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  1. ManaWei

    Need More Info Graphics bug with some clothing

    black streaks and other weird stuff is happening with some clothing.. like the Eastern Leather with belt, having 2 weird triangles trail after you when you move on another note the eyes focus away from each other making your toon look very weird..
  2. ManaWei

    Upgrading horsemen.. Where did the other horse go ?

    So i have a question.. When you upgrade a on-foot unit to a to a horse unit, fine.. makes sense.. but if you upgrade a regular horseman to a horseman that uses a warhorse, where do the other horse go ? does it just magically disappear into nothingness ? Getting that old horse back would make...
  3. ManaWei

    No travel areas

    I have found some places on the map where you cannot move to or across, an example is just around Urikskala Castle, now i don't know if that is intentional but it seems odd.. said example is pretty good since it's a rather big area..
  4. ManaWei

    [Suggestion] Clan Army > Call to arms

    Option to gather companions into a small scale army in order to actually capture a fief to start your kingdom.. As it is now My only real available option is to attack a castle defended by 200+ units with my 120 party.. seems a bit steep.. like adding a button beside the "Kick from Clan" called...
  5. ManaWei

    Small tweaks that would improve gameplay

    I kinda feel like letting Smithing Stamina regen while travelling might be a good idea, it seems weird otherwise.. Like "Travel Time = Stamina Regen" same rate as waiting.. Adding the stamina number to the picture thumbnail in the smithy, or add a stamina bar to it.. Having the food unit...
  6. ManaWei

    Need More Info Bugged Quests

    I'm going to link to the screenshot i took - - Now i did get the reward money and the reputation, but it's obviously it's registering as another quest for some reason.. All i can do is watch it run out and reduce the reputation...
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