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  1. Tokashi

    Not Testing Your Patches + Completely Wrong Focus In Patches

    I guess we just need to give the devs more time to sort it out. It took them 8 years to present an EA product. We already know they have serious problems in team and project management. We have to realize that this is not a game as a service product. The devs already have our money, we should be thankful that they are not just running away with it. I know this is a bare minimum for an honest market economy but look at the time we are living in right now.

    I do agree but my post is more about that they should focus on fixing real problems of the game. Why even bother fixing the economy right now? What caused them to change the caravan, workshops or even the drop rate or the simulation results... all were working. yeah it was easy and really simple to get denars but still it was working.

    Now they introduce a change that was not needed, broken the whole game economy and it is pretty much not fun to play it so yeah.

    There are so many things that needs to be fixed, added or improved on. Quests, Perks, AI, Castle designs, Sieging AI, Your wife gets a baby every 2 weeks (DAFUQ) I mean my wife got pregnant and got 3 children in about 2 months... yeah yeah.
    The prisoners escaping randomly and then if you execute them the whole world hate you now. So HOW am I supposed to completely beat someone without pissing off everyone and stop the lords from spawning and getting more armies randomly and spamming you with 300 recruits that gets destroyed by archers every time they attack me. It is like a never ending cylce.
  2. Tokashi

    Not Testing Your Patches + Completely Wrong Focus In Patches

    In fairness, Warband was still very much a mom & pop operation, so the jankiness of M&B Original and M&B Warband was forgivable.

    That said, Taleworlds never finished Warband. To this day, the game is full of half-formed ideas and bad optimization. That is the case with M&B Original, that is the case with M&B Warband, that is the case with M&B WFaS. Since very early in the dev cycle, most of the real progress in the M&B community has been made not by Taleworlds, but by the modding community. The most polished and complete "official" game - Viking Conquest - was actually created not by Taleworlds, but by one of the modding teams.

    Taleworlds has a lot more employees now, but that hasn't stopped Bannerlord from achieving a "dev hell" reputation somewhat akin to Duke Nukem Forever. Many of the most glaring issues are things which have yet to be addressed officially, but were alleviated by mods made available within the first couple of days (see, for example, the popularity of mods like BannerlordTweaks). Given that the Warband era was plagued with problems that never got resolved, and now after many years of progress the Bannerlord era has shown no significant signs of change, I think it's fair to say that we need to temper our expectations and just accept that we're never going to get what we want from an official release. Bannerlord has a lot of potential, but the modding community will find it, not the devs.

    -edit- I think of M&B like Minecraft. The basic idea of the game is brilliant. The devs hit conceptual gold! The actual implementation of those ideas...? Ehhh... that's a task for someone else.

    It's the IKEA approach to game development; they provide the framework, but we need to build it ourselves.

    You are correct, Bannerlord will basically be like Minecraft. I take my hat off for the developers for making the game so much Modable that a community can take it from here and move on with it.

    I have seen some great mods coming out, I think we will be really impressed by the mod community and not much from Taleworlds.

    Taleworlds just have to make sure all the features are there and the game is stable, mod community can take it from there.
  3. Tokashi

    Not Testing Your Patches + Completely Wrong Focus In Patches

    I never bought a caravan, so for me, caravans are a non-issue.

    Id say your whole rant is almost pointless. It seems you cant play without relying on caravans and trade. Maybe start blacksmithing, in time you will have enough money, but first it is impossible to start from nothing.

    There are people who say exp gain is too fast, but at the same time they dont play as a melee foot character, or say a crossbow character.

    Your whole response is completely pointless because that was not what I was ranting out. I was ranting about that they did not test their work. The broken features were released in the main patch and they are focusing on balancing the economy which is completely pointless if they have not worked on all the features to get the game working.

    I am not dependend on the Caravans because crafting tier 5 swords will make up for all the caravans I have even if they sell everything at 2k for two weeks.

    But what if I do not want to do Blacksmithing, I want to use Caravans as an income, and now I am forced to do blacksmithing. You clearly do not think that the game offers different ways to make money that each one should at least have a decent wayt to bring you income else the game becomes really dull and boring very quickly.
  4. Tokashi

    Not Testing Your Patches + Completely Wrong Focus In Patches

    If you stay on the public branch its essentially one patch a week with testing. Why are you playing beta?

    The main patch also got the broken changes in, again, they did not test their code.
  5. Tokashi

    Not Testing Your Patches + Completely Wrong Focus In Patches

    I am going to take a big long break from this until you guys have sorted out the current mess you are creating in the game. You guys need to rethink your approach how you are dealing with the early access soon before it completely runs out of control and make your customers extremely frustrated...
  6. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    Yamchu said:
    I wanna try this mod, but I would like to add some others [see below], are they compatible or am I better off without them ?

    Utrehd's Music Pack v.0.8
    Utrehd's Castle Pack v.0.32
    Better Banners Mod
    Arena Overhaul mod

    Utrehd's Music Pack is compatible, I have been playing with that music pack since it was released. It is one of the BEST music pack!!!!

    Utrehd's Castle Pack is also compatible, Diplomacy and Pike and Blade has nothing to do with it. Last time I used it the AI didnt really know how to get past some of the castles.

    Better Banners is also compatible, I am also using it :wink:

    Arena Overhaul should be, I am not 100% sure.
  7. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    While I am playing again (after 3 weeks of hard programming and work for my final year project), Cataphracts should actually have the new Sarranid Armoured horses, maybe we should update that for the next Diplomacy Merge ?

    The have currently the  Heavy Chargers...

    What do you think about it ?

    It is just for the looks I think ? :wink:
  8. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    I think it is not part of Pike and Blade but its Diplomacy, I have never seen that error. I have no idea what it is about maybe post it in the bug report in the Diplomacy forum.

    Pike and Blade only uses 3 txt files. Troop, party_templates and item_kind1
  9. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    ellwoodis said:
    The inability to recruit foreign lords is the game-breaking flaw of MB that will continue to disappoint and turn away players.
    I don't know how you got your 3 rhodok lords.  Maybe you can share the circumstances.
    I have 5 different saved campaigns, one for each faction.  I've never successfully recruited a Lord until their faction was nearly wiped out and all their Lords were sitting in my dungeon but a few of the angry ones.  My other posts detail the conditions,: RTR99, Ren 1400, Persuasion 7, etc.
    Even when I wipe them out, many of the Lords defect to other factions and my kingdom sits lordless.
    What's the point of using a claimant then if no one will defect?  The claimant takes the kingdom and that ends your campaign.
    I have received a few calculating Lords of low qual that were tried for treason.
    In the end, the foreign Lord recruitment process will take at least 50K in bribes and many many hours of game time seeking them out or watching them hide in their castles since they lack fiefs.  If I didn't have use of cheats, I'd have gone crazy by now.  But cheats remove the suspense.

    I loaded this new mod and love the little option to send emissaries to ask  lords to join my faction.
    I loaded up my saved campaigns and sent my emissaries with persuasion over 3 to all the angry and vengeful lords that were "friends."
    I'm on try #22 and all my attempts have been failures.
    (It would be nice to know why the attempts failed:grin:id the Lord not want to talk and would a future emissary mission be fruitful?)

    It appears this is not fix at all, but the start of one.  Someone needs to fix the formula the program uses to calculate the acceptance decision by foreign Lords.
    I seriously would pay good money to someone who can solve this and make recruitment of foreign Lords more realistic and practical.

    So if you cannot recruit a lord it is game breaking flaw.

    First, I find out what lord hates his king, they are normally the ones that will go over with no problems.

    Then I send loads of Oil, trying to get my relationship with them to about 30-40. The words you are using to convince them to join you should always be the same line of words, if you change it for every lord it reduces to chances (someone told me, not sure).

    Then I ask them to join me, some of the lords wont join you because your army is too small etc. So far I never had problems getting lords.

    Like Kogara said, there are so many other things that can affect the chances. Even if it is damn hard to get lords, I still say keep 21 Companions mod separate from the original Pike and Blade merge.

    You know there are already enough companions you can make lords, once the companion is a lord you can get the other companion to join your party that does not like the other one. If I am not mistaken, there are about 5-6 Companions that are nobles and wont cause any problems with other factions. This will also help you a lot, lets say you have 5 Lords just from Companions, this will also help A LOT to convince another lords to join you.

    Once you have about 6-7 Lords, then the other lords quickly go over to you. I have even seen that other lords automatically transfer over to me because they are mad at their king.
  10. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    Nabobalis said:
    The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.

    Any chance of another link?

    just keep on trying, I also had the same problem and I got it downloading after a few tries.
  11. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    If I run the OSP + Diplomacy mod without any other additions I constantly getting crashes. OPS Item is a bit dodgy for me at this moment
  12. Tokashi

    Bug reports and known issues (v4.x, use new bug tracker instead)

    Not a bug but a spelling mistake :wink:

    When you want to send out a spy to a settlement the constable says: "As you wish, I will send a syp spy to Tihr and ...." for example.

    So far no bugs for me hehe
  13. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    It is very easy to merge extra mods with Pike and Blade. I say only merge Pike and Blade with Diplomacy and then people can merge that with what they want. All you need is win merge and a nice cup of coffee.

    The other problem I have with the companion mod, it adds also extra troops. The whole idea of Pike and Blade is to give a nice balance in the game between the factions, now this companion mod gives extra troops, not just companions that can become Lords. This will affect the balance of the game.

    Nope, keep this mod just like it is :wink: If you want it then it should be added by yourself
  14. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    The difficult part makes it a lot more fun for me, if it is too easy then I get bored. That is why I love Pike and Blade so much :wink:

    Diplomacy makes it a lot easier for you to get Lords for your kingdom, almost too easy for my taste.

    For example, I have recruited 3 lords from the Rhodoks Faction, they had castles and when they gone to my side the castle and village were also part of my faction ( it made the Rhodok king very very mad, and it is part of the game ), I got 3 castles without losing 1 troop :wink:

    The 20+ companion mod sounds nice and someone can merge it with Pike and Blade + Diplomacy merge but I would not want it to be part of the current merge.

    Maybe when Kogara got some more time to do another merge then he can do it but I would rather just play the current diplomacy & Pike and Blade merge
  15. Tokashi

    SP Native Malik Faris's Companions and Native Enhancement [1.166]

    sabvator said:
    Hey, what is the difference between these links ?

    Download: Companions v.95 + Diplomacy v2.8.1"

    Should i download both of them?

    I think:

    The first link is the mod that works only with Native and
    the second link is the mod merged with Diplomacy v2.8.1
  16. Tokashi

    How do you get a defensive pact going?

    My relation with Sarranid was 77 (because I was a vassal of Vaegirs and they were friends) and Rhodoks declared war on my kingdom and the Sarranid, and the Sultan recognised me as the king and accepted the Trade agreement. My rtr was like 35 and honor was 50 ...

    SO there you have it. I also think that you should get your relation up with the ruler of the faction too.
  17. Tokashi

    ON HOLD - Pike & Blade Merged v3.3.2 (Needs to be updated to 1.143/DP 4.1)

    possum said:
    after downloading the mod i have only one question:

    what have you done to the horses?

    some feel like lame cows (speed 33 manouver 25  :shock:) while other are so fast that it looks ridiculous (speed 60) on the battlefield, its like watching a movie at double speed.

    i think you wanted to point out the diference between the cheap and the expensive horses but i would say thats to much. a minimum speed of 40 and max of ~55 should be better, they are at least horses.

    the horses are fine, you know that you do get that fast horses in RL too :wink:

    I love the horses in Pike and Blade, they are balanced.
  18. Tokashi

    [S] Pike and Blade 3.5: Riders on the Storm!

    Metal Bard said:
    Does anyone know if this is compatible with the Diplomacy 2.8 + OSP Item mod combo?

    It should work, the troops in Pike and Blade are using the basic items from Native, so if the OSP Item mod combo does not replace or remove any of those items then it should work.
  19. Tokashi

    [S] Pike and Blade 3.5: Riders on the Storm!

    Gregorus said:
    First, thanks a lot for this smashing mod especially merged with diplomacy ! It's great to use rhodok boardmen against archers, glaivemen against horses or sarranid axemen as cheap but good siege defenders. The more different your units are, the more you can customize your orders on the battlefield.

    I only regret the manhunters' nerf and wish to import them from native. Is it compatible with the rest of the mod ? Do I just have to copy and paste their lines from native to the dp/pb one ?

    Yeah all you have to do is copy and replace the dp/pb manhunters in the troop.txt with the native manhunters, it should work. No items were added so it wont give any problems. All items used are from native....

    I really hate Rhodoks now, they are ripping me a part in sieges, I constantly lose at least 50-60% of my army when I try to siege a Rhodok town ;-(
  20. Tokashi

    [S] Pike and Blade 3.5: Riders on the Storm!

    tanelorn said:
    Tokashi said:
    spaceoden said:
    Hey I'm playing with your latest diplo merge, and the kidnapped girl quest seems to be broken. I can't finish the quest once I've brought the girl home, she won't leave my party. I suspect this may be caused by editing the troops, or by Tokashi's troop fix (the girl is a troop after all).

    Changes made in the troop.txt will not affect the transfer of troops from your party to the quest giver. That is part of the scripts or scripts for the quests.

    The changes I have made in the troop.txt was in the upgrade path of the troops, basically I have just redirected the upgrade path of the troops to the correct ones and fixed the party_template.txt file to select the correct troops.

    Pike and Blade cannot change how quests act, only thing that it might mess up is the type of troop spawning for the quests and so far as I can remember everything is spawning correctly.

    I am curious about the looters that are spawned in the "kill the looters" guild master quest. Since installing this mod, I have tried to do several of these quests and no looters spawn. I am also running Diplo 2.8, and use the P&B + Diplo merge. But I didn't have this problem prior to using P&B.

    I have no idea why you are experiencing any problems, I have NEVER experienced any Pike and Blade bugs, so I cannot help you here. Kogara is only person that keeps on merging the files and we are not the modders. The person who started this mod is MIA
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