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  1. Are you using mods?

    Nope, not using any. The game is barebones anyway, and a few minor fixes are not going to fix that. Plus I want to actually playtest and send some useful reports instead of "hurr durr my modded mess crashes every 5 seconds must be devs fault".
  2. When will the 1.5 patch be released? this game is dying very fast

    Take Rimword as an example, the player base is pretty constant since the Steam release in July 2016. And Rimworld only got 1 DLC out a few weeks ago. Rimworld is a good game and has much replayablity.

    You're not wrong, although Rimworld is a shallow and boring game worth 30 or 40 hours of playtime. It's the HUGE modding community that takes a mediocre colony sim and pushes it into "MASTERPIECE 14/10 OH DEAR LORD DEM SHIVERS AAAAH" category, create-your-own-dream-game. If TW manages to deliver stable, easily moddable release, everybody and their cat would buy and enjoy BL for all eternity.
  3. Where's the patch, TW.

    I dont know why everyone is so mad about a patch not being here every other day they've done a good job updating this game so far. A lot of other developers have gone much longer with much less patches and they still have bigger errors. TW is doing great if you ask me.

    We don't need "every other day". Once a week or so should suffice. The last stable patch was 11 days ago, the game is still such buggy mess despite multiple patches (some things even degraded since 1.0 release), lacking even the basic content like perks. We're losing patience.
  4. not getting bonus to party size from perks

    About 75% of the perks are broken or not working currently. Use mods (Community Patch) and risk crashes/save corruption/version incompatibility/ass cancer/________ or wait for another year for fix from TW.
  5. Patch Notes e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0

    Beta 1.3 change log sounds amazing, did not expect that much. Thank you, TW! My faith is restored.
  6. After first play through recommendations.

    - Fix mules. Make them take up party space. ( Or add new mechanics for them. etc.)
    Seven minutes into the game I figured out that I could buy mules at low cost and then increase my weight limit drastically. I played caravan tycoon and had limitless currency at the start.

    - I shouldn't start the battle with a fresh batch of arrows, and neither should my troops. ( Make me buy more.)
    This literally breaks the game in terms of farming experience from enemy melee units, and no one receives money to buy more arrows despite looting them during warfare. Add a button to a city that I just click and slide, that allows me to spend money to buy more supplies. Arrows, shoe horses, a weapon and armor repair button. Etc Etc. Or - review and edit the daily cost of troops.

    Trading is pointless past year 1 or so. Between caravans, workshops, fiefs, combat loot, crafting and ransoming prisoners your profits from actual trading are negligible. No need to fix something that is not broken.

    Adding some type of general "supply" trade item would be nice tho. Or "ammo" type, like in Battle Brothers perhaps? Having an infinite amount of throwing weapons and arrows is kinda dumb IMO. There should be a limit on carried missiles, forcing player/AI to visit a settlement and resupply.
  7. A thank you to the developers

    Well, I just want to say BIG THANKS to all anonymous talented modders. also working from home, for free.. maybe some small donation here and there. They really made this game playable/enjoyable. Than you guys, you are doing amazing work!
    This. Those people are the real heroes, selfless and hard working; bringing joy to our community and hope for a better tomorrow.
  8. Patch Notes e1.1.2 & Beta Hotfix

    About 4 days ago:

    For 3-4 days I worked on lords to have better tier troops. It will be at beta branch 2-3 days later with other developments :

    Not a word since. My guess is it's going to be a major balance/bugfix update, hence the delay. Still would love any kind of comment from devs.
  9. Patch Notes e1.1.2 & Beta Hotfix

    Be careful what you ask for. i for one don't want to fall into the trap of making the AI too perfect at fighting. I want to make sure a novice player has half a chance against them. Even at the risk of making the game dull for experienced players that priority has to be respected.
    AI was almost perfect on release. Hard enough to give you a challenge, predictable enough to give you an easy win if that is what you want. A mod or two to give an AI a bit more reaction and awareness, and we'd have an ideal opponent.
    As to the complete newb - well, there is a difficulty slider AND damage slider. Can't handle something? Just turn on easy mode.
    Right now even the hardest possible opponent on max difficulty settings can't compete with a mere naked peasant on 1.0 ver.
  10. Patch Notes e1.1.2 & Beta Hotfix

    • AI is more likely to block when equipped with a shield. Common troops now generally have higher weapon skills.

    Can't say they are. They sometimes try to block overhead strikes or right-to-left swings, but anything more sophisticated than spamming those 2 attacks while standing completely still is way too hard for AI to react. Had no trouble winning with 0 skill fresh character against lords/t4-5 troops.
  11. Recruits need to far less common in armies

    Low tier troops should represent a considerable chunk of an army, as it usually was in medieval times.
    They are affected by morale too hard IMO. A few volleys of arrows and peasants start routing. What's the point of playing a game about combat when the only enemy you'll ever see is dead or fleeing?
  12. Surgeon and Medicine

    Scouting is great skill and you need horse riding to mount better horses. Leadership have some very good perks. Tactic is good if you want to autoresolve a lot and also on companions that you let lead parties. Roguery is potentially also useful, if you wish to benefit from the loot better. Also few nice perks there.

    It's really medicine, that feels totlay meh... Unless there is some hidden thing that we are not told in the tooltips and infos.

    Perks do not work so they are out of the question. 60 riding is enough to ride a decent horse. Tactics gives you what, the same 2-3% advantage for hundreds of points? Not to mention autoresolve is terrible and would probably play out 10 times worse than an actual combat. In theory roguery is a solid choise (nobody knows how loot distribution works), but would you invest in the relevant stat with a scout companion and useless tactics skill?
  13. Surgeon and Medicine

    That's the problem with every skill currently. The only ones worth taking are Athletics (major boost to running speed, gotta go fast), charm (gives a huge boost to persuasion chances, relations and quest rewards) and steward (greatly increases your party limit).
    Every other skill is meh at best with around 2 to 5% per 100 skill levels and disabled perks. Leadership (gives a solid morale boost) would be good if you'd be forced to lead a horde of t1 recruits into a meat grinder, but this is most certainly not the case in the current patch. Otherwise morale has no effect on anything apart from a tiny speed bonus for campaign map.
  14. Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    I dont get it. How can someone fix all this with a mod yet the developers seem to be completely lost.
    You will be amazed, friend. Modders implemented almost everything that is missing from the game (diplomacy, working perks, good combat AI with difficulty slider, mass and collision fixes to make cavalry great again, useful UI extensions with available quests and recruits markings, extended character creation, extended banner tools, unique parties roaming the world, and much-much-much more). While devs only break their own game with every patch and "fix" something that is not broken (AI, tournaments, caravans, etc.).
    Makes one really wonder who should receive our money after all.
  15. Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    challenging ai is a joke.
    Jokes are funny. Current combat AI, on the contrary, is sad 😟
  16. (Vote included) New update and the caravan remains 30. And it was claimed it get supported

    I personally don't really care. Caravans were a waste of time pre-patch (I'm literally swimming in cash thanks to battle loot and a few workshops/towns to pay for my army, no need to send my companions to make more), and they are right now due to not being remotely profitable.
  17. Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Any noticeable difference or just identically stupid?
    From what I can see there seem to be some sort of improvement? Maybe? My 200+ skill companion chamber blocked once, and one legionnaire managed to block 2 attacks with his shield. Shieldless troops don't even bother with blocking.
  18. Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    is a fix to the no block AI.
    Nope, just tested it in a tournament. Even high tier infanty/followers can't block anything and die to a single attack spam. On challenging, ofc.
  19. New economy changes are very good for the long-term health of the game, disregard the criticism.

    I think they're just trying to tackle some issues which are easier to fix, before moving on to some things which require more time and resources, such as building up perks from the ground up. It's clearly not an issue of them "just not working", but of simply not having been developed at all yet.
    Perks are easy to fix, modders already done that. Basic diplomacy is easy to implement - modders done that in a few hours. Melee AI fix is easy - just revert it to 1.0. Exploits are easy to fix - a few lines of code at most. But no, who cares about a stable and interesting game? Lets break something again, it's not like we have a huge playerbase on our hands, waiting for a stable release without BS like this.
  20. 🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    Good thread, nice and tidy.
    I don't see broken crafting issue here. You can basically craft some of the finest 2h swords and javelins from dirt cheap iron/wood and sell them for tens of thousands. Also caravans restocking cash every time you trade we them. And quest companions (Family Feud, Daughter) being un-dressable. Every bug/exploit is present in 1.1 (99% sure this is valid for 1.2).
    And the most glaring thing right now - where is "towns have zero cash and the world economy is broken"?
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