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  1. Penn

    Shield bash on horseback?

    I just know that I, a lot of times, end up standing side by side with enemy cavalry and having a swinging match with my sword/axe/club/whatever. And everytime I wish I could bash that shield in the enemies face. What do you guys think? Should it be implemented?
  2. Penn

    BL Coding Changing clan text in encyclopedia / Changing starting age in the new Sandbox mode

    Hey there! I got two questions, Number 1. Does anyone know how to edit this text? This typo have been killing me 😅 (Seen in spoiler below) Number 2. Can you change the starting age in the new sandbox mode? The options are 20, 30, 40 and 50. I would like to start as young as possible, so I...
  3. Penn

    FPS issues.

    Hello there, I have an issue concerning FPS. I've always been able to run Warband on 120 FPS or sometimes even higher. Now I cannot go past 60, no matter how hard I try. Anyone got some ideas?
  4. Penn

    15ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère

    15ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère "No sooner had the 15e Légère and 33e Ligne arrived and deployed than they marched on the enemy, nothing could resist their attack. The 15e was directed at the bridge and chased a corps 10 times more numerous than they, penetrated Sokolnitz, intermingled...
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