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  1. Narduiran

    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    I think it's missing a body. Need one to have a soul.
  2. Narduiran

    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    As usual the discussion is drifting to side topics thanks to bad reading or bad intentions, so to recapitulate.


    Read the OP again

    Your post in incomprehensible. What point are you even trying to make?
  3. Narduiran

    About that horse's color

    Wait, does this apply to any horse you use (as in your player horse will always have the same color scheme) or just your starting horse?
  4. Narduiran

    "Arrow deflection" for two-handers in 1.4.1e

    Not warm to the idea of that perk...
  5. Narduiran

    AI cheats in recruiting

    when somebody tells that helping the AI cheat is necessary, that means the AI is weak and in need of improvement. It is also a kind of lowering of expectations where most games are really bad at. And cheating doesnt even work right.

    There are a ton of competitions where different handicaps are given to participants, for example, sailing. in regattas, different boats will receive a multiplier to their course time to account for the different boats' capabilities. This makes so crew skill is what ultimately decides who wins.

    Same thing here. No AI can match a human brain for such a complex game. It is pretty much universal that game difficulty is done by handicapping the player, just look at the Civilization series. Going to harder play levels doesn't involve smarter AI, it just involves letting them 'cheat' by giving them huge bonuses.
  6. Narduiran

    Mystery! Epic's Secret!

    Worthless epic store shilling thread. Should be closed.
  7. Narduiran

    Lance couching seems useless right now.

    It has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with lances being ridiculously short in bannerlord.

    You realize if lances were even longer, the problem would be even worse? By skill I meant character skill, not player skill. What I've seen is that at lower skill, the lance point moves around a hell of a lot more than at higher skill, which makes landing strikes harder even if the player aims perfectly. Which is fine with me.

    Longer lances wouldn't fix this at all if the mechanics are indeed as I deduced it from playing.
  8. Narduiran

    What is that and what does it mean?

    Oh thank you, but what does packet loss mean? :grin:

    Nothing like a good google search.
  9. Narduiran

    You took my money, now please hire devs

    Sure, Mr. Armchair developer.

  10. Narduiran

    Lance couching seems useless right now.

    I think it boils down to lance skill, from what I've seen. At low skill, the lance point moves around a lot more than at higher skills. Seems logical to me.
  11. Narduiran

    Why is there no way to train troops except fights?

    Fine be an asshat. But the point remains that archers (of all kinds) are ridiculously powerful now because you're fight mostly recruits. Go on youtube and watch archers vs legionaries, they don't do **** against them when they're in shield while advancing (of try captain mode). Don't advocate changes based on broken will be changed mechanics.

    It's a game. There's always a meta. You know how to get your archers to shoot those legionaries? Flank em with your cavalry so they face the horsemen. The archers will have no trouble killing the legionaries. I'm really at a loss as to why everyone screams for nerfing this and that. The rock paper scissors of troop types actually works IRL too.
  12. Narduiran

    Why is there no way to train troops except fights?

    Archers are ridiculously powerful right now because lords run around with 90% recruits with no shields and **** armor. This is getting changed.

    You realize archers and cavalry were just as good in Warband 10 years ago, right? That's just the reality of it. Ranged combat is very good, and high mobility flanking also. Seriously, I don't know what to say other than "the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over instead of changing your tactics".

    This sums up to a basic "git gud" response, but seriously, you have total liberty!
  13. Narduiran

    Why is there no way to train troops except fights?

    Use more archers. Any archers. A pure archer force cannot be reached by the enemies. They collapse before.

    +1. 50 high tier archers and 25 high tier horsemen and then it's all down to the player's tactical skills.
  14. Narduiran

    Sieges battles are easy and boring, here's my suggestions

    It all comes down to the AI's inability to engage the siege equipment properly. I'm quoting myself but it's highly relevant. The only reason that particular siege was won by the attackers was because of my Battanian fian champions sniping the defenders on the walls. If they hadn't been there, I know we'd have lost.

    I'm not so sure. Yesterday I was on the attacking side where there were 300 defenders and 1000+ attackers. The defenders destroyed both the ram and the siege tower before they got to the walls, then they slaughtered around 700 attackers trying to climb up the ladders before the town was taken.

    That was on easy (1/3 dmg) difficulty, and my Battanian fian champions got 150 kills, half the kills of the whole army. On normal or hard, the attackers would have been utterly wrecked.
  15. Narduiran

    [Suggestion] TW NEEDS to add a pseudo-MMORTS persistent multiplayer campaign mode!

    Are you serious ? Every single part of the game need to be rewrite.

    +1 to that wall of technical reasons why this is not possible. I actually voted for the 3rd option but this is more like a pipe dream in my mind.
  16. Narduiran

    Armor/weapon looks potato in the field.

    Take a look at this in case you haven't seen it:

    Really good example but in any case, OP has to understand that the shininess of certain materials can vary. The gothic plates in the picture are extremely polished. Not all armor is that polished, and a dull cloudy sky makes colors less vibrant. Add to this the lighting setup in the character preview. It's totally different from natural light which has lots of diffusion from every other object around, lighting the scene much more evenly.
  17. Narduiran

    should there be a cultural variety of armor and weapons in the game?

    Your argument is basically "I don't want, because I don't like Chinese"

    Oh, yes, the good old "you don't like my idea because you're racist" card.

    Why don't we have an Aztec, Inca, or Inuit faction in the game then?
  18. Narduiran

    Dont buy it dont buy it

    Close thread, please? This has no purpose.
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