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  1. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    As Duh noted in another thread, this game mechanic will likely see further changes but it's not considered as a bug per se (rather, a gameplay mechanic that needs some more tweaking) - that's why this thread is marked as resolved.
    The thing is, at least personally, and I would be surprised if there aren't others like that too, I have my doubt that what you consider "not a bug, but a gameplay mechanic that is likely to see changes in the future" is even the thing this bug report was about. Not ONCE have I seen a single dev response clearly acknowledging the actual mechanic/bug this report been about from the start. Specially since it really really baffles me how you can not consider this a bug, if you are indeed talking about the right thing. So could I at least ask you(or another dev) to clearly spell out what is the mechanic you think is being talked about here, that you consider "undesirable, so will likely see changes in the future, but is not a bug per say"?
  2. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    How is this a "Resolved" issue?
    By MArdA completely misunderstanding what we are talking about initially, and quite frankly I am still in doubt, whether he or anyone actually understood the issue, everything I see on this issue aside from MArdA's very obvious misunderstanding on the first page of this topic, have been vague, and as such at this point I sadly am just hoping they fix this by accident when changing something else
  3. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    Didn't put my hands on 1.5.10 yet but... This topic is quite entertaining. :razz:
    Is this still a thing? Cause if it is, I'm not even bothering installing 1.5.10.

    MArdA, you do realize people are talking about orders UI not showing up and NOT what you're talking about (half army cheering - which was the feature even before 1.5.10)? You do realize it promotes F1>F3 tactic, right? Cause if you order your people to chase before enemies start fleeing, they keep chasing. If you don't issue the order in time, half of your units will keep executing last orders they received, while the other half cheers.

    Gadheras mentioned another issue, which is rather critical - hunting down brigands. Yesterday I had to hunt 8 groups. I use small groups of enemies like that to train my specific formations which need leveling up. Sometimes they start fleeing when you kill less than half of them. So unless you just ordered your people to chase BEFORE they start fleeing, you're screwed and you have to go catch the remaining enemies on the campaign map. Then you kill one and they start fleeing again. And the process repeats. Do you get it? I'm 99% convinced it's not a design choice.

    MArdA, the fact that you're confused about it after so many replies makes me think you're not familiar with the game at all and you're just a middle man between two groups that know the game. You need to know the game to understand the issue and to pass it to game devs.
    Yes it still is an issue, and yeah sadly I have the exact impression you said there, and at this point my best hope is that they accidently fix it when doing something else... which is kinda sad... and is the main reason I am not playing the game ATM either.
  4. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    I am still on 1.5.9 and confused.

    What do you guys mean? I am sure that 50% cheering/50% chasing "feature" existed in the game way BEFORE 1.5.10 beta.

    Or does your order menu disappear upon enemy retreat?
    As been said multiple times in the thread, this had NOTHING to do with the cheering, but is a 1.5.10 bug where the entire orders interface is non-accessible after the enemies start to flee
  5. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    Design team means it's an intended design and not a bug. If it wasn't intended and a bug then it would go to the QA team.
    and most likely the design team will take a look, laugh a bit, and send it over to QA, since MArdA completely misunderstood the issue
  6. Gummiel

    In Progress Can't control troop after battle ends

    I didn't mentioned that part because i wasn't 100% certain, but i just went to my game and tested it.

    I can command/order all the time even when there is 0 enemies i can still issue commands... but im on e.1.5.9 main branch and not on the 1.5.10 Beta, so i can't say if anything happened to that part in specific. Hope i cleared my viewpoint.
    It is indeed a 1.5.10 bug (I still refuse to believe this is a deliberate design decision, even if that is what MArdA said, pretty sure he still never understood what the issue is really about)
  7. Gummiel

    In Progress Can't control troop after battle ends

    I kinda agree with you to an extent, and it's kinda annoying at the start if you are not on a horse or you have a bow., but it's also true that no 100% of the units stay cheering, true i haven't counted but there is a % of units that it will still try to catch the fleeing enemies.

    There is a situation there, what is strange is with the Cavalry, there is a % of the cav that seems to be affected with this cheering but since they are on top of the horse the horse will still chase the enemy while the guy on top is just cheering.... so in that aspect sure something is wrong. I would say we should have an option or something alike.

    The problem is what is the alternative to this right? because if everyone goes you won't see any cheering, unless (maybe) at the end when all of them have fled/died. Another one is everybody goes cheering and after X seconds the battle will end, and everybody manages to run away. Also somewhat like you said if we order to Attack they should go and not just a certain % of units.
    But none of that is what this topic is about not the other long one where he did reply and also misunderstood. The issue is that we don't even can't even bring up the order interface to attempt to give orders to our units after the enemy start cheering. So if you don't already have cavalry at least set to charge BEFORE the enemy start to flee, we got practically 0 chance to chase any units down, other than what you can do yourself personally
  8. Gummiel

    Resolved NPC trade rumor dialogue is broken

    The QA team informed me that they were unable to reproduce this issue in the most recent version of the game. Have you tried validating the game files? Also, have you installed a mod before? If you were not able to remove them properly, it might be causing this as well.
    Ahh yeah validating files did fix it at least in Jalmarys for me.
    Not gonna go any further to try and see if its in other town however, the issue/stupidest design decision ever to take away our orders interface after the enemy starts fleeing, is gamebreaking to me, so don't feel like doing anything that take more than 5-10 minutes of gameplay for that reason
  9. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    It is not something related to the QA team. Forwarded the topic to the Design team.
    If you think so... though I highly doubt it, as been said multiple time, ones the enemy starts fleeing, we, as in the player, is completely unable to bring up the orders interface to even attempt to give orders to our units, meaning they are stuck in whatever order that had before the enemy started fleeing, and as such there will be practically 0 chance to catch any fleeing enemies if you didn't happen to have preferably at least your cav formations on charge order before the enemy started fleeing.
  10. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    You can open a thread regarding this on the suggestion board. I am just forwarding information that is forwarded to me.
    But somewhere along the line the information being forwarded were the wrong one, as this is not about the thing you talk about in reply #4. This is about orders not even being available to the player once the enemy starts fleeing (as in the interface with the icons for the orders are not even showing up when you press any F or number keys, like it would normally. And that to me and obviously everyone else posting in the thread seems like a clear bug. This means that if you do not have a charge order set to at least your mounted formations BEFORE the enemy starts fleeing, you can forget any hope of actually killing any enemy fleeing other than what you can catch yourself personally.
  11. Gummiel

    Resolved NPC trade rumor dialogue is broken

    Can confirm I had this issue as well, though I noticed it in Jalmarys instead
  12. Gummiel

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    Yeah it is literally impossible to ISSUE an order after the enemy start retreating, it is NOT about whether all units follow it or not. This effectively means if you don't have your troops on a charge or similar order before the enemy start to retreat you will have to chase down every single enemy that are retreating personally
  13. Gummiel

    question about a visual "issue"

    ... Noone can see that picture, that is just the location of it on your local machine... you need to upload it somewhere for us to see it
  14. Gummiel

    Can We Have An Option to Disable The "Alt" Function For Players & AI In Battles?

    For that to make any sense you would have to make all enemy parties hidden on the main map itself and just stumble into battles at random times. By the time you have started a battle in Bannerlord you already had your scouts send out and spotted the enemy, so you do know at that point where the enemy will be, and ofc the same account the other way for the AI
  15. Gummiel

    I personally would like an option to go back to the old order menu

    When I heard "order wheel" for PC I was imagining something you control with the mouse, whether that is holding down a mouse button (maybe MMB (ie. holding down the scroll wheel)) and then moving the mouse to each command would trigger it automatically, or clicking each command separately. If you tighten up the inner part of the trigger zones for each command this could make for very little movement even needed, and if using the hold down a button in particular, you could even disable character movement while the order menu is up, so you don't move your head around at all while giving orders.
    For selecting the actual unit group would be the same as it is currently already, except it would not bring up the order wheel when selecting group right away, but rather you would be picking what group your next order would be targeted at in advance. Though could also have much smaller version of the cards (maybe somewhere along the bottom of the screen), visible at all times, so you always knows what you current selected group are, and thus what you next order would go to.

    The really big problem imo with the current implementation of the order wheel for keyboard, is a major disconnect between the physical location of the keys for the commands on your actual keyboard (a line of keys), and the visual representation on the screen (a circle of "buttons"). Which means that it is not quickly and clearly obvious where a command you see on a screen is located in relation to the other commands on your actual keyboard. This I would suspect would in particular be a great hindrance to new players.

    As such with the current implementation I will certainly go back to the previous system, without a doubt, but on the other hand I would LOVE a mouse operated order wheel as described in my first paragraph.
  16. Gummiel

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    Does this mean
    1.The ranged combat changes are for mp only
    2.The ranged combat changes are for both modes
    3.The ranged combat changes are for mp for now and will be implemented to sp later

    I just checked the development update #5 video and in there the changes shown to the ranged combat are running on singleplayer so the changes should be for both. Would be pretty baffling if they aren't. Please confirm devs
    I seriously hope that work for or at least will come to SP too, was so looking forward to that when I saw the ranged update blog, would be a HUGE let down imo if it only applies in MP :sad:

    That is for SP too at least usually or it would be put into MP only so it should apply to SP aswell
    But it IS under the MP section of the patch notes
  17. Gummiel

    [SUGGESTION] Governor functionality

    Really liking this idea, would be a nice way to help keep bandit infestations and such in check in an area without having to manually go around all the time killing bandits with your main party (and would ofc be with the downside of that companion not be able able to roam around the whole map, helping in armies and being a nice fighter in your main party etc.)
  18. Gummiel

    Can I make my own Kingdom after I already joined Aserai?

    Only if you are on the beta branch (1.4.1)
  19. Gummiel

    Too big focus on leveling your troops

    Ehmm excuse me, but that is already a thing, powerfull notables in towns and villages will sometimes sell higher tier troops...
  20. Gummiel

    [Suggestion] Unit behavior based on their proficiency or "Tactics" skill

    Likeing this idea, tactics always felt like a very weird skill, that never made a whole lot of sense, this would certainly give it some great value
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