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    I like going one-handed despite its many weaknesses

    On foot, you have a great advantage over anything that the enemy throws at you, because you're able to carry a shield. In formation, you're unstoppable, if you're a good general. No cavalry or archer is going to go through your girthy defense. But the moment you decide to grab a horse, that's...

    Oh I'm finally unmuted

    I'd like to personally thank the forum mods for muting me at my every mistep. Truly has shown me the way to act properly around here. I apologize for saying my own forum nickname. I was an evil person then... But now... Now I'm a better man. A changed man. I'd also like to say to stop the...

    If anyone's still wondering about the perks...

    If you're wondering about the perks check out: and see which perks are fully implemented/still in progress. Out of a total of 18 perks: - 10 perks at 0 % or < 20 % completion - 8 perks are > 80% completed - The only perk at 100% completion is Leadership...

    Ironically, letting us marry Rhagaea would bring more players back, for the memes, than fixing rare crashes that made the game crash rarely.

    The dwindling playerbase would dwindle no more FULL SERVERS Think about it TW WE NEED that 40 year old, BAD

    What do you think about the Looters scene loading every time you interact with them? (POLL)

    Every time you start a new playthrough, you know the only way to grow is through some Looters, and you also know you're going to have to go through 2 loading screens every single time you interact with them. Even more time is wasted if you don't leave it to autoresolve. It kinda drains the fun...

    1.4.2 beta bug - Factions eternally at war, but no one actually wages war.

    Southern Empire has been at war with the Aserai for 2 years now. No one makes peace, no one fights and creates an army, infinite stalemate. Leaders keep patrolling the cities as if they're not at war. Pretty odd bug. Also, for the first hour of gameplay, every tournament in the empire was...

    The one thing that I can not forgive TaleWorlds...

    Is that you can not marry Rhagaea. Taelwrodl pls

    Even more grind to get influence now.

    Seeing you're nerfing every single way to get influence, maybe inspired by Neil Druckman's ideal of fun, how am I supposed to do it correctly? All the NPC lords have loads of influence from doing nothing, plus passing edicts that gives everyone -1 influence per day. When the player reaches 100...

    I'm tired of peasants with pitchforks stopping my fully plated Knights charge

    It doesn't make any sense. Sure polearms and such need to be strong against cavalry. But that doesn't mean a noddle arm looter is going to stop a Knight, charging like a truck, with his crappy pitchfork. Taelwords please.
  10. COOMER

    I'm here to remind you all that "it's still Early Access"

    We're always there, in every single thread made, just to remind you guys in case you forget. Valid criticism against the game? Not on our watch, no sir. We'll save the day every time. "Still Early Access" Your welcome.
  11. COOMER

    We desperately need a way to commemorate or just yell in this game!

    It makes so much difference, after a hard fought battle, your troops commemorate, while you can: - Attack upwards with sword - Defend upwards with spear Really? Same in multiplayer, I don't feel any sense of camaraderie with the guys I'm fighting with. It's such a simple thing to add, we got...
  12. COOMER

    Why custom games don't count for stats? Why are they broken when the match is over?

    They're 100x more fun than the official matchmaking. They're always full, 100/100 players. It takes seconds to join one. But when the match is over, the stat screen lingers for a minute and a half, then throws you out. If you leave and make the mistake of clicking on that particular match, the...
  13. COOMER

    Bannerlord A.I.

    This problem could be solved by caravans ignoring the player or the lords, since we already receive heavy penalties (relations-wise) when attacking them. A more realistical approach would be for them to calculate a better path.
  14. COOMER

    I really want a Dickplomacy mod

  15. COOMER

    Main quest sucks. A bugged chore that makes no sense.

    Since day one I've been trying to do the main quest but to no avail. From day one, it's been crash or bug that has left me unable to complete it... Yes, it's EA but if it's not ready, remove it from the game. With patch 1.1.0, it still crashes. The concept of the quest is so dumb anyway: "Hey...
  16. COOMER

    Should we be able to marry Rhagaea

    TaelWorld pls
  17. COOMER

    Colorblind option for the game (Casualties Log and others)

    For us Red/Green defficient butterlords, the casualty log is quite confusing to look sometimes. Banners too. There's already a mod for it in but an official implementation would be awesome. Please, think about it. Thanks!
  18. COOMER

    After modding the game, my playthroughs are 500% more enjoyable. Give it a go boys.

    So, after 40 hours on Steam, running the whole map, just to see my Athletics go to 50 was unbearable... I decided to give mods a go: - The instant dialogue change, where you don't have to wait the game load 2 times (their characters in the field) when encountering bandits or lords. - Gain EXP...
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