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  1. Avareee

    Resolved Wanderer skills and levels are set to "0" in 1.4.3

    Hi, Some others and me have encountered an issue, and don't know whether it was a wanted change or was done unintentionally. So I run a selfmade mod of 48 Wanderers with backstories and such, and it worked just fine till 1.4.3. On that gameversion the skills I have set for the wanderers are...
  2. Avareee

    SP Native Medieval Bannerlord 48 Unique Companions Mod

    I made a Companion mod consisting of 44 Companions with unique backstories and faces. It was almost a month ago now that I have released it. But I wanted to present it here aswell, for the people who might have missed it! :smile: Link to my mod...
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