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  1. Merks

    Napoleonic Wars Converted

    So where to begin... Laigle has been out a while now and with time people learn, I have seen so many people using Laigle models and texture in NW i'm guessing without Docms permission this has lead those people to hand it out to there close friends and vice versa in short it's growing. There's...
  2. Merks

    MP Musket Era Whigs and Tories - American Rev War Mod. [Released]

    W.I.P Looking for helpers whenever! If you're experienced in any modding, modeling/animating wise and would be willing to help us please contact [WaT] Marks on steam. Welcome to the Whigs and Tories Development page. Whigs and Tories aims to a mod unlike most introducing new game types as...
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