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  1. Swadius 2.0

    [Solved] Sudden Request for Key + Invalid Serial Key on Server Join

    Hello. Today after requesting to join a server, the client requested for a serial key. I went into my registry and put in that key, but apparently it doesn't work. I thought maybe this is because the M&B servers are updated and require game activation with my forum account with my game client...
  2. Swadius 2.0

    About Guilds and Tools

    So how do they work exactly, Is this a plug-in from another mod that has some instructions? I have some tools in my inventory but the game doesn't seem to register that I have them, or repeats calls for me to equip them whenever I'm at a resource site on the map.
  3. Swadius 2.0

    Elephant Handcannon vs Normal Handcannon

    What is the difference between these two, specifically is there something about the Elephant handcannon that justifies its price other than a slight increase in all stats?
  4. Swadius 2.0

    Can't Access Gamersgate Webpage From Laptop Browser

    My phone can connect to the website from the same router, and the site doesn't seem to be down for anyone else. I think this might have something to do with clearing my cookies and history a few weeks back. Anyone have the same problem before (and fixes)? Update 1: Tried resetting router...
  5. Swadius 2.0

    Your World- Refuge in Audacity Gone Wild

    Saw this on B12, wonder what you guys will think of it. "45 BACKERS $10,541 PLEDGED OF $1,100,000 GOAL 46 DAYS TO GO" About the person as stated on the page. "Concept art" What are the chances that you think this gets made :lol:?
  6. Swadius 2.0


    I know there's another thread on this, but I think this new phase warrants a new thread. If you don't know what Hawken is, it's a mech based pvp with fantastic art direction...
  7. Swadius 2.0

    BIOS: Reseting configuration to default

    What does reseting the configuration to default in the BIOS do? I've come across a problem where the touted solution (a la here: is to reset the configuration in the BIOS, but upon further investigation I have yet to find any...
  8. Swadius 2.0

    Holding down key, mouse movement becomes choppy

    I've noticed that while playing Mount and blade that when I hold down a movement, the mouse in the game will sometimes seem to become choppy as if the game is trying to deal with too much input from the movement key being held down. This doesn't happen all the time, is there something in the...
  9. Swadius 2.0

    Low Powered Processors and Gaming

    How much does a low end processor affect games? For example, a 1.6gz processor trying to take on a game with a minimum of 2.4 gz? Would it be able to run in a playable manner?
  10. Swadius 2.0

    Wonky Router

    The situation here is a router that appears to work. The linksys is flashing all the right lights and several computers with wireless has connected to it. The problem being is a few computers that can detect the router, but gain no access to it citing a total lack of any sort of response from...
  11. Swadius 2.0

    Starsector 0.9

    For the Uninitiated It's Mount and Blade IN SPAAAACE. Same-ish strategic map and tactical battle gameplay, rewarding combat, with the same unforgiving nature. Current Features Starsector version 0.9 is now out! Here are some of the more prominent new features in this release: Establish...
  12. Swadius 2.0

    Do You Drink the Ramen Broth? For each correct answer you get, 10 grains of rice will be donated by the below advertiser to poverty stricken people. It's pretty awesome. "Within a month of its launch, it had raised enough rice to feed over 50,000 people for a day. To date it has raised...
  13. Swadius 2.0

    Excessive Copyright? I'm getting the feeling that this is getting out of hand :?.
  14. Swadius 2.0

    Academic Doping What do you guys think about this? More importantly, why is doping considered by some people inherently wrong? I don't really see any reason for criminalizing this, and it makes the rules against using drugs in athletic competitions a...
  15. Swadius 2.0

    Mouse Pointer Flickering

    During one of my recent games, my in-game mouse pointer began to flicker around. At first I didn't mind, but then during combat, the flickering resulted in my viewpoint jumping and stopping, it's a little bit of a nuisance at the moment. Would it be something internal in the game or external...
  16. Swadius 2.0

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun preview Gets it spot on, I think.
  17. Swadius 2.0


    Is there any way that you guys could lower the graphics any lowers :P? Like turning off vegetation all together? I usually find myself not caring much for how pretty it looks as long as I can spear another guy in the gut without any hiccups.
  18. Swadius 2.0

    Snorkel Rice "Snorkelling rice 'to feed millions' A new rice plant has been developed which grows "snorkels" when exposed to floods. A paper in the journal Nature, describes how the plant elongates rapidly in response to being submerged. One of the...
  19. Swadius 2.0

    Disgusting/Disturbing Pictures

    I'll start: Spoiler them. Be advised to stay within the forum rules, excessive gore has usually not been tolerated.
  20. Swadius 2.0

    Lawns: To Cut or Not To Cut

    I've recently been informed after coming back home to my family's house for the weekend, that the neighbors as well as the school staff are saying that we have a very un-kept long lawn. Since I've been asked to mow it, I've been asking myself why it's so bad to keep the grass so long. Some of...
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