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  1. EagleSoldier_

    [POLL] Kingdom goverment types and succession laws

    Kingdom government types What I would like to suggest is to make two different types of governments. (I took inspiration from CK3) Feudal Every feudal government (Empire, Vlandia, Battania and Sturgia) would be kept as it is. Vassals having certain obligations - paying a certain amount of taxes...
  2. EagleSoldier_

    Need More Info Bannerlord launching problem

    Summary: Hello, so I recently had to reinstall my Windows and I wanted to play the game. I have Bannerlord on Steam when I click play it opens up the launcher and after I click play game doesn't show up. Steam says it's running but even the task manager doesn't show the game. I've tried...
  3. EagleSoldier_

    Elephant DLC theories - disscussion

    I created this to discuss the possibilities of the leaked Elephant DLC and its theories to what it could be. My theories: 1) The name in itself Elephant DLC is just a placeholder just in case of any leaks so we don't know the real name. What I think this DLC would/could bring in would be 1 -...
  4. EagleSoldier_

    Making gameplay as female more interesting/challenging

    1.Specifict culture respectivness - make it so specific kingdoms to be more tolerant towards women (leting them fight, be queens, clan leaders, etc.) - I personally imagine Battania, Aserai and MAYBE Khuzaits, having more tolerance towards women, but still have some small disadvantages 2...
  5. EagleSoldier_

    Resolved [1.5.1.] Soldiers/parties not vanishing or decreasing after battle

    I was vassal of Sturgia and was in the army that got attacked and it was around 765 soldiers on our side and 653 soldiers on theirs (Vlandia). After a battle which we won, we had around 200-400 soldiers fit for battle and the enemy team that was supposed to be eliminated was still on the map...
  6. EagleSoldier_

    In Progress [1.5.0] - Beard and scars not showing/vanishing

    When I start up multiplayer in choosing class my character has scars and a beard but as soon as he spawns, he doesn't have either of those. As seen in the pictures below. My overall graphics are set to medium. Computer Specs: OS: WIN 10 GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 ti CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RAM: 16 GB
  7. EagleSoldier_

    Resolved [1.5.0] Ruling clan changed after kings death

    So in one of my saves, I was vassal of Vlandia. After some time King Derthert has died of old age and after that, my clan became the ruling clan. My clan banner changed to his(lion) and his changed to a helmet with something in the background. I guess this isn't supposed to work like that. I...
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