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  1. Von Winterfeld

    Resolved 1.55 F3 Battle Commands Missing Labels

    Good to hear ^^ You could try setting the post label to Solved, not sure if that's possible.
    Tried but couldn't figure it out! Someone's very kindly closed it for me! :smile:
  2. Von Winterfeld

    Resolved 1.55 F3 Battle Commands Missing Labels

    Full body sliders mod had overwritten Native Strings - problem solved by reverifying.
  3. Von Winterfeld

    Resolved 1.55 F3 Battle Commands Missing Labels

    Works fine for me. Trying veryfing the game files, maybe your modules are somehow affected?
    I'd just downloaded all the game files again but I'll give it a try.
  4. Von Winterfeld

    Resolved 1.55 F3 Battle Commands Missing Labels

  5. Von Winterfeld

    Resolved Lycaron Lighting/Texture Glitch?

    On latest version of Windows 10 version 2004, up to date GPU (Nvida 1660 Ti) drivers. Running Kaspersky AV software.
  6. Von Winterfeld

    Lord on horseback & infantry formation

    I've noticed that if a lord is on horseback but treated as infantry, when you issue an order to the infantry, he joins the infantry battleline but then any formation change for the infantry uses the cavalry spacing! e1.41.
  7. Von Winterfeld

    Resolved [QUEST] Army of Poachers duplicated dialogue options

    Same but on 1.41.

    Version e1.41
  8. Von Winterfeld

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Sounds great! Can't wait to update and try tonight!
  9. Von Winterfeld

    The value of Castles vs Towns

    You win a prize for appropriately using a word I don't think I've ever heard used before.
  10. Von Winterfeld

    Cant earn charm early in the came in 1.3.1

    Lesbosisles is right. Destroying bandit hideouts is a quick way to earn charm experience. It's also a good way to pick up warhorses if you hit a big hideout and clear it.
  11. Von Winterfeld

    The value of Castles vs Towns

    I think the simulation of sieges isn't correct either, at the moment. The AI can summon up huge armies of 600-1200 men and overwhelm a castle or town garrison of 200-400 men with ease. If there isn't a multiplier advantage for being behind fortifications, there should be! If a town has 150 garrison soldiers and 250-300 militia, they should be able to hold off an attacking force of twice their size since they will have the interior lines for movement, be fighting from behind walls and able to enfilade attackers with archery and war machines.
  12. Von Winterfeld

    Beautiful Landscapes

    Thumbs up!
  13. Von Winterfeld

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

    Just want to say that the one-handed perk tree is working nicely for me. I'm using shield bash properly and it's a great way to break through a stubborn defence! :smile:
  14. Von Winterfeld

    In Progress [e1.3.0 beta] Alpan The Outcast (companion) absent of the Encyclopedia

    I've seen various new companions appear but without encyclopedia entries and you can't talk to them.
  15. Von Winterfeld

    Need More Info Wrong map icons for villages

    Bump: Just noticed Baq.

  16. Von Winterfeld

    Suggestion - change main production for Vlandian Chornad village, why fish?

    Agree. Just been looking at that one and puzzling over it.
  17. Von Winterfeld

    Need More Info Bandit Hideout Crash [Beta Branch] [Solved]

    Just had this happen as well. Crash report submitted.
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