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  1. WaterPolio

    EU NW Battle Open NWRP N&S Campaign

    The Release Date is planned for the 18th of September 21:00 CET!!
  2. WaterPolio

    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    what a well put-together letter. glad multiplayer is gaining more attention
  3. WaterPolio

    EU NW Battle Open NWRP N&S Campaign

    Very excited for these events!
  4. WaterPolio

    What happened to Co-op?

    CO-op /Multiplayer Campaign would be so epic. Imagine fighting against other factions who were all players! :smile: It would bring M&B2 to a whole new level
  5. WaterPolio

    Too many Forest Battles

    not enough forest battles
  6. WaterPolio

    Do people prefer Bannerlord over Warband?

    I prefer Napoleonic Wars over all
  7. WaterPolio

    [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    A heavily Roleplay-based game mode that simulates a prison. The player can play as either the guards or the prisoners. The guards must escort the prisoners, give them orders and ensure that they will not escape, while the prisoners' goal is to escape. This all happens on maps that are designed to look and feel like a prison.

    am currently on the hunt for mappers and a scripter who is willing to help create a Bannerlord: Jailbreak server! You can contact me on discord if you're interested at :smile:
  8. WaterPolio

    Bannerlord: Napoleonic Wars

    for those who havent seen it theres a group making a NW mod called Sword & Musket :smile:

    -edit- I just noticed the guy above me already said this XD
  9. WaterPolio

    SP MP Musket Era Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project]

    cant wait to see more French uniforms added looking forward to reinstalling bannerlord to play this
    same here my friend!
  10. WaterPolio

    Bannerlord: Napoleonic Wars

    we need the Napoleonic wars mod to be a DLC so it’s more popular
  11. WaterPolio

    Sword & Musket

  12. WaterPolio

    Suggestion: Multiplayer Campaign aka Line Battles with a Purpose

    This is now a thing! NRP has been running public line battles on a map for awhile now! Come check it out
  13. WaterPolio

    Sword & Musket

  14. WaterPolio

    Apply for faction leader

    Visit our forums to find information about our latest campaign scheduled on September 26th 2020 21:00 CET Applications are now open for Faction leader, Second in command and general spots!
  15. WaterPolio

    Napoleonic Role Play (19th_Jailbreak & Noah's Ark Role Play)

    This is still a thing, just as a reminder! We've partnered with BBG and have been doing Public line battles in North America!!
    It's been great.
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