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  1. wookdaddy

    Have the Tanneries been nerfed?

    Haven't played in about about a month, but smithy's made the most money for me. Primarily in a few of the Battanian towns. They just rolled in the dough.
  2. wookdaddy

    I am not happy with combat controls...

    I liked warband's third person better. It just felt faster. Not realistic, but more satisfying. Then again it was too easy to be OP unless you were playing a mod like PoP where the enemies were often more badass than you could ever be.
  3. wookdaddy

    Does Sturgia own too much?

    It's been brought up before here. Their territory's breadth makes it harder to hold, since their armies have to spend so much time in transit to get from one end to the other. From my experience, two-front wars practically seal their doom, and these have always happened in the opening months of my campaigns. Strugia shouldn't be smaller, it should be reshaped to be less of a ribbon. Shrinking Strugia would be a band-aid fix, allowing them to use their western choke point more effectively, but it obviously shrinks their economic and manpower base.

    I would like to see the whole overworld map reworked, but it's secondary to getting core gameplay mechanics right now. The map doesn't have to be fully balanced, but it should give every AI kingdom a decent chance to win early wars.

    ^^^ What he said. I have rolled with Sturgia both campaigns I played. Had to kill off the nobles of most of 2/3 of the Empire factions to keep them alive.
  4. wookdaddy

    Massively Negative Income on 1st Castle

    What power?

    I dont mind paying for power but its just a useless financial millstone that I cant even decline if Im a vassal with no power

    I just meant in the real world a castle meant you had some degree of power, whether a lesser or higher noble. I agree with you partially, having castles still means less fiefs to overtake, places to supply/swap troops, safe havens. Game needs a lot of refinement still...
  5. wookdaddy

    Massively Negative Income on 1st Castle

    Pretty realistic, owning a castle would give some power, but upkeep is high. Warband was the same way. Towns make you money, castles drain it.
  6. wookdaddy

    Do you believe the game will be finished in 10 months?

    I just hope they add a loooot more content. The game gets boring around the 75-100 hour mark. I know that's still getting your moneys worth, but the game has endless potential.
  7. wookdaddy

    Getting captured the biggest goldsink?

    I get more annoyed by losing 200 horses. Trying to find that many is just tedious and takes forever. Not to mention finding your companions again, meh.
  8. wookdaddy

    If you have a fast internet (50mb+) and a weak pc, there's a way to play Bannerlord

    How does that work if you don't physically have the hardware?
  9. wookdaddy

    Broken savegame system made me quit.

    If you are using mods this is a must have:

    It might not work if your game is already screwed, but I'm on day 1,800 with multiple removed/added mods (note: I did check to see if they were do-able to remove or add mid-game) and haven't had any issues patch to patch.
  10. wookdaddy

    Should the clans be more, distinguishable

    The longer I play Bannerlord and read these forums, the more convinced I become that defections need to be abolished.
    Just get rid of the idea.
    In Warband, the best you can say about defections is that they made the game a bit messy; in Bannerlord, it just ballses up the whole game.
    Now, I'm aware that players need a way of recruiting clans into their own faction after they start one. I think it'd be better all round if clans that leave or are expelled from their starting faction should become independents, and a functioning role in the Gameworld found for them while they are independent.
    It's just weird that at the start of the game's scenario, each faction's clans are neatly organised according to their culture, and then within a few years they're all mixed up. In terms of lore, continuity and immersion it just doesn't make any sense, and in terms of gameplay it creates a whole raft of balancing problems.

    I agree. The idea that an entire, huge family would abandon their homeland to go somewhere (without receiving a castle there first) is pretty ludicrous. It's more fun playing a pure faction vs. faction rather than two hodgepodge factions with no cultural identity left.
  11. wookdaddy

    do you think that sturgia need a rework?

    My biggest gripe with them is their bread and butter infantry (spearmen) have weak armor. Vlandian Swordsmen have chainmal, veteran infantry (empire) have chainmail, I mean...they don't have any advantages. It takes far too long to get to their elite infantry unit and it's difficult to get their heavy horsemen. I am on my second playthrough with them, you have to carry them hard by getting a lot of cavalry and archers. The only way we made significant progress was when I axed 3/4 of Southern Empire who was steamrolling us.
  12. wookdaddy

    All Kingdoms declared war on me

    My quest timed out before doing anything (I didn't talk to either of the people) and I can still leave a kingdom and keep my fiefs...
  13. wookdaddy

    Why is the Northern Empire so gobsmackingly STUPID??

    In my current game Khuzait is the 3rd strongest faction. Sturgia (the one I'm in) and Aserai are tied at first at around 16,000 STR, Khuzait is about 10,000. They are annoying though, especially in the early game when you can't do a lot individually against them. Northern Empire is not in a great position either geographically, they are right in the middle of the map IIRC. Haven't seen the original map in a while though.
  14. wookdaddy

    Pls help me sound does not match the picture

    You can buy an extender for like 5 bucks on Amazon. Just try it out and see how it performs.
  15. wookdaddy

    Pls help me sound does not match the picture

    No worries. Try plugging directly into computer...NO USB. USB sound cards have issues with lag.
  16. wookdaddy

    Need More Info Laggy stuttering trade menus

    So from what I'm getting basically just buy an SSD? That seems a bit excessive just to fix stuttering, surely it's something that is patchable in the near future
    It fixed it for me. Even if they optimize this game as best they can, it's just a game that has a ton of loading screens and menus. They can't really fix that. If you haven't already cap your FPS to 60.
  17. wookdaddy

    Pls help me sound does not match the picture

    That's strange. Are you using a USB connection? If you are, use the 3.5mm and plug directly into the audio/mic jack on your computer. USB audio has traditionally been a buggy, low fidelity mess. Disable sound enhancements in Windows too (and maybe all audio enhancements).
  18. wookdaddy

    Need More Info Laggy stuttering trade menus

    I went from an oldschool mechanical HD and just bought an SSD for my games. I have one already for windows and whatnot, but never tried it for games. Anyway it fixed that issue for me. The difference between an SSD and m.2 is non-existent in games, so don't overspend bro. Those are just for people moving large files a lot. You can buy a 1 TB for around $100. Or if you really want m.2, Intel's 660p is about 130. If you have an older MOBO just buy an adapter (you plug it into a PCIE slot) and slide the m.2 drive in. Easy install and makes the game infinitely faster. GL.
  19. wookdaddy

    Unique towns/cities/castles + Siege gameplay

    Lame, by the time you hit anything your army is already there. Defeats the purpose.
  20. wookdaddy

    New One Handed Perk at 1.4.0

    I would just like the perks already there to work. Why is it taking them so long to fix something that's broken, but already there? It can't be that difficult if modders did it fairly easily. Tynis + community patch.
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