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  1. Ratvioli

    What's the end goal?

    Why play mp when it is just a husk.
  2. Ratvioli

    Where should I pay to get the new skins?

    Yessss finally skins! And the servers are jampacked with people 💸💸. Who wants modded servers anyway? High five ✋
  3. Ratvioli

    1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

    You had me until ”change the game in a gigantic way”.
  4. Ratvioli

    I hope it's a joke

    The problem is that mp is still garbage, skins or no skins, all these new features take away from the development time and effort towards custom servers, which will allow the community to make mp not ****ty. TW knows this, and they ignore us.
  5. Ratvioli

    This update absolutely sucks

    Update is trash. Pure garbage.
  6. Ratvioli

    Use bannerlord online as a base for standalone custom servers

    Since TW will keep custom servers off the community’s hands until release, which may take months or even years, why not use the Bannerlord online server system as a basis for standalone mp launchers and servers with the community’s MP suggestions implemented? It is at least an interesting...
  7. Ratvioli

    Foot couching? x to couch while charging on foot?

    I dont think it’s a bad idea.
  8. Ratvioli

    When will the next "Statement regarding Multiplayer" appear?

    Hold on a moment, what about my 735 hours wasted, can I get a refund?
    I'll post a picture of the refund after 1.6 if what I said happened, see ya later, nerds.
  9. Ratvioli

    When will the next "Statement regarding Multiplayer" appear?

    If it comes with mod support ill be happy.
    If it doesn't come with mod support for 1.6, I'll refund the game on Steam, doesn't matter if i put 90 hours into it. In that case, TW aren't worth the 30 euros. Period.
  10. Ratvioli

    When is TWs actually going to add a major feature?

    The title, i've been asking this same question for over 12 months now.
  11. Ratvioli

    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    The amount of improvement has been what I would describe as somewhere between small and medium.
    I would say it lies somewhere between small and pretty patheticly little.
  12. Ratvioli

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    first time ever receiving a warning for calling the update garbage, won't change the fact that it is though
  13. Ratvioli

    Nearly a year in, Does TW acknowledge the anniversary with an update for when EA will be done?

    Mr outoftime made more progress on your mp before EA started than your studio has even attempted to make this last year.

    lol so true
  14. Ratvioli

    1.5.7 and beyond

    Honestly couldn't give a rats arse about any of these changes, MP is simply not fun either way. Custom servers when?
  15. Ratvioli

    Can MP Armour/Weapon selection go back to the way Warband had it?

    Just give us custom servers and save us from the pain.
  16. Ratvioli

    1.5.6 Patch Today?

  17. Ratvioli

    Playerbase shrinking rapidly -10% in the last month

  18. Ratvioli

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    This is exactly what we are planning.

    Well good luck since nobody's gonna buy them once custom servers are out, unless you wish to never release customs servers, in which case nobody will buy them anyway.
  19. Ratvioli


    Ranked matchmaking :poop:

    Custom server browser :xf-cool:

    Crush-through :poop: :poop: :poop:
  20. Ratvioli

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    The changes are not on live yet, they are still on beta where there is no multiplayer. (wait for the next patch, when beta becomes the live build)

    ETA on custom servers?
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