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  1. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    Tournaments will now use blunt weapons. Blunt weapons will make sure these events occur in a more friendly manner.

    "Friendly manner" 🤔

    Also, it'd be nice if you could add screenshots of new items you add to the game in the patch notes. It wouldn't take that much time on your end and save some for many community members who have to run through all towns to find new additions after every patch.
  2. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Resolved Beta e1.3.0 - Unable to preview gear in trading menu

    Summary: It's now impossible to preview gear in trade menu without putting it on, only "Buy and equip" button is available. Yet on gear that character can't equip due to skill restrictions the equip button still works as preview. How to Reproduce: Click on any equippable item while trading it...
  3. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Resolved Beta e1.3.0 - villager parties idling near villages

    Summary: Started a new game and noticed that peasant parties from villages often idle near them, showing Unknown Behavior as their current goal. When talked to, they're saying that they're on the way to the nearest town to sell produce. How to Reproduce: Seems to be random. Quest/Settlement Name...
  4. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Stay in first person after death

    Just a little request. Currently when you get killed while in first person mode, you get kicked into third person view instantly. It'd be great if camera stayed in first person until body stops moving like in Warband. Ragdolling in first person is a guilty pleasure of mine which I enjoyed a lot...
  5. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Need More Info Can't start combat after discussing Battle of Pendraic in same encounter

    Summary: With e1.0.8 fix you can't initiate combat encounter right after discussing Battle of Pendraic. How to Reproduce: - initiate dialogue with enemy vassal - talk about Pendraic, in my case I talked to Rhagaea for the first time - after they stop talking about the battle, choose to attack...
  6. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Stat/gear discrepancy of Sturgian noble tree

    There's a big problem with either stats or gear of Sturgian noble troops. All of them show proficiency in bow and complete lack of skill in polearm despite none of those troops using bows. Warrior Son - second best skills are riding and bow at 40. Doesn't have a bow. Varyag and Varyag Veteran -...
  7. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Tournaments bets are broken and pointless, after last update

    Fights versus looters actually take around couple seconds because auto-resolving them is completely safe.
    What TW was thinking with this change to the tournaments is beyond me. Economy right now is completely broken, sure, but none of the economy problems were caused by tournaments, they were actually a huge risk for a low level character and reward rarely was worth the time investment anyway. But instead of addressing real issues with tournaments they just made them not worth doing at all, which will result in less feedback on them. Fix challengers wearing their own armor. Fix 1v1 AI abuse. Fix spear+shield duels. Fix rewards being useless for mid-lategame characters.
    Fix tournaments as a whole first, balance the rewards later.
  8. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    It is currently next to impossible to level Riding

    How I read your comment is you want your leadership to grow quickly because you have a caravan band of some soldiers with you and you are heavily focussed on everything else than war, but still expect to have an high leadership because you are a trader?
    You're not reading, you're just drawing conclusions. Try playing the game without joining a kingdom, hunting bandits and traveling around with your band of misfits, then tell me how far your leadership goes.

    I suggest you stop wasting my time with your drivel, that would definitely solve at least one of my problems. This is feedback forum, not a discussion one.
  9. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Ulfhednars are a joke

    There's a lot of wrong with Sturgia in general, from their bland uninspired visuals to weird and mediocre at best troop trees that lack even one standout unit. But the most egregious example here are Ulfhednars. Memezerkers might be a spin2win 2H meta in multiplayer, but with how AI works in the...
  10. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    It is currently next to impossible to level Riding

    No Sir it does not go against the nature of a Sandbox. you make specific choices and get rewarded or punished for it. I think you are looking to be a God in Calradia and be good in everything, but that is not how things are like.
    What is this drivel? I'm talking specifically about leadership skill here and its current implication that you can't be a good leader unless you lead armies to war.
  11. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    It is currently next to impossible to level Riding

    u just need high morale (70+++) or running around with armies.
    Leadership is for leading armies and not small warbands
    I know, but it's still wrong. Being locked out of skill and its perks just because player prefers not to be a general goes against sandbox nature of the game where you can be a trader, manhunter, bandit, etc.
  12. Sir Pwn-A-Lot


    Doesn't have a niche imo. Not worth getting over superior lancers or horse archers in Captain mode, not worth wasting gold on in Siege. Might as well save up and get a Lancer instead.
  13. Sir Pwn-A-Lot


    Feels pretty worthless as far as basic units go, weapon pool is underwhelming and why anyone would pick a "sling" over shield is beyond me.
  14. Sir Pwn-A-Lot


    Glaive + ridiculous defense = broken cavalry. Should cost more.
  15. Sir Pwn-A-Lot


    Probably the best harasser cavalry in the game thanks to menavlion swing damage being completely broken.
  16. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Mounted Warrior

    Feels useless and underpowered compared to the rest of the cavalry in MP, should at very least be cheaper
  17. Sir Pwn-A-Lot


    Extremely lethal for their cost. Visuals don't represent the actual tankyness.
  18. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Aserai Buffs

    Aserai have the same problem as Sturgia.
    They're just generally bland, underpowered and lack any standout troops. Aserai troop trees also seem very dated since they don't even have any camel cavalry.
  19. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    It is currently next to impossible to level Riding

    It's pretty obvious that all skill gains are ****ed in one way or another. I've been playing ~20 hours on this save and my leadership only went from 15 to 16.
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