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  1. anoldretiredelephant

    SP Antiquity Crossing the Rubicon - Caesar's Civil War

    Hey everyone! we recently just set up the ModDB Page and made some new previews!





    ModDB Page
  2. anoldretiredelephant

    B Antiquity Mount & Gladius II: Rise of Aurelian

    Why don't you help this guy instead? 😕
    the eagle rising team? I am actually, with research and some 3d modelling, but im mostly focusing on my mod which is gonna be a total conversion while theirs just replaces the native factions with the same map.
  3. anoldretiredelephant

    B Antiquity Mount & Gladius II: Rise of Aurelian

    I posted just a bit higher... lol
    I know about this one. actually I'm working on a roman mod set in caesar's civil war, see my signature for details.
  4. anoldretiredelephant

    SP Antiquity Crossing the Rubicon - Caesar's Civil War

    Gaulish Helmets made by anoldretiredelephant/ShooterPerson11(me!)

    pretty happy with how these came out, hope other people like them as well.
  5. anoldretiredelephant

    SP Antiquity Crossing the Rubicon - Caesar's Civil War

    Crossing the Rubicon is a Single player total conversion mod of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, focusing on the events that unfold over the course of the last years of the Roman Republic. Planned Features Campaign Map New Factions Historical Characters New Troop Trees New Weapons and Armor New...
  6. anoldretiredelephant

    Native OSP 2D Art Normal Maps for Faces

    Refined the normal maps of faces with a (creepy) average face. Feel free to use them but give me credit.
  7. anoldretiredelephant

    MP Medieval Fantasy Warlord

    ModDB Page Discord Server Warlord is a Mod that brings Bannerlord's factions to Multiplayer. The aim of this mod is to make a fun but balanced experience.
  8. anoldretiredelephant

    Milites Fortunae Sunday Mod Events -Bear Force II

    Clan name: no clan
    Expected attendance: 1
    Preferred Team: any
    Preferred Roles: any
    Steam profile link of leader & co-leader:
    I have read and agree with the rules: yes

    i havent signed up like this before so please excuse me if i didn't do it right lol
  9. anoldretiredelephant

    Calradic Conlang

    I doubt it will ever be as popular as Klingon.
    can always dream
  10. anoldretiredelephant

    Calradic Conlang

    Sorry, can you tell me, what is this?
    a constructed language.
  11. anoldretiredelephant

    Calradic Conlang

    I plan on making languages for the other cultures, they will be grouped into families and all that sweet stuff. i'll just say battanian will be closely related to calradic :smile:
  12. anoldretiredelephant

    Calradic Conlang

    This is incredible. Wasn't expecting finding something like this checking out the forums in the middle of the night. I was thinking of making a Calradian anthroponymy guide for different cultures with according affixes but I gotta play the game and study how they named each character first. However, thanks for your amazing work
    no no thank you!
  13. anoldretiredelephant

    Calradic Conlang

    hello folks. for the past few days i have been working on a conlang for the mount and blade universe, that being Calradic, spoken by the people of the empire. i'll just post everything i've made so far for it here and you make of it what you will. i'd love some suggestions. hope taleworld's sees...
  14. anoldretiredelephant

    Show off your Bannerlord faces!


    I call her Gunhilda. tried to recreate the character of my most successful warband run.
  15. anoldretiredelephant

    Possibly unreleased lore and information

    It would be really interesting to hear these sound clips :smile:
    Post them POST THEM
    errrr im not sure if im allowed to do that, i know you cant post sound files and music on youtube. sorry :sad:
  16. anoldretiredelephant

    Possibly unreleased lore and information

    Please explain to me, what is it. as-er-eye -> /asɛraɪ/, as-er-ah -> /asɛra:/?
    the second one. personally i pronounced it like /æsəraɪ/, but i heard other people pronounce it differently so thats why the pronounciation is left vague. in the sound files its pronounced like /asəra/.
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