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  1. Criminal gameplay?

    Has there been any talk from the devs about adding more to the criminal side of gameplay? Being a gangleader or a bandit, perhaps running your own hideout, extorting merchants, or anything of the sort? I think it'd be pretty cool but currently the very few things you can do are minor and shallow...
  2. Resolved Lords in Army do not help in Siege defense

    As can be seen in the picture, I called an army and entered a city to aid in its defense from within. Everything seemed normal until the assault actually started, and neither Lord counted for the defense of the city, and never aided in the battle.
  3. SP Native Daily Skill Progression

    Ever notice how some of the skills are just incredibly painful to level up, even if you put all your focus points into them and have a Learning Rate of 5? Wouldn't it make sense that this high learning rate meant you'd progress on said skills, little by little, day by day? Well, I thought so...
  4. Elections for a fief never start?

    Hi! I stopped playing at around patch 1.3.1, according to my save file. I started up a game again in the newest patch, 1.4.1, and ran into a bit of an issue. For some reason, whenever we take a fief, it doesn't ever really... go to election, at all. I get the message "x castle has been taken...
  5. Is there a modding discord or forum or community or something?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of a discord or group or something where modders can help each other out? I've seen other games where this is the case, so I was hoping there might be one for bannerlord, though I do understand that bannerlord's quite a new title!
  6. SP Native Less Greedy Rulers!

    Tired of Rhagaea/Caladog/whoever you simp for taking all the fiefs you conquer? Well, no more! I see people complaining about rulers taking all the fiefs they conquer left and right all the time on the forums and reddit, and I myself was bloody sick of it, so I made a fix for it...
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