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  1. Need More Info Settlement and Village Issues

    Something to fix this AND supply patrols to deal with bandits/tiny enemy parties needs to be added.
    Currently doing a playthrough where I have all but wiped out a kingdom, yet my faction is constantly at war with them. So loads of 10-20 men parties zip around the map and destroy all the villages. This coupled with stupidly scaling village quests(requiring hundreds of mules or tools) makes it impossible to keep your holdings stable/profitable.
  2. Is there an in game age limit to producing children?

    Yes, females become infertile at age 45.
    As far as I have gathered, their fertility also starts to drop after 30'ish.
    And in some situations it just seems kinda broken. Current playthrough I married wife when she was 20ish. Now shes 35 and not had a single child despite me actively taking time out to regularly just wait in the same town as her throughout it all... Have given up now just focusing on having brothers produce heirs...
  3. It has been 355 days since the release of this game and Siege battles still do not work

    At this point, and with the current pace of meaningful improvements... I think it might be better for the fans if they stopped development on the game altogether, so modders could fix stuff for them without having their mods break all the time.
  4. Sieges don't work again

    If they derp out like that, you can try and issue them a charge order. Might get them going again. Might also make them go stand in front of the gate instead of using ladders...
    On towns or castles with higher wall tiers I have resorted to breaking the walls down and then issuing charge orders to the troops. That seems to work pretty reliably. As a bonus you can enter the castle on horse which is fun.
  5. How do you choose your wife?

    Pretty smart about the culture thing. Always picked one from culture I join and then they are useless for governors in the towns I actually end up using. So dumb that culture of governors matters THAT much to make it practically unviable in many places...

    Honestly, I would just pick anyone with decent steward/int skill and are still young enough to have children.
  6. Wife not getting pregnant, marriage of clan members, female childrens function

    Went into a new playthrough after a bit of a break. This time I wanted to do the proper clan dynasty type thing, with death/birth on. But I am running into a bunch of issues with that. My main issue is the complete lack of children. I married my main male character to a 19-21'ish old Elys. She...
  7. Factions not going to war

    Huh, I kinda wish my game had just 2 mins of peace so I could go recruit preferred troops, manage my lands etc. It is just constant war on 3-4 sides.
  8. Patch Notes e1.4.3

    After this patch, I seem to see considerably longer loading times for item thumbnails in inventory and especially in vendor trade GUI. It is getting to the point where the thumbnails wont load for minutes in some cases. They just continually show the spinning circle of dots.
  9. Long loading times of item thumbnails after recent patch?

    Started playing again after a break and everything worked fine. However after the most recent patch, I have started seeing extremely long loading times on the item thumbnails. It is especially bad in vendors trade menu, where the thumbnails often doesn't load at all. All the items, in both...
  10. [Spoilers] Did my main quest bug, or is that all there is so far?

    Have chosen to unite the Empire for the Southern Empire in my main save. Somehow I got several of each of the "Eliminate <faction>" quests. Two of each for the remaining factions. Now I have conquered 95% of the map and I got the notice that I had gathered the empire. However that happened...
  11. Why are character traits so bad?

    RtR. The second one was Right to Rule, but it did matter only if you did plan to raise your own kingdom. Or to take over someone else's in VC. Or whatever it did in other exps/mods
    I forgot that one, but what I was thinking off is that stat that tells how unpopular a lord is in his faction... Controversy? Something like that.
  12. Suggestions to prevent massive framerate drops during pathfinding

    So, the single biggest issue I have with the game has been the severe performance drops during very large battles, or specially sieges. And from what I can tell, the trigger seems to be any time when all/a lot of troops need to recalculate their pathfinding. In sieges this is particularly...
  13. AI command menu (F-Keys) needs an option to make units switch their weapons

    let's say that I agree, in principle, with what you say but:
    1) have you tried to order your men to hold fire when they are in shieldwall?
    2) do you know that shield wall formation is not really suitable for dealing damage but more for "resisting until someone else comes to save your butt"? (which is an interpretation of how developers consider this battle formation, in my opinion too little offensive)
    Yeah the Shield Wall is purely a defensive tactic in the game, meant to protect your infantry from ranged attacks(preferably while they close the gap, or your own ranged do their thing). If you want your infantry to go offensive too, you need to put them back in Line, or even more effective make them charge(can change back and forward between holding position and charging if you want to stay put). I suspect they prefer the javelins because you set them to defend a position, and chose either the ranged weapon because they are told to not move towards enemy at all, or the longest to reach out of the shields.

    In any case, once your infantry comes in contact with the enemy, you definitely need to take them out of Shieldwall if you want them to fight back.
  14. Why are character traits so bad?

    As I understand it, the traits are exactly meant to describe your personality. It is not just some small fun tags depending on what you do, they are actually the new and improved version of the diplomacy system, which in Warband only really had 2 parameters(honor and ... I forget the other one). The traits influence how well other lords respond to your propositions, based on which tags they have. Like, an honorable lord will be more likely to listen to you if you are also honourable, and less so if dishonourable.
  15. Too big focus on leveling your troops

    An answer to this would be nice.

    Here a question. How often do you reload an older save after you lost your army in a battle? How often to you engage partys that have a big chance to defeat you? From what i can tell most people never want to deal with the setback after loosing all of their men or even just a part of them.
    The reason is, releveling your soldiers isn't fun. So far i haven't seen a single player who actually enjoys that.
    The problem is not that people can't deal with setbacks. Games like dark souls or warhammer vermintide proof that.
    The problem is that people don't want to deal with a setback, if that forces them to do a very boring activity again for several hours.
    If the problem wouldn't be to relevel your entire army but to have enough money to afford a new one, a setback would be a totally different thing.
    Simply because getting enough money back can be fun. Releveling your troops isn't.

    Again i don't want it easy to get high level troops.
    I want to shift the problem from leveling units to being able to afford units.

    Btw this is not the case anymore in the latest beta:
    Outside very early when getting used to the game, commands etc. I practically never reload an older save. Only really times I can recall have been when either quirkiness of the map having sent me off right into a superior force instead of where I wanted to go, or the call to an army has.

    I quite often engage superior forces(in number at least) on purpose if it can benefit the overall war. Like sacrificing a lot of your party to halt an initial invading force can really turn the tide. And this often ends up with me loosing 30-50% or more of my force. But deliberately engaging an an army with vastly superior odds? No, why would I? That would be downright dumb. Instead I let them go, or even take a castle/town while I regroup, go gather some more troops(from garrisons, friendly villages or companion parties in a pinch), form an army with nearby lords and then hit them back with better odds. Is this not the whole point of the MB games? A strategic war/kingdom builder sandbox?

    Yes, re-gathering and re-levelling troops is not particularly "fun" (I do find it satisfying in a way though), but honestly with the many ways of getting higher tier troops, I cannot personally see that it is a big deal. And it definitely doesn't take several hours to regain a capable "entry level" force. And I do think there there need to be a "less fun" or a somewhat aggravating consequences to loosing, and specially to playing reckless with your men.

    I suppose you could implement something alike to what the Floris mod for Warband had: A constable that allows you to pay for them to gather recruits and/or train them. But it would have to be slow and expensive to be balanced and believable. Something you would have to have started before going off for war. And from my personal experience, to be balanced the availability of high tier troops available elsewhere would have to be lowered.

    Another option could be to create a difficulty option to allow a chosen percentage of your troops to escape after a complete loss, and make their way back to one of your garrisons. That would help the more reckless people out, while still being somewhat realistic and balanced.

    And I do agree that money has to become a factor in gathering your forces. War should dry out the lords(and your) coffers eventually. And the current finance system is quite broken in that regard. But I don't personally think that you should be allowed to sidestep the consequences of loosing and the realistic downtime to gather a new army by simply waving money at it.

    TL/DR: I am simply putting my 2 cents in that I simply cannot recognise this as an issue. Quite the contrary I seem to end up with having way too many high tiered troops compared to the enemy, even after having had heavy losses. Perhaps the new beta changes helps that, I dunno about that. But if you are not playing careful and strategic with your men, but still just want to have a blast with the combat stuff, then there are excellent difficulty settings that can be lowered to help with troop mortality.
  16. Too big focus on leveling your troops

    Read what i said.
    "Yes, but the problem is that they are fairly rare. Because in order for them to sell high tier troops, they need to be sitting in the village or city for quite sometime. And considering there are a bunch of other lords taking all of these high tier troops you are mostly just getting recruits and tier 2's. Yes it is a feature and it does help but is not substantial enough."
    You cannot reliably recruit high tier troops because other lords take them. Also with the prisoner thing. The problem is that you don't have very much control of what type of troops you want in your army. If you want to just be Vlandian and you NEED Vlandian troops for your specific tactics, then Sturgian prisoners are not going to fit in. How am i going to build an army off of Vlandian prisoners when i am part of Vlandia? Plus you can't get a large amount quickly, you need to take out a lord and wait a long time all while being slowed down by them. And you get prisoners assuming you take out a lord. Which means you already have troops! We are talking about building an army, not strengthening an army. I have 280 hours and it is very rare for me to get tier 3+ troops from towns or villages. And prisoners are nothing more then a bonus outside of the late late game but even then they don't make up the bulk of my army.
    Yeah but during war when you need new troops all those get cleared out by AI Lords.

    Only if you don't want a pure playthrough a lot of people like using Faction troops for the RP value. It also takes multiple days in which you may have a dozen battles where you lose troops. They also slow you down

    During a prolonged war it is perfectly realistic that you will run out of troops if you incur heavy losses. During late WW2, the German army was mostly just young boys and crippled old men. And it is a fantastic realistic way to prevent any few factions from snowballing. But even so, I quite regularly see lots tier 3-4 troops in villages that are slightly out of the path of other nobles, or areas where massive armies weren't just created.

    What I do is stock up on high tier troops during peace times and stick them in a garrison. Then as war goes on later, I can go back and exchange any unwanted recruits from prisoners with the troops I actually want, or simply just restock troops from it. Additionally you can even cheese it and just form an army with your companion parties and take their best troops, then send them away again to recruit more.

    Outside of the very early game, you will also quite frequently encounter nobles with your own culture who have changed kingdom. Or encounter nobles with prisoners from your faction(that you can recruit directly).

    I really really don't see this problem, and think increasing the number of strong troops already so readily available will only cause massive imbalance.
  17. Too big focus on leveling your troops

    Improve your relations with villages and you get tons of tier 3+ troops. Super easily done by doing hideouts. Yes during prolonged wars, the pool of available troops will be exhausted. That is not only realistic, but an excellent way to prevent snowballing. Buy up troops during peace time and stick them in a garrison.

    Also, if you take all decent tier 3-4 troop prisoners and keep them for a few days, you will pretty much be able to replace any troop you looses as you go. Have not had to recruit troops normally(outside speciality trees) for ages. And I even used this for upgrading companion armies troops too, while they were in army with me. You will especially be raking in new troops from prisoners during sieges.

    I really don't see the problem. Actually it does seem a bit too easy to instantly get tier3+ troops IMO. Specially seeing as how the NPCs usually run around with 90% peasants.
  18. Gather multiple arrows from small area at the time

    Just a simple little thing: Would it not be possible to allow the player to pick up small groups of arrows/bolts from a small area at the time? Right now it can be rather annoying having lots of arrows right on top of each other, yet the character have to bend over for each arrow. Maybe allow...
  19. Why the hell does villages have so many soldiers now ?!

    I do agree that it seems to have gotten a bit out of hand. The high number of villager troops seems to be a response to the way too many smal bandit parties.

    Personally I think it would be better to reduce the number of bandit parties spawning, and reduce the ridiculous respawn rate of hideouts, alongside the villager troop counts. But to balance it out, take a cue from something like the Floris mod for warband and spawn bandit hero parties occasionally. Let these bandit heroes gather up other bandit parties and make them an actual threat to nobles/players which have to be dealt with.

    I think this would fix a lot of things, as well as reducing the nuisance of SO many small bandit groups and give the occasional real threat/challenge.
  20. Lords escaping

    I suspect the high escape chance is an attempt to counter the snowballing effect. Otherwise you could simply keep locking nobles up with no consequences and remove a factions chance to fight back completely.

    But it does feel wrong that no matter what you do, a lord will be back almost immediately with an army(usually trash army, but still). Continued ransoming should eventually dry them and their clan out financially, reducing the number and quality of troops they can gather afterwards. But with everyone running around with many hundreds of thousands denars kinda ruins that idea(if the money is actually really deducted from their clans).
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