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  1. Some Armors still lack proper meshes

    Hey all , I'm hoping Taleworld sees this and doesnt forget to fix it , its not a big issue but it kinda kills the immersion. Some armors like the white coat and mail lack female body mesh , they look like the male counterpart even though they are very commonly used by female characters like...
  2. Lack of Tabard over armors

    The lack of armors with Tabards is kinda disturbing , specially low tier armors. There should be a leather and tabard armor so we can see a transition to Tabard and mail and maybe Tabard and plate. In warband we see a lot of armor with tabards , if Bannerlord plays only 200 years earlier then...
  3. White Tabard over Mail fix

    Its probably a placeholder due to the mail on both Tabard with mail armors having the lowest quality of mail armors at the moment.

    Red tabard and mail + White tabard with mail have a low poly mail texture. The mail should have the same quality as the ones in Vlandian chainmail and coat of plates.
  4. Am I the only person that wants unit homogenization?

    I agree to an extent! Only certein factions should be able to recruit units of other cultures. Like The empire can recruit troops from other cultures except Batanian ones due to batanian people hating the empire. Something like this using lore explanations for the factions. Merc units should be available to recruited for all factions though.
  5. Add naval battles

    Most factions atm don't seem to excel in naval warfare.If Nords get added though , that would be awesome.
  6. Too much Intercultural Marriage.

    Even if nobles mixed , they should look more like the faction they are in at the moment. That way diversity is still achievable in late game by all factions because as of now , almost everyone looks like an imperial thus we lose some diversity. I like vlandian nobles that look like vlandians and khuzaits nobles that look like khuzaits, ect ...
  7. Too much Intercultural Marriage.

    I agree that it feels strange to see a Khuzait horde lead by sturgians or imperials. I think they should focus on making faction leaders keep the race aesthetic.
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