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  1. Saultnami

    Multiplayer is dead, and TaleWorlds killed it.

    Yeah, what? Write them a letter? I think they know our stance on it, we've been collectively saying the same things since alpha
  2. Saultnami

    What's the end goal?

    I'd be so happy at this point if Bannerlord just got to a point where it had all of Warbands MP features plus the quality of life changes (scene editor etc) that are already in. At least comp teams (if for some insane reason you wanted to play BL comp) and other communities could run their own events. That is, assuming the player maximum is increased - we had more people at our Warband event Saturday than can fit in a BL server :neutral:

    I've been grappling with giving up on anything more since alpha
  3. Saultnami

    The new armors are boring

    Honestly I like the skins, I hated how same-y everything looked. A lot of the newer models and textures are actually quite nice and they're doing a lot for battania and sturgia

    Aside from the aesthetics though what a joke, between passive perks and visual customization the original justification for the class system has been more or less totally defeated. Is a new player really supposed to be able to tell a Vlandian sergeant with cavalry breaker apart from a default one? Or tell a visually up-armoured voulgier from an arbelest? Is it really supposed to be intuitive that the quality of the armour you're wearing on different body parts has utterly no bearing on how much damage you can take?
  4. Saultnami

    What happened?

    If the game uses a system where different classes get different equipment, and players can drop/pick up that equipment, they're going to find a situation that makes it worth it to trade. I don't think it's worth trying to balance it out, especially now that classes are locked hard into their loadouts and all the weapons they get are "free" in the warband sense. Also new players being turned away by chambers or by not having a stance system is absurd, if none of us understand chambering or stances in BL how will anyone new to MP be turned away by the mechanics
  5. Saultnami

    Group must be active now I suppose XD We have been gathered!

    we love you majorsoul
  6. Saultnami

    Reminder that even with an overwhelming negative response to the MP, Taleworlds won't change any fundamental design decision.

    What do you guys think the MP player count is like realistically, aside from events and BL online? I'm feeling pretty vindicated about our collective predictions on how it would be received, and it's the anniversary of release. Here's to another year!
  7. Saultnami

    Bannerlord Online mod

    My understanding is that paying for items on a server is only against the monetisation policy if said items aren't cosmetic. Supposedly all that would change with the items they're offering is that they'd have a custom text description, but if you can't get the same horse/shield/sword for free I guess it becomes a grey area again?

    As an aside they're making close to median russian income off of that patreon already, lot of people really want that custom named sword
  8. Saultnami

    Bannerlord Online mod

    No way in hell 10% is MP, you can see the server list and the queue

    Unless there's hundreds of players wrapped up in currently ongoing skirmish matches that I don't know about
  9. Saultnami

    Bannerlord Online mod

    Do you guys think concurrent MP players ever reached 650 globally? If so when was the last time? I am really curious to see what TW thinks about all this
  10. Saultnami

    Bannerlord Online mod

    Yep can confirm works as intended, played it with around six guys last night. It's obviously WIP but what is there works and works well. I had a more stable connection to the dudes modded server in Russia than I've had to NA east, not a single crash for me in two or three hours of up time. Incredibly impressive so far, hope he can do something cool with it
  11. Saultnami

    is it still possible to find a skirmish game?

    You can get onto gk tdm and minisiege every day 🙃
  12. Saultnami

    Public, Casual Events hosted by the Mount and Blade Community Discord

    I've also participated for years, were lucky to have very talented mapmakers for the Calradic Campaign events, can't wait to continue on in Bannerlord.
  13. Saultnami

    Friendly reminder to people complaining about BL

    From 250k to like 17k in three months lol, Warband had 8k around the time of BL's release
  14. Saultnami

    Friendly reminder to people complaining about BL

    Whatever you do, don't look at the concurrent player numbers graph 👀
  15. Saultnami

    Just your Daily CCP Thread

    Posting the same thread over and over to make a vague demand of Taleworlds to give "answers" when they've already stated they're looking into it and will resolve the issue seems pretty counterproductive.

    It's also very hard to take seriously when you name the thread "CCP" and the Chinese community (and then, only the fraction that can both speak English and sees a reason to interact in these threads) can provide screenshots of messages and usernames bad enough that one would hope they would result in similar action in any other region.
  16. Saultnami

    Admin abuse in east asia server

    If they can permanently ban an account globally for saying things that are only bannable on Chinese servers that's definitely silly and should be rectified. On the other hand, I can definitely see how a lot of players in East Asia (not just Chinese) could be tired of westerners joining their servers for no other reason than essentially to be racist as per the examples posted earlier in the thread. Is the list of content that isn't being permitted public/was it announced anywhere? It's obviously bad to get banned from Chinese servers for something you didn't know was against the rules but I feel like you're bringing it upon yourself if you join to call them slurs or make fun of dead relatives or whatever.
  17. Saultnami

    PSA Taleworlds are hosting a community event with the mount & blade subreddit

    I'm not TW obviously so I can't know their reasoning but I am one of the moderators/event organizers for the /r/mountandblade so I'll give my two cents.

    To start off, due to the nature of reddit's system the singleplayer-only community on the sub is able to drown out the MP posts and community pretty easily, and while small, they do exist. As a result most of our multiplayer stuff happens on our discord, where we organize and run the multiplayer events for the sub. These are: Mod Night, an "off season" even where we would give players a chance to play the multiplayer for mods that are otherwise dead in MP/popular with the community, Casual Night which was an excuse to play native battle and siege, and the Calradic Campaign.

    The Calradic Campaign is by far our oldest and most significant event, it celebrated its four year anniversary and final event in Warband in March. If you've heard of it before you'll know it's casual, but it fills a niche that to our knowledge isn't really represented in any other kind of event. If you want to see more what it's like here's a video by a youtuber that attended one of our best:

    Most of our multiplayer community isn't competitive and likely never will be, but they aren't the same as the drooling SP-only people whining about "animation abuse" that I imagine most of you are picturing. The core players at our events see the same issues with Bannerlord's combat and MP setup that everybody else does. Notably, we have been quite frustrated with the class system and lack of battle mode, as it could require fairly extensive workarounds on our part to make our style of events function in Bannerlord.

    As for Taleworld's reasoning in choosing us "first" for a custom host event, I think it comes down to the current functionality of the game. We have a history of hosting casual events with non-standard gamemodes in addition to the Calradic Campaign, meaning we don't necessarily need complicated server tools, specific modes, secondary balancing etc. For a competitive event, they would need at a bare minimum server tools capable of switching the factions for skirmish - in addition they would need to be available as many times as it took a full tournament to run its course. To host a *good* tournament, they'd need yet more server tools, time, etc.

    To summarize, I believe they chose us not because we're uncritical of their game (we aren't, and Taleworlds knows this), but because we're easier to host a decent event for with the resources they currently have available. All they need is the gamemodes they currently have available, a server slot, and someone able to run the server for an hour or two at the specified time. As we routinely filled a 200-slot server in Warband I'm hoping the event, which will be using TDM where we would normally use battle, will help Taleworlds see the value of including classic gamemodes and more in-depth server tools for all of our sake.

    Thanks and hope I was able to clear some things up, if you've got questions feel free
  18. Saultnami

    Remove the block delay you've added back

    Probably the strongest agree I can give to a thread topic, and I say that as one of the primary curators of the "reddit fans". They still by and large don't play multiplayer at all, for the same reasons they didn't before, which IMO aren't mutable on the part of TW through the addition of block delay or otherwise. Fully agree it needs to be removed - after playing on the duel server for only 30 minutes I got into as many "stun lock" situations regarding block delay as I have in skirmish since it was re-added overall, both for me and my opponents.
  19. Saultnami

    [PETITION] Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty Indefinitely


    In matches with lower level players, instead of leaving and having their spot filled, angry folks will teamkill, go AFK, or otherwise throw
  20. Saultnami

    [BUG] Most armour (and potentially weapons) missing from the trader

    I'm likely wrong but it looks like the only items affected by the multiplayer_item="true" line have been some horse harnesses and siege projectiles, and I've seen some of the former in game already (for example the steppe harness). Other items are present in the folder that I know I've never seen in a shop, like the Western Crowned Helmet (the one Dether wears), unaffected by the multiplayer_item="true" line, unless I'm missing something
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