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  1. Theotian

    Fun Variety! Videos , Interviews and Raw Competitive Skirmish Vdeos

    Hello everyone!:smile: So this is something i wanted to do for some time. I am making a genuine effort to start up my channel again and along with other game play types i will also be posting bannerlord skirmish footage on a regular basis.I also started a series in which i want to...
  2. Theotian

    Post here when there are atleast 6 players.

    So i was thinking, why not since the times when players are online is sporadic at least we just post here when a reportable amount of players show up. For instance there was a dozen players on today so i would say Hey guys!12 players on right now hop on!! :D Since at the top of the message...
  3. Theotian

    serial key issue

    problem resolved please delete this thread if you see it admin
  4. Theotian

    lugaru referal

    lol i realize the giveaway was 3 years ago but does anyone have a lugaru referal lying around and want to give it to me?  :mrgreen:
  5. Theotian

    serverneeds poll

    today there where at least 3 people non stop tking and flaunting it in peoples face. this dude names Betty kept planting explosive crates then blowing them up as soon as everyone spawned tking people  look at this (Wilhelm was doing everyone a favor killing him as soon as possible) as many...
  6. Theotian


    5 of The clan Kpa wilhem sarracher and macel spawn camp team killing and killed anyone who came to the server without giving reason why not even answer questions or talking steam screen shot manager is acting up i will have screen shots later if possible is there a reason why they would do this...
  7. Theotian

    kicked can go back in no reason

    i was playing against like 8 other peaple at 2 o clock and for no reason everyone started tking (i ididnt tk anyone) and then someone polls to kick me and it pases now i cant log back in i never said much except: hi all , officer lol stop walking in the open. and why i didnt do anything (thats...
  8. Theotian

    New crashing problem

    i started a new topic cause its a new problem i hope thats ok well i dont know what the problem is days 46 march 13 o clock and it crashes to desktop i did nothing different whats going on?
  9. Theotian

    HELP crashing on map

    PLSSSS help i have played it for 6 days time (in game time )and on febuary 5 around morning i just crash on the world map i know it has to be some event cause i can stay and do whatever i  like but as soon i let time go bye and it hits around morning it just crashes i have windows 7 i have never...
  10. Theotian

    special spots issue [Spolier]

    well in game i notice spots like old grove and a cave and what not when i go into battle and win in one of these spots the captured women are not able to talk to anymore is there a reason when i first come in i can talk to them but after i win i cant its really annoying cause it feels like there...
  11. Theotian

    battle sizer too small

    hi guys i have battle settings on maximum yet it only brings on 30 to 40 enemy troops to attack me at a time its really frustrating considered most of the enemy army's are in 300 zone so they take forever any way to make more troops come at a time??????
  12. Theotian

    Can lethiadran kill

    i dont think i spelled his name right lol that noldor companion sometimes when i start talking to a lord he offers to kill him if i just say the word is it possible for him to actually assassinate someone ?
  13. Theotian

    Best order

    i was wondering witch of the knighthoods if the strongest in melee in your opinion and witch one is the deadliest over all ?
  14. Theotian

    i own goths faction without doing anything

    It says goths have no ruler or vassals just castles yet when i attack a village party of theirs witch is super rare it says relation with Theotian has deteriorated. :?:
  15. Theotian

    how to marry companions

    how do you marry a girl companion lol
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