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  1. [WNL7] Sign Ups & Introduction | Open

    Tardet said:
    army of the dead.

    In more ways then one.  I haven't played competitive warband since 2016...
  2. Warband Epic Event- Sign Ups! (Mount and Thrones)

    Name: Darin
    Faction: Rhodoks
    Roll: Soldier
  3. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Please add to Rebellious Defenders:
    Octo ID: 1992024
    Beefy Nuggets ID: 763556
  4. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Add Squeaks ID: 1419408 to Rebellious Defenders please.
  5. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    And also change our team name from Defenders of Faith to Rebellious Defenders.  Thanks!
  6. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Please add Courtney as co-captain of the DoF team.
  7. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Roster for Defenders of Faith:
    01) Darin: 27345
    02) Alejanbro: 1356799
    03) Azrael: 1076023
    04) DeathAngel: 1991520
    05) William: 397011
    06) Jeep: 706327
    07) Viglaf: 2018
    0:cool: Zagoroth: 1330167
    09) CreamPie: 1188166
    10) Rhuarc:
    11) Kohath: 148796 & 1730524
    12) Chev: 1403798 & 1150726
    13) Xcalibur: 1314676
    14) CB: 105509
    15) Kira: 1746579
    16) Phoenix: 714238
    17) Argon: 1295503
    1:cool: Dryykon: 408658
    19) Ragnar: 1858524
    20) Snoop:
    21) Nero: 2137012
    22) Courtney/ Colt:
    23) Nevino: 1860550
    24) Rolonar:
    25) Bohemond:
    26) Athesus:
    27) Irix:
    2:cool: Xerute: 428055
    29) CdJrcxx: 924553
    30) Lucifer:
    31) Hemptano: 30715
    32) Fluffy: 2728213
    33) Satheron:

    Also, we'll be changing the team name sometime in the next couple days if that's OK.  :smile:
  8. [UNAC S6] Team registration!

    NAME: DoF (will be changed most likely)
    REGION: Land of the free
    CAPTAIN: Darin

    Just posting now so I don't forget and miss the deadline.  I'll have it fully updated by the 4th.  Also, happy April fools!  :party:
  9. Javby: Warband Rugby | 1.4.2 Released!

    Just going to leave this here  :cool:

    I apologize for the sloppy editing, I'm rushing these highlight videos out.
  10. [NA WMT] Week 6 Fixtures

    DoF NA vs rW isn't 100% confirmed yet but we're looking at 6 pm EST on Sunday.  Again, this isn't confirmed as of yet but it should be by tomorrow.
  11. [NA WMT] Week 5 Fixtures

    DoF NA vs DoF EU




  12. [NA WMT] All Star Teams (New Poll, Please Vote)

    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    Teams are able to create a name once their players join the Steam group.  :grin:

    Nice!  Like I said, just making a joke.  When I first read the post that's the first thing that I thought of, couldn't resist :3
  13. [NA WMT] All Star Teams (New Poll, Please Vote)

    I'm from Oklahoma...
    Bubs is from New Jersey (I'm sorry...)
    Alejanbro is from New York...

    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    - Darin (Cavalry)
    - Bubz (Cavalry, Infantry)
    - Alejandro (Infantry, Cavalry)



    I am actually just poking fun at the team names.  DoF NA was consulted on the player division for the teams (to make it as balanced as possible).  But still, teams need new names :razz:
  14. [NA WMT] Week 4 Fixtures

    DoF vs rW scheduled for Tuesday at 6 pm EST.  Roberta can post to confirm.
  15. [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Dryykon said:
    Das Knecht said:
    Bubs said:
    Today marks my 1 year anniversary with very nice klanny and chill guyz! :,][

    lol you've only been here for 1 year, what is this, I could've sworn you've been here at least 2 years xD

    Bubs is from another timeline. You're the only one who remembers the truth.

    So are you saying Bubs Varangian has the ability of Reading Steiner?  :fruity:
  16. [NC2016] Livestreams

    DoF_tv will be taking North America vs Finland this Saturday!
  17. [NA WMT] Week 2 Fixtures

    DoF vs GK results:



  18. [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Surkan said:
    x10 xp and x20 taming isn't competitive noobs !!!!!

    Yeah, they're all just a bunch of filthy casuals!
  19. [NA WMT] Week 1 Fixtures

    DoF 6 - 7 CRB




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