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  1. Trueten

    Need More Info Stuttering Gameplay - Low FPS

    Well, I would like to add the same. Havent played BL since winter.
    Now I tried it out with recent two updates (with no changes in the game settings) the game runs so less smooth and with lots of stuttering both in the inventory menu/global map/battles/dialogues with npc.
    Lowering the settings didnt feel any difference. My specs are the same as OP. It feels more as if it is not the hardware problem, but something definitely went wrong after recent 1.6+ patches.
  2. Trueten

    Video Editor advice

    Yeah I've tried Blender but unfortunately it doesn't like the video format (though it was recorded on basic Iphone 11) and displays it rolled vertically and with a compressed image in the preview window. I can barely do anything to edit with it.
  3. Trueten

    Video Editor advice

    So I need for my work to slightly cut videos, but do it so that transition between cuts is unnoticeable at all. And do it fast. For example a person sits still --cut-- does some stuff I need to cut out --cut-- continues to sit still. I need to merge videos so that you won't even notice...
  4. Trueten

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    if the player breaks truce now his clan's aggressiveness increases and it will be a bit harder / more expensive to make new peace. The player now also loses relation with the rival king if he breaks the truce.
    A truce? I haven't seen a truce information in 1.5.4. At least I could attack pretty much soon enough the faction I signed a peace deal for a week or two before and suffer no visable penalties.
  5. Trueten

    New video from TW

    Very nice.

    Still waiting for top tier armors and gear to be found in the markets though.
  6. Trueten

    Betrayed by cavalry?

    maybe you ordered them to retreat by mistake?
    I'd go with this.

    I noticed cavalry almost never retreats, or retreats the last one.
  7. Trueten

    Kingdoms are Poaching My Lords. What?

    I only had two cases of lords defecting back to their original faction on first steps (first 3-4 captured castles and towns) on establishing my own kingdom.

    Afterwards, while kingdom grew bigger, not a single lord caught defecting.
  8. Trueten

    Need More Info не запускается игра Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

    Каковы параметры системы?

    A quick translation of the problem - the game crashes on launch without any crash log.
  9. Trueten

    Do people prefer Bannerlord over Warband?

    Bannerlord. Though I still miss an ol' Warband companion upgrade system, I could not play WB after BL.

    According to Steamcharts:

    Bannerlord 9,405.8 average concurrent players.

    Warband 4,270.5 average concurrent players.

    Not everyone plays via steam though.
    This. At least I can speak of the post-soviet space, where most people (like myself) bought Warband disc at the nearest shop. And it was hell of a lot cheaper, than online or steam (was it even on steam on release?). Personally I got it for 12$ back then.

    So the statistics might be different.
  10. Trueten

    In Progress Vassal Defection Takes Fief With It

    As for guy abandoning you, I don't think most of the relationship dynamics have been implemented.
    It sure isn't. It seems that relation has nothing to do with it.

    I decided to declare war on Sturgia by myself and form my own kingdom.

    I conquered cities and castler from west to east. Recruited some lords/clans from sturgia. None of them brought any fief with them.
    And then I've captured Sibir.
    Gave it to Lord X.
    In a few days Sibir turned red and the Lord X betrayed me back to Sturgia.

    I then recruited another Lord Y, took Sibir and gave it to Y. Afterwards I've invested all my influence points to promote all clans to 70-80i, reaching up to +80 relations. And yet Lord Y betrayed me taking Sibir. Again.

    So I finished the war in a week.And then met this Lord Y (neutral sturgian) in the field, recruited him. Again. And he did not bring Sibir with him.

    It's a bit frightening to give some lord two fiefs now. Risking to give it back to your enemy in a single moment without a single blow.
  11. Trueten

    Wanderer/companion amount?

    best thing you can do with companions is have them out there in the land working for you either as their own a war bands
    Except them raiding villages and decreasing long and hard earned relations with the village elders.

    Companions either should be tought not to raid villages, or the relation penalty should not be brought on our main character.
  12. Trueten

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

    I'd rather go with zero cavalery for battanians, than zero archers.

    Too bad then. No battanians for me then I guess.
  13. Trueten

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

    Do devs plan to add some basic Militia Archers for the Battanian recruits troop tree?

    I would like to go full battanian in a campaign, but having limited access to archers (compared to other factions) is a bit disappointing.
  14. Trueten

    [Fixed] Game optimization is getting worse and worse

    the game smoothness was extremely bad.
    I read the other day in a different thread that a guy had performance issues and crashes, but the drive defragmentation solved these issues.
  15. Trueten

    Will 1.5.5 Be compatible with current main version?

    Well I'm thinking on starting a new campaign either, but I want that "no-one dies or gets older" option at the very start of the game to be enabled with the 1.5.5 patch.
    I don't think it'll work if you continue an old campaign.
  16. Trueten

    My Bannerlord Feedback

    You can hover a mouse cursor over a village and the lowest line indicates what village's specialization is. Grain/Flux/Sheep etc.
    But yeah a clearer colored icon would be very useful.
  17. Trueten

    More Factions

    I don't really like the idea of an Empire being divided into three factions. They are totally the same, including faction color.
    I'd be rather glad changing one or two Empire factions on something rather different cultural-wise.
    I'd go for another western culture tbh, but maybe more infantry oriented.

    Also turkish faction would be an interesting option. Also balts, hungarians, spaniards, you name it.

    And No, the devs will never add another faction.
    Just pray for the mods, that's it.
  18. Trueten

    fed up with chasing gold coins

    until you’ve made around 15k and then hire your first companion and create a caravan with them. If you can get a caravan early game then you have a source of profit that will help you balance out your party.
    Where can I check how much profit the caravan brings? I've created one and did not notice any income changes.

    Or maybe there is a post where I can find detaled info about it?
  19. Trueten

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    Hotfix 25/11/20
    • Fixed an issue that prevented caravans from carrying sheep, cows and hogs in some towns. (Also in 1.5.4 hotfix.)
    What's bad about that?)

    • Adjusted Ranged AI to be more accurate.

    Oh my. Weren't they pretty much snipers before?
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