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  1. Diavolo

    Cavalry Menavlions

    Could they not just remove the attack direction of swinging when on horseback? That is how it works in Warband and that's great. Just stab when on horseback. Simple.
  2. Diavolo

    Inf op, cav useless

    Make inf run faster than cav. Cav is already tankier and better in melee.
    that might balance things out a little.
  3. Diavolo

    Fire arrows in bannerlord.

    The fire is snuffed out when the arrow is fired. They don't work. Fire arrows are seen in movies because it looks cool.
  4. Diavolo

    State of Shield Infantry in 1.5.5

    Can't they just make archers unable to have shields or 2handed/polearms?

    Then make 2handed/polearms great, as well as shields.

    Xbowmen should be allowed the pavise shields though, but those shields should be quite heavy so if they hold it in their arm or on their back it should slow them down quite a lot.

    My suggested buff for shields is to make them block arrows in a bigger area so that they are great against archers.

    To fix cav make them have less manouvrebility and make sure that two handed spears for infantry (pikes) are longer than the longest lance. (need two hands to hold super long thing and cav should honestly always hold the lance in one hand as they need the other hand on the reins)
  5. Diavolo

    Removed this predefined classes

    Soon the multiplayer mod tools will be released and everyone will play cRPG or Mercenaries and forget this horrible class system ever existed.
  6. Diavolo

    I want my money back!

    If you have played less than 2 hours you can go to steam -> help -> click on the game and select that you want a refund. You don't need a reason.
  7. Diavolo

    MP Native cRPG

    what we need is the old peasant rock flinging chaos of the old days.
  8. Diavolo

    Tournaments... questionably implemented?

    The tournaments right now are very much about having good armor. With good armor you cannot lose, but with **** armor you need at least a bit of skill. (or just an armor piercing weapon)

    The money you get from tournaments is very good in the first ones you do, and then it drops down to practically nothing.
  9. Diavolo

    Glancing and hit consistency

    Honestly I don't see any good reason why glancing should even be in the game.
  10. Diavolo

    Do people prefer Bannerlord over Warband?

    Right now I play warband both single player and multiplayer. However, I am hoping bannerlord is improving and I hope I can jump over to that soon.
  11. Diavolo

    Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    How about giving us hooked spears, that can dismount rider?
    This is not necessary. If the rider is dead then there is no point in dismounting.

    Just make spear into a realistic weapon, and suddenly you have insta-kill horse, or rider, depending on who you hit. The spear is the best weapon in the world, and was only phased out when semi-automatic firearms were introduced.
  12. Diavolo

    Big nerf of archers

    I still can't help but think that the game needs some form of anti-archer mechanic (Hence my earlier thread about adding super armor not unlike what is seen in some fighting games). As i've mentioned earlier, games can be won a bit too easily simply by having more archer than the other guys, which ends up forcing the other team to pick archers too unless their peasant unit costs 100 rather than 90 or 80.
    Warband had an anti-archer mechanic. It was shields. Now in bannerlord TW decided to make things 'realistic' so people can shoot the legs of shield bearers easily. So now the only counter to archers is more archers.
  13. Diavolo

    Clans should be banned on Captain Mode

    Go with some friends on discord and now you too can talk to your team mates! For captain mode you don't need a full clan, only a few friends.
  14. Diavolo

    Why does the server restart itself after every round?

    The problem of the kicking out of the server after the match is over, has been unfixed since...I don't know...since 0.3.0 of the 2019 closed beta? It seems that everything was written back then... the rain clouds were already visible on the horizon... combat and block delays... lack custom servers... premade classes... balance... modes... and a long etc...that has brought us together here.

    has anything changed since the 2019 closed beta?
  15. Diavolo

    Unbalanced Skirmish

    I think the issue is that there are too few people playing in general. So the system has issues making it balanced.
  16. Diavolo

    Im think done after Scramble League

    Taleworlds should let modders fix where they fail. And then when modders have made 200 alternatives where 2-3 succeed Taleworlds should adopt ideas from those mods/servers which are successful. Viking conquest is a good example of this.
  17. Diavolo

    Stances with toggle key (interest poll)

    Remove stances, remove block delay, remove attack release delay.
  18. Diavolo

    Multiplayer is not as fun as in Warband

    Yup. The sad thing is that it has been like this since the game came out.
  19. Diavolo

    What do you think about population?

    I have always thought that the solution to the ****ty recruitment system in Warband, and even worse in Bannerlord, is to add in a manpower pool for each village, town, and castle, that slowly replenishes over time depending on prosperity, buildings, and the level of how developed the settlement is.
    Of course only the owner of that fief can recruit from that pool, and the level of the troops that you can recruit depend on buildings. Typically castles should let you build more buildings to get higher level troops, while towns should give more money.
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