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  1. Kazupa

    Native Completed Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    ADMINISTRATORS Kazupa Steam Easter Cow Steam Apfel Steam Tom Steam Description This tournament will launch a league in different types of weapons. (In total 5 leagues are planned.) There will be 3vs3 and 2vs2. All this is done for a change, and fun. Format Tournament grid New Map...
  2. Kazupa

    Hammers, tournament. (poll)

    Just vote. It's tournament all for fun.  :)
  3. Kazupa

    The best shooters with the best reaction.

    Only top 25 All who will be presented in the top 25, personally in my opinion are considered the best archers with incredible reaction. A reaction is when an archer switches from a target to another target and at the same time manages to hit both goals. (:!: And both movements are made in two...
  4. Kazupa

    (Possible) Archers Tournament 1х1, ft7

    Write, what you think  :ohdear:
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