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  1. Trueten

    Video Editor advice

    So I need for my work to slightly cut videos, but do it so that transition between cuts is unnoticeable at all. And do it fast. For example a person sits still --cut-- does some stuff I need to cut out --cut-- continues to sit still. I need to merge videos so that you won't even notice...
  2. Trueten

    How to reduce the amount of trees in the forest battle-scenes?

    Yeah, it's because of TLD for 1.011. Some forest (and not only forest) scenes have too much trees in it. I don't care how much beauty it will spoil, but reducing the number of trees in scenes would significantly improve perfomance and decrease tha chance of crashes (I hope). So, how can I...
  3. Trueten

    New add-on announced

    I've recently found an article in russian, but here's a quick translation in english (thanks to captain lust btw) about a new SiCh studio (the one that developed WFaS) project. The new M&B add-on is called To the Caribbeans! (it's a word-by-word translation from russian, the english version...
  4. Trueten

    [Question] A retarded one, actually.

    Greetings all. This thread probably will offend our well-known talented coder - rubik, but I have no other choice. So, here's the situation: And here's the question: I beg you to help me with your advice and wisdom.
  5. Trueten

    TW website outdated

    Don't know which topic is more appropriate for this. So I just opened a thread. I've been searching for some info on the TW site and found lack of some info. 1st of all is the Multiplayer section - There's a discription of all MP modes, but...
  6. Trueten

    [DRZ] DRUZHINA Clan.

    DRUZHINA This theme is the embassy of the first Russian-speaking clan DRUZHINA. Here you can send us invitations and challenges. We are allways ready for Clan Wars, trainings and taking part in different events. Clan's page on Calradian Realms. If you wish to challenge our clan you...
  7. Trueten

    Map testing on Saturday 18:00 (GMT +1)

    Greetings to all of you Warband sportsmen :) There's a thing that needs your participation. Authors of the mod "Rus: XIII century" created a siege map (that will be used in the future in ported Rus 13 mod) and the testing needs a lot of people. Some screens: So Druzhina clan invites...
  8. Trueten

    The "Battle" bug

    I'm using the 1.105 version. Downloaded from TW. And recently playing the Single campaign I've met one interesting bug: I don't think it supposed to be like that. And it happened only once. I'm sorry if this bug was posted before. Didn't use the "search" button.
  9. Trueten

    Screenshots Thread for Prophesy of Pendor V 2.0

    There is such thread for v 1.21, but I think we need a new one for the new version. Feel free to post any of your screenshots.
  10. Trueten

    SP Fantasy The Chronicles of Azeroth (Warcraft III mod) [Frozen]

    This is a mod about Warcraft III. Not WoW. At the moment we are seeking for mappers. If anybody is interested please PM me. 4 playable factions: 1. Humans 2. Orcs 3. Night Elves 4. Undead Map: We are planning to: - create new units based on the WCIII; - add rideble flying units; - add...
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