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  1. Lemondude

    What's the point of Tier 6 units?

    These are both rather weird ways to see the game's factions. Apart from being a lot more multidimensional than you make them out to be, some of these descriptions are jank.

    My words were taken directly (some paraphrased) from the taleworlds official site. So ... yeh there's that.
  2. Lemondude

    What's the point of Tier 6 units?

    You have to look at the factions to see why the elite troops are mostly cavalry.

    Aserai - like their predecessors, the sarranids, they are not well known for infantry
    Battania - the 'forest rangers', their whole thing is ambushing from the trees, keeping out of melee when they can
    Empire - specialization in armored cataphracts and skilled archers
    Khuzait - horse archers is their entire thing
    Sturgia - This is where there should be improved infantry units, i think most people were let down by how weak their infantry is
    Vlandia - main tactics involve crossbows & heavy cavalry charge

    So as you can see most factions tactics aren't really focused too much on infantry
  3. Lemondude

    is the food shortage problem fixed in 1.4.2 ?

    on my playthrough i have 5 fiefs and none have food problems, so i think its fixed
  4. Lemondude

    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    it needs to have a rich story, every family should have a backstory and every character should have a personality, that's what i think this game is missing right now
  5. Lemondude

    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    this is the saltiest post ive ever seen on this website!!
  6. Lemondude

    Why Do Villages Buy Junk?

    why do you complain? do you want the game to be not fun?
  7. Lemondude

    What are you Waiting for Before you Jump Back in for Another Playthrough?

    honestly i feel like waiting for mods

    base game felt dry last time i played
  8. Lemondude

    AI Lords & Clans - no new marriages or children.

    Yeah it will just be you and your children who survive

    May as well speed up the process and execute all the lords now
  9. Lemondude


    I have searched a lot of information about this (in Spanish and English) and I have not found anything.

    Here's the thread I was referring to:

    And here's what the dev's have said:
  10. Lemondude

    Can you create a kingdom after already giving your banner to another lord?

    For now the banner is your only claim to be king
  11. Lemondude

    Wife auto assigns herself ''governer''

    dont argue with the wifey
  12. Lemondude


    It will be done in mods, Ive already heard of some modders starting work on this already.

    In the source code of the game there was also a co-op button on the main menu, so it's something taleworlds have obviously considered.
  13. Lemondude

    Recruits need to far less common in armies

    Yeah basically the issue is when you beat a lord in battle they then scramble to recruit as many units as possible so they can start fighting again.

    These will be mostly recruits unit they have fought a few battles.

    So maybe they should have more higher tier soldiers for recruiting in towns/villages, or let them get promoted faster
  14. Lemondude

    Has anyone cleared one of these?

    Not in one go, takes a couple of tries to chip it away to a reasonable number
  15. Lemondude

    Offended dude.

    Can you ask that question again, but without sounding like a complete clown?
  16. Lemondude

    How "man-at-arm" Perk work ???

    Apparently nerfing caravans and breaking the economy with it is more imperative than implementing these simple perks right now.

    settle down there skippy
  17. Lemondude

    Any benefits from goverors?

    if they are the same culture as the settlement you get a +1 loyalty bonus

    if they are not the same culture as the settlement you get a -2 loyalty bonus

    that's the only thing i have noticed
  18. Lemondude

    The dev is beating around the bush

    How do you know the developers aren't working on these main issues?
    The main issues are going to be bigger stories for the developers to work on and will therefore take a longer time.

    The small tweaks are quicker to produce and that's why they are the updates we are getting right now.

    You should take into consideration that most issues will only have 1 or 2 developers working on them (1 most of the time) as having more than 1 developer will not necessarily speed things up - especially now we are they are working from home.

    Because of that these main issues could take a few weeks or even months to fix, so be patient.
  19. Lemondude

    Custom companion summoning with courier system

    In the meantime you can use this to customize any NPC (i.e. the current companions)

  20. Lemondude

    Will there be any new content for multiplayer? Some update Suggestions

    If you look at warband, the multiplayer really started getting good when people were able to create their own servers with custom maps, objectives, weapons, and all that.

    We'll hopefully see something like that when TW gives us the ability to do that and access to the modding tools
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