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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Is it just me or the update is 14,8 Gb?
    Me too.
  2. B Musket Era Other American Frontier

    Keep up the good work!

    Can't wait to stroll down an old cowboy town.
  3. Item Categories Template Location

    Isn't that just in the sp_items folder?
  4. Where to view original dlls on phone

    Seeing as it's the source code to a commercial product, it could be illegal to upload and share it to the public.

    But if you were to, say, decompile it and upload it to a private bitbucket or github repo accessible to only yourself, that should be within fair use and allow you to check it when away from your PC.
    Thanks, will do I need to get grasp of their code.
  5. Where to view original dlls on phone

    Has anyone posted the native code from Bannerlord anywhere. I would like to view it during my down time on my phone, if it's on a website somewhere.
  6. Selling Crafted Weapons

    I disagree, I am currently a vassal that has a deficit of £750 a day, selling weapons was a good way of keeping me in the black. This isn't the case anymore and its actually ruining my game as I cannot fund my garrison or my standing army. I have x3 enterprises that do not make much money and my caravan is raided frequently. I am flooding the market with rubbish level 1 javelins because they are easy to make and I make nearly as much from them as a level 5 crafted weapon.

    This isn't about making easy money to cheat the game, its about a legitimate way of bank rolling my campaign. Like I originally mentioned, I have invested a lot of time and effort into Smithing which now seems completely redundant and has taken some of the enjoyment of the game away from me.

    I really like the concept of creating weapons and unlocking the higher tiers, but what is point if you can't benefit from that effort? the traders sell higher tier weaponing for extortionate amounts, so its seems imbalanced to me.
    One man working as a blacksmith to pay the wages of 100s of soldiers.

    I'm a carpenter should I be able to pay 200 marines salaries with what I make?
    If you're crafting legendary items I'd expect more money, but making a few grand for one day of smithing doesn't seem too bad to me.
  7. Have we talked about athletics?

    My character is just at 100+ athletics or something. I've been picking perks that give speed bonuses. I can run people down like nothing else, when the enemy retreats I chase them all down on foot with heavy armor. my character is so fast it's crazy. I still have 150 or so more points in...
  8. Challenging AI not challenging

    This is why the levels of difficulty must be carefully defined. IMO:

    Normal: Gentle difficulty for casual experiences and new players
    Veteran: Moderate difficulty where high level bots make an impact
    Challenging: Difficulty that emulates a medium to high MP skilled player environment.
    Well put Terco! Let's just hope the devs see and agree.
  9. Challenging AI not challenging

    I fought an Imperial legionaire in the arena with basically 0 one handed prof. The legionaires have a lot of one handed prof. He managed to block me once or twice but it was an easy fight. I know the devs changed blocking skill to be determined based on prof in that particular weapon which is...
  10. Documentation World Map World-mapping for Bannerlord

    So I opened the main_map scene and all of the terrain is under water, but the map icons seem to be at their proper elevation.

    I lowered the water level and the entire terrain is completely flat. Like a picture.
    Thanks for any advice or help!

    Edit: turns out I had my folders messed up and the terrain wasn't loading. All good and working now.
  11. TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    I'm curious if anyone has successfully implemented a new functioning campaign map?
  12. I Stopped Playing Some Time Ago

    I can have fun with a rock and two sticks, I have a creative imagination.
    Don't you mean one stick and two rocks?
  13. What do you think about population?

    So ... is anyone looking at this ? TW ? Mod ? Future maybe ?
    Yea I built a pop system in Warband, and I will in Bannerlord as well.
  14. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

    Since the modding tools we have are "the first batch", are there intentions to develop a second batch of them? Presumably that address things other than graphics and level editing?
    I'm curious if we will be receiving some scripting support or tutorials? We have been struggling trying to mod the game and code that seems like it should work often crashes the game.
  15. Free Medieval Music

    That's a great find, I'll be using these for sure. Thanks!
  16. SP Fantasy Stormlight Archives: Bannerlord Overhaul

    Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the models for the shardplate and blades. How long will the shardblades be? They are pretty darn long in the books if I remember correctly.

    Will shardplate increase your mass and speed, and make it easier to push through troops?
  17. Documentation World Map World-mapping for Bannerlord

    Thanks this will be a huge help, I better get started on Balion!
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