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  1. GabrielDav3

    The 22nd Battalion

    The 22nd Battalion is a competitive European clan for Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. The clan was founded in the earlier stages of beta testing in Warband, more precisely on the 28 October 2009. Over the years, we have grown into a community and our main goal is to have fun...
  2. GabrielDav3

    Crashing - Invalid opcode 17 rgl error

    Every time i try to join a server, i crash back to desktop with this message 'invalid opcode 17 rgl error'
  3. GabrielDav3

    More strip clubs please! It was really fun to spend some cash in the strip club homies.
  4. GabrielDav3

    22nd Battalion Fun Rap Song I

    The 22nd Battalion made a fun rap song for fun!
  5. GabrielDav3

    [M]1866 mod Eu Server Petition for 22nd!

    Sign this Thread so we can force Vincenzo to host the mod(Eu) Server! We need Atleast 53 yes Votes!
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