisely do you disagree with?
    I'm disputing the fact that your estimates are conjecture and anecdotal evidence at best. That's a weak approach to figure out how much they've made in revenues without knowing the total sales/refunds. We also have no idea how much of that revenue was directly used on the development of the game because their annual and interim reports are not public. Suffice to say if you are going to make bold assumptions about their revenues, you also have to consider their operating income for the fiscal year, which we don't know.​
  12. Jarungo

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I'm noticing a significant performance increase when loading the inventory and the other menus. Thank you so much!

    Can we expect some new vlandian helmets to be released in the future?
  13. Jarungo

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    You're so out of touch it's beyond belief, matter of fact the ego of this entire company to disregard the defining aspect of their games that brought in almost the entirety of their success is incredible.

    You did not make Warband successful, I beg you as a company remember who did that.
    You should probably take a step back and try to remember who made the game in the first place and who allowed you to modify it. None of these mods or the success of the game would've been possible without the work of the developers. The mods are just merely one part of what allowed this game to thrive on over the years. I played hundred of hours without mods before discovering them because I love medieval sandbox games.​
  14. Jarungo

    So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    What sort of content do you all expect? The game isn't even finished. There are games that have been under development for more than 5 years. At least, they gave us mod tools to make our own content while we wait for the full product to be released.
  15. Jarungo

    Bannerlord was a grift

    Hard to disagree with anything you wrote. Btw Steam only takes a 20% cut once a game hit certain thresholds (which Bannerlord has with millions of sales)

    Edit: And yeah I used to believe TW said they scrapped the co-op campaign because "couldn't find a way to make it fun", but now I think it's just due to them being lazy and removing anything slightly complicated.
    They take 30% for sales under 10 - 35 millions and 25% for sales above it. The OP original figures are far from being factual, we can't know for sure how much profit they've earned since they are privately owned.
  16. Jarungo

    POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    Only after the game is completed.
  17. Jarungo

    Elephant DLC?

    You could just make an Elephant mod with custom saddles and release it for free on the nexus mod website, problem solved.
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