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  1. Ettenrocal

    Native LSP Scenes Veledentella's scenes

    Splendid scenes, some made me smyle, others are very impressive! Thank you for sharing with community.
  2. Ettenrocal

    OSP Medieval 2D Art Early 15th Century Historical Banners Pack (plus custom banners)

    Very nice banners, top quality work! Really like your french one: the pace between Lys flowers and tone of blue and yellow are perfect! My other favourite is FitzAlan's house banner. Burgundian pretty cool also. Will be very useful to historical mods and others!
  3. Ettenrocal

    Antiquity OSP 3D Art Near East and North Africa, 2112BC & 612

    Thanks a lot for this very nice contribution to the Warband modding community! Awesome models in there.
  4. Ettenrocal

    Suggestion General A Proposal For TaleWorlds to Provide an Open-Source Fork of Module Source Code

    Code itself is basically already open source if you know how to see inside of the dll files -
    Exact, so yeah there is no real reasons. I share much of your concerns with TW. I hope they change their way, i'm not sure if it's just development hell or bad management. I personally don't play Bannerlord anymore until i'll see some huge changes, it's like living again the nightmare of GoT season 8 (on a longer time period).
  5. Ettenrocal

    Suggestion General A Proposal For TaleWorlds to Provide an Open-Source Fork of Module Source Code

    OK! If i understand well you simply want to have "access" to gameplay code to have the possibility of studying it and undertsand how it interacts. That seems legit! In this case i have no clue why TW don't want, except maybe the idea of making a part of their code public. Thx for explaining me in detail.
  6. Ettenrocal

    Suggestion General A Proposal For TaleWorlds to Provide an Open-Source Fork of Module Source Code

    The idea is very good but i think for this to work that the game source should be open source (which indeed is not gonna happen), cause otherwise i don't get how people working for free can fix bugs of a private company's game and merge their work with them except if they are employees. And if work of modders and employess is not merged the two "games" will differ a lot with time and the modder's version might end better than the company's version. So great idea but kind of Utopia. This is too complicated toward work rules and copyrights, why it was rejected for me. Merging modders work with developers work is a Chimera! Revolutionnary idea, there might be a way to do this, rules can always be changed after all.
  7. Ettenrocal

    SP Medieval [WB][Submod][LSP] Iberia Map for Hispania 1200

    Splendid worldmap, will only make even better one of the best Warband mods.
  8. Ettenrocal

    SP Sci-Fi Fantasy Warhammer 40,000: Frostfall

    This looks awesome, i passed all my afternoons after work playing Down of War online in my 25-30, so i'm quite hyped!
  9. Ettenrocal

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Resonant making a video is like Jesus feeding the 5000. He takes practically nothing and extends it forever.

    I think youtubers are in fact making a lot of money with Bannerlord development hell, i have myself passed more time to watch videos about Bannerlord than playing or modding it. I will not wait some complains on TW about Youtubers they don't want to "start a feud" with them i think or you can say bye bye to the nice presents 😁

  10. Ettenrocal

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Bloc is not defending them, he's just being realistic. I agree with the spirit of the open letter but in a way I'm like, what the hell did you guys expect lmao.
    I feel like that too, i just don't expect anything from TW now. I'll just wait and see. Viking Conquest was in fact a pretty good release! Maybe some talented frustrated modder will end up make his own M&B style game! I don't think anyone wants to "defend" TW, but yeah if you realtistic even writing a letter to TW is already an act of faith!
  11. Ettenrocal

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    I understand totally modders disappointment but they have like everybody to wait a stable release of the game and modding tools... So if i understood well TW desire for inter mod compatibility ruined the code, how ironical, i always think this intermod compatibility was kind of dream, like people make they own super mod combining tons of little mods :unsure:. So the total conversion mod are blocked to save this idea. I hope TW will take the advices, it's never too late to make good!
  12. Ettenrocal

    Do you want the game to be released now?

    This is just a development hell: EA or released the game is not stable/finished until years. Modding before this is at your own risk. TW has no interest claim official release and EA is over until it's polished. The EA will last for few years more, maybe one? But when i see the "progress" in one year hummm....

    I get what you think that TW stop development and let a stable unfinished version for modders to fix it but that's completely unrealisitic, crazy and a bad idea for company, modders and everyone (modders are not supposed to fix the games "normally").
  13. Ettenrocal

    How AI Tools Help Scene Creation

    Very nice, so this could be integrated into scene editor in a distant future?
  14. Ettenrocal

    Generate Your Own Companions

    maybe recruiting a custom character from an announce, or trought a special quest about a kidnapped/talented person in some town in the map to make it a more inmersive mechanism in the game, and more interesting...
    yes going to a tavern and steward and give skills to generate a companion sounds a little bit like you created a golem from argile. A better approach would be to ask the tavernkeeper or steward "I need someone with those skills and he can tell you where to find him for some amount of denars"
  15. Ettenrocal

    In Progress Even with the latest Beta Patch Siege Battles are still unplayable

    I wanted to try a new playthrough with 1.58 beta to see if something changed in sieges, but it seems nothing changed, so i'll just save some time and wait more months before play again...

    I don't get why sieges are let aside like that, it's a core gamepley feature of M&B... If i want to be spectator of a siege i'll just watch a good movie, cause for now "playing" a siege in Bannerlord is just like being spectator of blobs of troops trying to climb ladders and troops doing stupid things.
  16. Ettenrocal

    Where are bannerlords?

    Just found what is a Bannerlord

    I've always asked myself too if Bannerlord devs really played Warband one day, some must have, but still i have a weird feeling... I will not even try to guess how many mods they played.
  17. Ettenrocal

    Where are bannerlords?

    ahahah This thread is priceless!!!
  18. Ettenrocal

    Open Post: Armagan, We Could Use A Video Update Addressing Our Concerns

    You may be right and it's possible that his place has been taken by his evil twin Anagram. The original game name was Land Reborn, so that's a hint.
    Heheheh We all have a lesser and a better version of us in ourselves :confused: I'm not the last using more the lesser one! "Electroincal"

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  19. Ettenrocal

    Q&A about Bannerlord with Taleworlds Developer mexxico / Updated

    Great inititative, but i'm afraid the poor Mexxico will have too much questions to answer!!!
  20. Ettenrocal

    Open Post: Armagan, We Could Use A Video Update Addressing Our Concerns

    I honestly think that Armagan is not involved in M&B 2 very much, or just come time to time to see the progress, Bannerlord can't be done by the same guy that made M&B and Warband. I think Armagan is just enjoying his denars and let the lead of the company to some other lead dev with his own personal vision. That's why he will not talk about it as he don't know much more than us. Bannerlord is not a game for consoles, when you see how it works now on high end computers, it will never run on any console with the quality needed, the only way to put it on consoles is to downgrade it, or make a specific console version. I'll have to think to put a bad bad rewiew on Steam as i didn't put a rewiew yet, i think i'll wait one year after the EA before rewiew it, that's more than fair.
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