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  1. Akka

    If only taleworlds choosed another timeline.

    The timeline is GREAT actually.
    It involves a time where a huge empire is crumbling and lots of contenders are coming in to feast on the carcass. So it means variety, a good context to have lots of war, very different factions, and more importantly a narrative support for either restoring said empire to glory or replace it.
    What is there that is actually bad about the timeline ? It's basically a perfect setup for the kind of story that a player would be the hero of.
  2. Akka

    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    There simply isn't a lot that connects the game to the lore. The game is just too "gamey", too much emphasis on systems and not enough on fluff.
  3. Akka

    Bandit Hideouts and Taverns - is more variety planned?

    It's important to have them done. Adding life is easier when the location exists already.
  4. Akka

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    Yes, it should be fixed.
    But it is such a non-issue, that other, much more pressing issues take precedence. And there's *a lot* of far more pressing issues that need to be fixed. So get in line and patiently wait for a fix for this particular thing.
    Remember, again, that a fix for this non-issue always means that something else will have to wait longer. It's always a trade off, and almost never a case of "we have some free time, so we'll fix this".
    The entire "losing a part of your troops if you accomplish an action" already exists for joining a besieged settlement. It's not like hooking it to the retreat decision would consume any significant amount of time, please.
  5. Akka

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    While I agree that this should be "fixed" in some way he still has a point. Would be different if this wasn´t a singleplayer game.
    No, it's just stupid.
    A single player game has not the same pressure to be "balanced" than a multiplayer one obviously. That doesn't mean absurd mechanisms are acceptable. You say it yourself : it should be fixed. That answers the point.

    Retreating should be a part of the game, and it should have logical consequences. I should not have avoid a basic feature because it's broken. Such idiotic reasoning basically justifies everything being left to rot.
  6. Akka

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    One easy way you can fix the exploit yourself is by simply not using it... I know, crazy right?
    What can of idiotic answer is "let's not fix exploit, just ask people to not use them" ?
  7. Akka

    Bandits (all types) in their current implementation are adding more tedium than value to the experience.

    I recently learned on these forums that there wont be Manhunter parties or other form of bandit control because the AI needs this amount of bandits in order to level its troops.
    This is a completely idiotic design though. They should instead compensate with "trainer" ability like in M&B, that would be both simpler and more immersive (compared to having seas of bandits everywhere).
  8. Akka

    How many of us even still have Bannerlord installed?

    I have it installed somewhere, but it's been AGES since I played it.
    There is next to no progress in the development, so I find it's pointless to try again.
    More than anything, and that points really depresses me because I'm afraid it'll never change, the map is such an abhorrent pile of sh... it kills instantly all desire to play.

    I never thought I'd say that, but I actually regret having bought BL. It's been a straight loss, I barely touched the game and was bored most of the time I did play it.
    The MASSIVE potential is here, but they seem to have spent huge efforts to make said potential be visible, and then aimed at preventing it to be actualized and stays as just potential... That's incredibly frustrating.
  9. Akka

    We're still waiting for the equivalent of right to rule.

    Don't really think right to rule (as it was implemented in WB, at least) is the right system, though - RtR was something you could farm up in advance, if you cared to, and bypass the system entirely. Something as simple as making the AI see your faction's weakness (one to few clans, etc) as easy territory and refusing peace so long as they think they can take it (eg, not currently busy with a bunch of other wars) might be plenty.
    The implementation was a bit sketchy, but the fundamental concept of "legitimacy" is a pretty solid idea. Having to "farm" it in advance is also, actually, a good approach. It should be improved, but it would make more logical & immersive to have someone who is already recognized as having some sort of claim to being a faction leader being accepted (even if begrudgingly) as a "world player" than any kind of upstart that just has a few dozens of mercenaries.
    Legitimacy is the difference between a brigand and a lord after all :grin:
  10. Akka

    Modders vs Devs

    the only real insight (if you can call it that) we have is their glassdoor reviews, of which the bad reviews consistently paint a portrait of TW being horrendously unorganized leading to messy and slow development. Obviously you've got to take glassdoor with a grain of salt, but it's all we really have in terms of an inside look, and the consistency of the bad reviews bringing up disorganization does speak to it being a real problem.
    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
    There is a lot of hints that confirm this possibility, between the huge growth of the studio and the stark contrast between a very productive and effective small group of dev for M&B to a massively slow big group for BL, Glassdoor reviews, obvious lack of planning, impossibility to define goals and so on.
  11. Akka

    Idea: A Comprehensive, Polite and Well Reasoned Letter of Dissatisfaction to Taleworlds?

    Did it though? Have you played it after that video came out or are you just going off the video?
    I have, and NMS is the benchmark of games that were released bad and then were fixed and turned good. And it did all that in half the time BL has been in development and with a team eight times smaller.
  12. Akka

    Polished landscapes vs. Terrain system

    I've always said that not making procedurally-generated maps was one of the most idiotic decisions TW made So you can guess my answer.
    But really, it's stupid beyond all reason (cf what Bloc said about this issue, it's just wasting needlessly tons of work and making the game much more rigid and wasting a lot of HDD place for absolutely no benefits).
  13. Akka

    Idea: A Comprehensive, Polite and Well Reasoned Letter of Dissatisfaction to Taleworlds?

    What's the point, they will acknowledge it but nothing will ever come from it, there's been 2 years of dissatisfaction from fans and still we're ignored because it's their vision over anything and they won't budge
    I wouldn't mind their vision over anything if they at least could implement it in a reasonable timeframe.
    The problem is that so little is done over so much time.
  14. Akka

    High tier equipment as a goal for end game

    Did item prices drop to earth level?
    Will armor ever work as it should?
    This are the main points the community wants to see fixed.
    I concur.
    I find especially egregious that we haven't even got an a single simple ANSWER as to even the basic "are armors working as they are intended or not ?" for a whole year now. We don't even know if the lack of protection they offer is actually by design or just "to be fixed later".
  15. Akka

    Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    For the progress to stall, it would need to have picked up in the first place...
  16. Akka

    Killing an army needs to have a much bigger reward

    As usual, rather than adding a new layer to compensate for a problem, it's better to just fix the problem itself.
    The problem is that AI cheats to get back on its feet. Fix the cheating.
  17. Akka

    Easy solution to fix archers without nerfing them or buffing armor

    I don't see anything particularly wrong with armor.
    You must have seriously dysfunctional eyes then.
    Might as well call for weapon damage to be nerfed.
    Not at all, both have completely different results.
    I just don't think nerfing/buffing is the right way to go about improving the game.
    It's more about fixing than nerfing/buffing here.
  18. Akka

    Easy solution to fix archers without nerfing them or buffing armor

    Why would you not fix the armors to begin with ?
  19. Akka

    The game looks much better and crisper when I change from Borderless Fullscreen to Fullscreen and set the resolution manually to the one of my monitor

    Borderless mode is often problematic in most game engines. There is zero reason to play in borderless mode, unless you are streaming or at work lol
    That's completely wrong. Borderless is the standard in most games today, and it's incredibly useful when you have several screens or want to alt-tab. Fullscreen is horrible to deal with.
  20. Akka

    Shall we talk about the paper armors?

    It seems we are too far in the development process for them to consider completely revamping such an aspect of the game...
    Not at all. The mechanisms work well, it's just a problem of variables, so it's, on a technical aspect, trivial. It's 100 % just about finding the good balance, there is nearly no point in time at which it's "too late".
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