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  1. SerGregor

    input lag

    Hello. There was a problem after the upgrade pc. FPS keeps stable by putting 120-150-200. Without drawdowns, but when you play you feel that the camera is not keeping up with the character’s action, it’s difficult to carry out the same spam due to the fact that you have to dock the mouse...
  2. SerGregor

    wessmithy aim?

    in the first comment under the video I saw nickname jack smith. Avatar is exactly the same as in Steam. He asks about the problem with the cheat. and many wondered how he shot like that. in the incentive he also has the name Jack. Apparently our friend was asleep Edit: We do not allow these...
  3. SerGregor

    warband on IOS

    Good afternoon. I know that there is M&B on the android. Such a question will be released someday this game on iOS devices?
  4. SerGregor

    FPS again

    Hi, I'm back to you with fps. Will someone tell me when I put 200 fps in a warband and everything becomes fast and jerky?
  5. SerGregor

    Fps in multiplayer

    Hello. I wanted to ask you with which FPS do you play in multiplayer? I play with 60 and I have such a problem as sharp blows. Ie, I do not see any blows and I'm pierced
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